Thursday, May 29, 2008

ghee lamps

Lighted 900*/1008 ghee lamps @ Mahalakshmi's lotus feet....remaining 108 lamps @ ashtalakshmi temple on tomorrow...Happy to Light lamps @ lotus feet

Ritual of lighting ghee lamps
One should light a lamp using ghee (clarified butter) because when burned, frequencies emanating from it are more subtle than those emitted by burning oil or wax. Ghee can attract sattvik (pure) frequencies from as far as heaven while oil can attract frequencies from a distance of only one-meter.
The ghee lamp symbolizes the spiritual emotion, ‘I will be (spiritually) enlightened and (spiritually) enlighten others as well’. The ghee lamp burns to spread light. One can pray for kindling the light (spiritual yearning) within us and for the ability to spread the light (Spirituality) to others.

What is the significance of offering lotus flowers, tulsi leaves, and sheera or kheer as prasad (holy sacrament) ?

Flowers have different colors. Those colors are able to attract Pavitrakas (subtle particles) of different deities. In this case, Lord Krishna being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is attracted most by white lotuses and Tulsi (holy basil, occimum sanctum) leaves.
Prasad (holy sacrament) contains the pure particles (pavitrakas) of a particular deity. In the case of Lord Krishna, Kheer (a sweet dish made from milk, sugar and rice/vermicelli) or sheera (a sweet dish made from semolina, ghee and sugar) are offered.

compilation success

She is very lucky....always busy in the project...I like to work like her, but didn't get a chance...while studying college, i was happy when i got "compilation success" at first attempt of compiling a 'C' program in a practical exam... That hapiness itself I didn't get in inautix project.....carreer also also bad...bad name....... why ???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ashta lakshmi temple

On friday, i will be going to light 108 ghee lamps at ashtalakshmi temple, adyar, chennai.. Today my office work didn't go fine, so i went to see this temple...It's really a wonderful temple...deities looks so pretty...we can call this temple as "lotus temple", because only lotus flowers takes place in decorating godess lakshmi devi... i felt happy to see the lotus flowers every where.. flower vendors are giving 8 lotus flowers and tulsi leaves to devotes for 8 lakshmi devi
1. ஆதி லக்ஷ்மி
2. கஜ லக்ஷ்மி
3. தன லக்ஷ்மி
4. தானிய லக்ஷ்மி
5. சந்தான லக்ஷ்மி
6. விஜய லக்ஷ்மி
7. வித்
யா லக்ஷ்மி
8. வீர லக்ஷ்மி
Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus every where... It looks like that all devi's are sitting inside lotus garden .. why all they like lotus very much ? is it bcoz of prettiness or fragrance or gundu malli apu ;-)
why till this day i didn't went to this temple ?
I just kept lotus flowers at lakshmi devi's feet..Then i came back to the shop to give order for two lotus garland, 108 ghee lamps...I don't have money for garland and lamps..borrowing money from friends to light lamps....lotus don't like borrowing money..but what can i do ??
I am very very happpyyyyyyyyy today ;-))))))))))))))))

Sunday, May 25, 2008

சரஸ்வதி நதி

Lighted 800*/1008 ghee lamps @ Mahalakshmi's lotus feet

On saturday, i went to pothys to buy red color saree for lakshmi devi...I asked the shop keeper to show red color saree for amman... he told me that, you go to another section there u could ask for aparna saree..that will be looks good for amman...Yes, i forgot to ask this, but she reminds me... There i found a red color saree with mango color border..It will look pretty for lakshmi devi

Birth of saraswati

In the beginning there was chaos. Everything existed in a formless, fluid state. “How do I bring order to this disorder?” wondered Brahma, the creator. “With Knowledge”, said Devi. Heralded by a peacock, sacred books in one hand and a veena in the other dressed in white Devi emerged from Brahma’s mouth riding a swan as the goddess Saraswati.
Read more - Link

Below video shows the holy saraswati river in mana village 12000 ft (length of this river is 200 metre)

Friday, May 23, 2008

சிரித்த முகம்

Lighted 500*/1008 lamps @ lakshmi feet
வெகு நாட்கள் களித்து நேற்று மாலை சரஸ்வதியும் லக்ஷ்மியும் சிரித்த முகத்துடன் காட்சி கொடுத்தனர் ...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


yesterday, I was sooooooooooooooooo Haaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyyy..

I was waiting at the entrance to just see her....I was looking at all roses, whether it's my lotus face...she didn't come for long time...I thought of leaving...when i turn back, she is standing near a cab and i was surprised... when she leave, I followed her without following traffic rules...The cab driver is going fast without knowing that sita devi is inside the cab.. she is tulasi devi...she is srimadhi radha rani...she is saraswati...Thank god, She is residing in a lovely place, lots of trees are there....It's a residential place...It's vrindhaavan...Nice wind blows to cool her always

I don't know, whether she noticed me..But i am so happy to see her.....while returning to my home....I am riding at high speed, with full of joy.... ready to die at that moment, but last voice that i hear should be her voice... I drive directly to shiva temple(closed) and said thanks to lord karunambighai and shiva.....If she really loves me, I will take her to meet lord saraswati devi otherwise my love doesn't make sense.. Also we will try to become tulasi leaves at lord krishna's feet and serve krishna and srimadhi radha rani with lotus flowers.

I believe lord parvati helps us to fulfill the wishes... Today morning, got up early and went to see father and mother...Yes lord shiva is my father and Lord parvati is my mother..... Lord saraswati is lotus mother and lord brahma is her father..At 7.00 a.m when i enter the temple, abishegham was going on...i gave the lotus flowers and saamandhi malar...I am happy to see the flowers... priest did archanai with jasmine flowers to lord shiva, while doing, it's falling on lotus flower and lord shiva as well....hmmm lotus flower you are lucky that you also getting archanai ;-)

மல்லிகை நீ .... தாமரையின் பாத மலர்களை
துளசி இலையால் அர்ச்சனை செய்
தென்றல் நீ..... தாமரையின் நிலவு முகம் தனை
சந்தனக் காற்றால் அபிஷேகம் செய்

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yes, I heard the voice ;-)... But she is working till late night... I asked her to go home early she don't listen my words... I should ask her mother to tell 'go home early' this ;-)

I like to hear your voice 'avij'

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was happy on saturday and sunday..yes i went to little flowers school to do service... we had successfully setup 53 pc's in two days...only 8 childrens are there in each classroom, bcoz these kids are deaf...The teachers are really very kind...their service is manager also came there to do service(taking monitor to 2'nd floor), he is really a simple and nice gentle man. But i got bad name bcoz of lotus..despite of these things he talked to me.....but still i am not able to face's my fate

On sunday evening, as per the schedule i went to iskon with my pulsar at a maximum speed of 85 km/hr ;-) ... Tears are coming from eyes, when i go above 80 km/hr... ISKON temple is different from other temples...Here devotees are calling gents as 'prabhu ji' and ladies as 'maataaji'....I feel really proud, when some one calls me 'prabhu ji'

They are calling kids as 'hare krishna' ... really cute to see the kids with krishna t-shirt... for me lotus is kid

when i enter the temple, abishegam was going on for lord narashima...I gave the lotus flowers...They have separated the lotus petals and did archanai with that after the abishegam... After this, a small drama about lord lakshmi narashima appearance was shown....... Then the saints ask for the volunteers to distribute prasaadham for the krishna devotees.... I got the opportunity to give 'kesari' to the devotees... In this kaliyug, getting opportunity to do service is very rare... i got the chance to serve for krishna devotees...

while distributing prasadham, a grand ma (maataaji) asked some devotees to help her to drop at her home.. I told her that i can help you ... she is too old and taking fast for the whole day and came here to see lord krishna.... she told that krishna never leaves his devotees at any time...hmmm...let's see in my life

while returning, i was riding at low speed of 40 km/hr. ;-(...bcoz maataji(krishna devotee) is behind me.. i should take care of her till home...right

Lighted 320*/1008 lamps @ Lakshmi lotus feet.. I should complete 1008 on my birthday at ashtalakshmi temple

Krishna, I want to hear lotus voice...aval hello sonna enna, atleast i hear the voice ;-(

Friday, May 16, 2008

fight with bucket

Today morning, while bathing i had a fight with bucket and mug....pesa mudiyavillai endru.
This saturday and sunday i will be happy at the most...On saturday i will be going to do service for the little flowers...On sunday i will be going to celebrate the appearance of lord lakshmi narashima at ISKON(International society for krishna's consciousness) temple Enjambakkam, chennai

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

அன்னப் பறவை

may 13th, I heard the voice of lotus(Ha Ha - laughs) thru video conference ;-)... I was sitting at last row....couldn't be able to see her in tv...అపర్ణ came like அன்னப் பறவை

Monday, May 12, 2008


Lighted 250*/1008 lamps @ Lakshmi lotus feet

Hey lakshmi

நெய் தீபத்தின் ஒளியில், உன் மஞ்சள் முகம் தங்கமாய் மிளிரட்டும்
மல்லிகை அவள் மங்களமுடன் திகழ்வாள்
செந்தாமரை புஷ்பங்கள், உன் மலர் பாதத்தை அலங்கரிகட்டும்
சீதை அவள் சிறப்புடன் வாழ்வாள்

when i was lighting lamps at lakshmi feet by chanting krishna's name(don't know ;-) any manthra for lakshmi devi, so reciting 'Hare krishna'), a little girl is telling sarawathi i stopped for a while and listening that cute voice...How great that small kid ?? we can hear that voice for a whole day...

Every sunday, I am going to ISKON(favorite temple) to see srimadhi radha rani and krishna and decorate their feets with lotus wish come's live...Yes, Now i have bike(pulsar) and i can go at any time...i drive the bike at a maximum of 75 km/hr in ECR road ..this is less speed as compare to experts driving...It's happy to take bhagavat gita book(slowly started reading) with me...The temple construction is half-way and it will take nearly two years to complete... it looks like vrindhavan garden, bcoz kind hearted people's are there...people's heart should be like vrindavan garden, where lord krishna and srimadhi radha rani resides there....saints are giving lectures on bhagavat-gita ...I saw a girl there who is working in our office...

Two types of desire: Material desire and spiritual desire(love,bhakthi)

it's like divine nectar(amirdham) to read lord krishna's story and it's same like hearing lotus voice....If i hear the story of lord krishna from lotus(Ap*)...i am the luckiest person in the world.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Symbol of vishnu

Lighted 97*/1008 lamps

Kind words have power to heal

In chapter 3 of krishna's story: Mother devaki says to lord krishna

"My only cause of fear from my brother Kamsa is due to Your appearance. My Lord Madhusudana, Kamsa may know that You are already born.
I request you to conceal this four-armed form of Your Lordship which holds the four symbols of Visnu--namely the conchshell, the disc, the club and the lotus flower".

lotus is spiritual

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hey lotus

Hey lotus, how long i shall wait for you to talk ?
what are you trying to say with your action ? If i ask, u don't say anything

Parvati, plz help me..... Lord shiva came for tharumi, plz come for me... aval seyalghal puriyavillai... didn't eat food from yesterday onwards....doing me... she is giving complaint and she is coming in colours ..what she is trying to say ???
Lord saraswati, Plz give me knowledge to understand lotus mind.... Apu i love you da... gundu malli... You are the luckiest person... maa saraswati is always with u and u always busy in ur project..

parvati, why our love is like this ??? what she is thinking....If she read this blog atleast once then she could understand me.. how myself understand her... did she write diary anywhere ??? plz help me

அலை கரையை தொட்டுச் செல்வது போல் ..
மனதை தொட்டுச் செல்கிறாய்
மாலை வேலை மஞ்சள் நிற சூரியக் கதிராக
மனதை சுட்டு விட்டு செல்கிறாய்
சரஸ்வதி வீற்றிருக்கும் வெள்ளை நிற தாமரையாக
மனதை சாந்த படுத்தி செல்கிறாய்
நான் என்னவென்று அர்த்தம் கொள்வது

Lighted 89*/1008 lamps

sita devi

April 24th... She came for a meeting, i was very happy on this day after seeing her.. she looks very beautiful like a Nelumbo lutea (american yellow lotus)
Lots of Lotus flowers are available in the flower shops, bcoz lotus blooms well during summer... This is the season for lotus ;-) ... So
all god's will be decorate with lotus ;-)

How about my lotus .. did she smile always like lotus blossoms ? Yes
Hey lotus... You will be happy always.. i love you a lot da ;-)

Lotus say "ivan thirundhave maataan"

Lighted 87*/1008 lamps

when she comes to tidal, she looks like sita devi(very calm &
soft)...Not able to understand the things happened on this day...
when i think about sita devi, Lord Hanuman comes into mind... when he comes, lotus comes in mind, bcoz parvati said that ***