Friday, June 30, 2006

She is happy

Today i saw her.. when i went out from tidel, i got shocked when i see her and turned other side (bcoz of kovam)and crosssed her.. After that i realized oh.. god i didn't see her face....

After noon, when she is leaving from here, i saw her and came with her in lift.... At that time my heart beat goes up.... blood pressure increases upto 100%.. i thought of talking a single word.. so i said hai... i didn't take lunch too.... what's happening????... hmm... But one thing she is happy now. i should see only happy smiley face on you... plz god make her happy all time.. dont assign too much work in office.. she is lotus.. nee eppavaum santhosama irukkanum

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lotus Album

elegant lotus flowers.....

Album - Lotus album

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

why 30 hrs travel ?

8th thursday
chennai --/--> tuti, stopped at tambaram and returned..
;-)) what's this?? only myself & saravanan knows this..

17th friday
39 hrs
chennai --> tuticorin(home)-->chennai
(15 hrs travel + 4 hrs sleep + 4 hrs + 1 hr temple + 15 hrs travel(return))
great journey !!!!!!!!!!!!

went by S.E.T.C bus,that's why 15 hrs ... To save diesel SETC corp blocking diesel line to flow limited fuel. what the driver do ??? he drive like town bus... This what happening for all SET buses.

Friday, June 16, 2006

favorite god krishna with radharani

enaku ippave krishnara poi pakkanum pola irukku
i will go brindavan to see my krishna... krishna nee daan alahu.
unna pathale santhosama iruku, ella kavalayum poiruthu
enna mandiram panrae... Radhai is lucky.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

i cant live without talking

Hey god, plz save me or kill me... i cant be without talking .....
plz make it fast... my bones gets breaking while i think ???????? :'(

my dream car - Ford ikon

Price Rs.4.69 Lakhs

Comfort & Convenience Feature - Ikon 1.3 Flair
  • Interior theme - truffle
  • 400 litre luggage compartment capacity
  • Instrumentation-black dials
  • CFC-free air-conditioning
  • Tachometer
  • Power Windows
  • Two 45 watt speakers
  • Boot light
  • Fabric Seats

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

day by day........

Every day is trouble for me.... y? what i did ?
can't do my work properly...ehhh god y u made me to love her, each day i feel to die.
She no need to love, atleast she could talk as a friend..... Yeah lotus neeyavadhu pesu,
as a friend alone.

long back I advice others ' romba yar melayum pasam vaikka koodathu', but now 'naan paasam vachittu kastapadukiraen'.

Lotus ? where

Yesterday, i bought two lotus flowers for lord sarasawathi and kept it near the photo. Usually i buy one flower. Today morning, only one flower was there... I checked all places but not found the other. I was thinking ?????what's the meaning for this !!!!!!. hmm... ellam avan seyal !

Friday, June 09, 2006

what is proactiveness ?

An article by my friend

global warming ?

global warming ?
by my friend...
I can bear this global warming, To get my lotus.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hoping that life will be always joyous at our stay here....

lotus: Hoping that life will be always joyous...
Thank god, u being happy :-))

Today is the 1'st anniversary, lots of things comes in mind..
the training period(3 months) is the happiest time here..
after that lots of turning pts in prj,life,etc... It's like sailing in a tough ocean to reach
an island.

How i can be joy ?
i can be joy only when u talk to me....

hmm.... when shall joy comes in my life ?...
god only knows the answer

Saturday, June 03, 2006

my birthday - may 30

This is the first time, i am celebrating my birthday with my friends.....
In school days, i like to celebrate by giving chocolates to friends, but my birthday comes on may, so i can't celebrate at all. today(30th) i was happy to celebrate my birthday with my friends and colleagues. Many friends called me on that day morning and wished was a real pleasant to me... My mother and sisters called and blessed me for my birthday. i wished my sister also.. bcoz we are twins :-) :). My best friend saravanan(mottai), srinvasan and michael(mike) wished me...
my colleagues(friends) presented me a gift(a girl toy: she sits in a oonjal .. it's really nice..i kept it on my table.. hmm
Thank you friends :-)))

Friday, June 02, 2006

See u r in my heart !

Hindu scriptures
say that the Atman dwells in the lotus within the heart. Visualize within yourself a lotus, centered right within the center of your chest, right within your heart. Try to mentally feel and see the heart as a lotus flower right within you. Within the center of the lotus, try to see a small light.
Hindu scriptures state that the Atman within the heart looks like a brilliant light about the size of your thumb--just a small light. This light is an emanation of your effulgent being. It is dwelling right within. The Self God is deeper than that. The lotus is within the heart, and the Self God dwells deep within that lotus of light.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

you lotus