Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apu's day in

Last week, I was so busy in project... so i couldn't write anything about my lotus...Even though i have lots of work(11 hrs clocking in office)... i will be going to write "APu's day in".. Have a great fun this week...project work also goes well........i will get good ipep score.... i don't want her voice...

"lotus, you keep ur voice with ur self"... i am very soft in character.....can't digest your scolding words as of now....nearly 10 day's only remaining to start 45 days virdham(austerity - sabarimala temple) Before that i finish this "Apu's day in" article

always happy happy happy, when lotus at home .......... As per my knowledge, she don't have interest or attachment on god but she likes her family very lets see....How lotus spends time with her family in a sweet home ?

Baby's(apu) day in Home

Time 6:00 A.M at lotus home..... Apu is sleeping like a dove on peacock feather

mother: apu elundhiru maa... chellam la elundhiru daa

apu: amma naan innum konja neram thoonganum ... please maa

mother: illa da apu, paaru thambi kooda elundhutaan

apu: sari naan elundhirukiren, enaku brush panni viduviyaa .. anaku matum dhaan thambiku kidaiyaadhu

mother: sarida ammu...inge vaa...naama brush pannalaam.

Apu: amma yaana laam pallaah vilakudhu.... naa mattum ehmaa vilakanum...
mother: yaanaiku periya pallu adhanaala adhaala vilaka mudiyaadhu... un pallu kutti pallu
Apu: amma podhum brush panninadhu.... naan vilayaada pohren.

mother: sari indha paala mattum kudi
Apu: No mummy No !!!!
mother: yes apu yes !!

[Posted on July 31'st 12:10 p.m]
I am writing this at 12.00 clock night...good time na ? ..always good, if i think,
write or speak about lotus

Apu: amma, unaku enna evalo pidikum
mother: kadal alavu pidikum ....

..... giggling ....

mother: vaa kulikalaam, annana paaru alaagha kulichitu washing machine la
shirt ta thuvaikiraan ... nee yum samathaa kulichitu pudhu shirt podalaam sariya

Apu: amma naaney kulipen...sariya...nee varaadhe

mother: thannila vilaiyaadaama kulikaanum...appadhaan chocoloate vaangi tharuven

(Her face is bright like millions of mooon...and her mother is very happy)

mother: apu amma unaku pudhu dress vaangiyiruken...

Apu: amma enaku pure white dress dhaaan venum ...

mother: aaama la en nilavuku white dress dhaan pidikum

Apu: amma naaa alagha irukenlaa...
mother: nee thanka katti, vaira katti ... apu chellam da ...
Apu: amma thambi enga ?
mother: avan saaptutu irukaan

brother: apu unakukidaiyaadhu, naan ellathaiyum saawpitu viduven ... eh eh ...

Apu: amma enaku ??

brother: summa sonnen apu, vaa saapidalam ...

Apu: illa da, enaku amma ooti viduvaanga...naan kutti ponnu la ;-)

Mother: neeya saapidu apu...ammaku niraiya vela iruku sariya....
Apu: sarima naan alaahma saapiduven

Apu: amma naan saaptan ....

brother: amma apu dressla sindhitaa ... giggling

Apu: illlama, nee enna adika dha sariyaa....naan kutti pilla dhaan

mother: sari da chellam ... I love you da apu ... vaa naam maadiku poi padikalaam

Apu: enaku yaana kadhai sollikodumaa ... giggling

Mother: oru oorla oru yaana irundhu dhaan... andha yaanaiku appu na romba pidukumaam...

Apu: amma enna pidikumaa ??

Mother: aahma da chellam..

Apu: amma thambi....


[Apu kadha ketutu thoongitaaal...she sleeps like angel ;-) How cute to see ?]

Apu thoongum poludhu, aval ammavin ninaivu ....aval thoongum alaghai paarthu rasika aasai

விரல் குளிர மருதாணி வைத்து விட வேண்டும்
இதயம் நனைய பாச மழை பொழிந்திட வேண்டும்
வயிறு நிறைய சாதம் ஊட்டி விட வேண்டும்
கூந்தல் மணம் கமல மல்லிகை பூ சூடிட வேண்டும்

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back to form

Ramesh is back to form !!!!!! with the help of saraswati(my lotus) .... Yes, seeing her face
She is my knowledge....I will write the NCFM exam by next week... Project is doing good !!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Boo Boo

Today, i went to ascendas for a meeting...when i was waiting for other colleagues, i saw her from a long distance... I think she also looked at me... "This is love" couldn't see couldn't talk... I love her a lot.. can't explain in words ... Her voice only attracts me more.... including thittuvadhu

She is a kid like 'boo boo' which is a child character comes in baby's day out movie.... Boo Boo i love you da....In that movie that child tells 'boo boo' for a book

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


she is doing MBA at anna university...i think, she is preparing for II sem exam... that's why coming late to wishes lotus !... I hear songs for peace of mind...lyrics is so cute, when the word krishna comes.... I love you krishna...In future, my daughter will sing krishna songs and i hear that nectar

முகுந்தா முகுந்தா - கிருஷ்ணா முகுந்தா முகுந்தா
வரம் தா வரம் தா - பிருந்தாவனந்தா அனந்தா

(முகுந்தா முகுந்தா)
வெண்ணை உண்ட வாயால் மண்ணை உண்டவா
பெண்ணை உண்ட காதல் நோய்க்கு மருந்தாக வா

(முகுந்தா முகுந்தா)
என்ன செய்ய நானோ தோல் பாவை தான்
உந்தன் கைகள் ஆட்டி வைக்கும் நூல் பாவை தான்

(முகுந்தா முகுந்தா)

ஜெய ஜெய ராம், ஜெய ஜெய ராம், சீதா
ராம், ஜெய ஜெய ராம்
அசுரர் வந்தால் புன்னகைத்து பார்ப்பாய்...கொஞ்ச நேரம் ஆட விட்டு அவர் கணக்கைத் தீர்ப்பாய்

Phase of moon when lotus born in earth's the 3rd day of full moon

Phase of moon when i was born ...its the next day of full moon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I never go to ascendas .... it's a terrible day.... i felt the worst pain there... this is the maximum that love can give. i.e possessiveness.... on thursday, i went to melmaruvathur temple by noon... this is the first time i was going there...when i was entering the temple, i hear the word lotus from a devotional song which plays there("thaamarai kaighalil endhiyaval")... lighted two lemon lamps.. one for lotus and another for me.. it's an excellent temple... friday also took leave.. even though lots of work in office.. Here after me too be like lotus don't bring personal things to office... she switched off the mobile and keep concentration on her work whatever goes.. This what krishna said "do your duty" to arjuna when arjuna is on the battle field to fight against his relatives .. when you love some one... it's difficult to tolerate the pain.. I missed the tour to yelagiri ;-(

On these two days, i didn't talk to anyone .. also didn't attend the call from my mother... she got very upset.. i said her that please leave me for two days.. couldn't tell the problem.. she is loving me a lot.. this is mother's love which gives more pain than the other love(husband - wife, lovers, friendship).. so don't be without talking if you are in "love" relationship.. why brahma bind evryone with love rope ?? .. I think, this is to control the human's uncontrol mind(paasathirku kattupadudhal) ... But this may also makes one self to become mad.. The love which towards god is 'no harm' ... that is divine love .. no material contamination

podhum ramesh.... don't go to ascendas .. when she comes to tidel... she will be sita devi ... that time you see her.. but don't talk .. From monday onwards, I just meditate on lotus face(apu) and start my office work... she is saraswati who gives me the concentration to work... i should complete my project successfully

Lots of work for me
MBA exam(clear 8 papers - next dec)
NCFM certification
ATOM's Project
Update mainframe knowledge - As of now, i am clean slate
Driving ...

Future dream : start a bus company like Parveen Travels .... I love to see driving while i travel to chennai in my child day while returning from chennai, i sat in conductor's seat and watches the driving for the whole night... Those days thiruvallvar buses goes very fast

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please save me krishna

Yesterday also i went there to see her...but am not able to talk...i sent mail regarding an element, but no reply from her and respect for that mail ... why krishna what i did ?

I am begging at your lotus feet Krishna, Please save me.... I don't give my lotus to any one...
she is for me alone...Me and lotus...why parvati told me that she is loving me ?...if she is not for me, then i will die at your feet by hearing the lotus voice,,,this voice will cool my soul at my death
...i can't tolerate more from this material me krishna

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yesterday when i left from office, I thought of seeing i was waiting for her at the entrance..she came out with her friends and waits for the cab...she didn't see me bcoz i was wearing helmet.. little bit possessiveness was there, bcoz i couldn't talk to her for the past 3 years

The song plays from the behind shop
மண்ணில் இந்த காதல் அன்றி யாரும் வாழ்தல் கூடுமோ...எண்ணம் தன்னில் பாவை இன்றி ஏழு ஸ்வரம் தான் பாடுமோ...

"Feeling possessiveness toward another is based on feelings of scarcity and insecurity" from google

she gets into the cab and comes out...I think, she likes to sit at the window side..finally the cab starts...I didn't follow the cab bcoz lotus told me that don't follow me(en pinnala suthaadha)...I overtake the cab and drives my bike fastly (with uncontrol mind and scarcity) towards my home...When you love some one, you definitely like to see him/her, It's human nature...even brahma took 4 faces to look saraswati ... Parvati took severe austerity to get attention of lord shiva....lord krishna(venkatachalapathy) get stone beat from padmaavathi, when he tries to talk with i know these god stories ? my mother said..also i read from google ...without dinner, i slept silently

Lotus, நீ என்னடா னா பார்க்கவும் விடாத பேசவும் விடாத

Last two day's she is coming by noon to office...who said ? tso id told me this ..what she is doing till noon ? is she is sleeping ... dono .. baby only sleeps at morning ..then what she do ? is she is Eating ... dono .. squirrel only eats all the time...does her parents comes ? ... dono ..

Real happiness is not there in my life...project is going fine....going for tour by this week end..... but still i am missing some thing (i.e) lotus voice..likes to work in a project with lotus, so that i can hear her voice all time and can do the project well...if lord parvati didn't tell about lotus, then i would be happy like others...secret is secret... we should n't try to analyse gods secret... They are beyond our intellectual power

From August 4th, I will be taking austerities(vritham)....on these days I will be happy... it seems

Congrats to lotus
that she had moved the spread sheet project to XAT ;-))) too will move the project 'atoms decompress file' to prod by sept/oct

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spiritual world - Goloka Vrndavana

The original spiritual planet, which resembles the whorl of a huge lotus flower, is called Goloka Vrndavana

More information abt the spiritual planet - Link

It's a place where all desires are fulfilled. The supreme abode of Lord Krsna known as Goloka Vrndavana is full of palaces made of touchstone. There are also trees which are called "desire trees," that supply any type of eatable upon demand, and there are cows known as surabhi cows which supply a limitless supply of milk.

Vedic literature states that there is nothing superior to the abode of the Supreme Godhead, and that abode is the ultimate destination. When one attains to it, he never returns to the material world.

Apu, we will be going together there....ok va ? yes sollu's very difficult to release from the birth cycle .... lotus, you have the sakthi, take me with you to the spiritual world...parvati said that you are the diamond....You are saraswati, lakshmi, parvati and krishna...

when you play like are krishna (dynamic sql)
when you hold cash in your are laskshmi (your college photo)
when you comes in white dress .... you are saraswati (tidel)
when you scolds me..... you are parvati (ascendas)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Now a day's, i am coming to office by 8.30 a.m and leaving by 11.00 p.m...but i am doing the work for 8 to start the work properly at the time she comes to office...i am seeing her face at the tso id ...why i have so much affection on her ? Thinking more than 100 times per day....Everything is bcoz of parvati...(Ramesh, This is kali yuga, god dont' come for you immediately as like krita yuga.. .This is material world and everything is maayaa)...I asked parvati many times to talk for me....but no result.... I am loving her soul and will be with her always in all the world...we both go together to the spiritual world to see lotus face of srimadhi radha rani and with her grace we will get opportunity to serve lord krishna

Brahma, I can't be like you to make 4 face and gaze at lotus ..I have tso-id alone, no same-time, phone, email...... help me... she is saraswati for me...she is sakthi...she is knowledge