Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Lotus

Lotus, Wish you a Happy New year 2009

I am lighting ghee lamp at marundheeswarar by taking fire from the sun god... I hope this light from sun brings spiritual light to lotus family and they all will be happpy on this new year 2009... I belive that lotus comes back soon after celebrating the new year

2009 Resolution.
1. To Have Reading habit (Books)
2. stop sight adipathu
3. To love lotus a lot (Like depth of sea)

To learn few mantra's on gods and godesses(Also gayathiri mantra)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas Lotus

Be happy at home....decorate your home with stars which brings you joy and confident...This is marghali month, so learn to draw rangoli...get up early and go to temple with your mother.... Atleast light one ghee lamp....Yor home will become glorious... I think you cook well like eating ;-) You are srimadhi radha rani in your home and always keep your home as like vrindhavan garden.... water tulasi plant daily....she is your friend ... Take care of your parents ...help your mother in kitchen work...If you need any help, then call your divine mother 'saraswati' .. she smiles only if you smile.....so brahma never let you unhappy, bcoz he likes to see happy face of saraswati....me too likes to see happy face of any girl.... I don't know why you born on this earth in kaliyuga...may be for your parents, brothers or for me to get rid from this birth cycle..... I am talking more....have a nice holiday..convey my regards to your brothers... see your elder brother is catching fish and younger brother is collecting honey for you 'Lotus' (Apu chellam)
... brothers..enna seyreenga... Happy Xmas
Apu i am collecting honey for you...ok va
- Mee catching fish for u ammu

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last week, i was working at night shift and I am the only person at office...When i felt sleepy, i went down and had a tea... I was sitting at the pipe and drinking coffee, at that time one person came and asking for fire to light his cigarette...but i don't have... I felt that people smoke cigar are mostly brave... i think that the style of smoking makes a man to behave rough... also gives confident...i like to smoke for style, but don't do...it's injurious to health...

Valluvar said....
களவும் கற்று மற

I like to ride my bike at 100 km/hr in ECR road.......i missed a lot in my college and school life...I was sitting like a (makku payyan) in school and college..Now i have the enthusiasm to do all the stupid things .....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

தாமரை கொடி

அடை மழையே வந்து மடி மீது அமர்ந்தாலும்
தாமரை கொடி நேசிப்பது அடி நீரை மட்டும் தான்
மடி நீரை அல்ல....

So far I have lighted 51 lamps at lord meenakshi lotus feet, adorned lord ganesh with 51 lotus flowers and chant saraswathi mandhir for lotus to come back soon.... Also lighting ghee lamps at marundeeswarar for her family member to recover from illness.....I will be lighting lamps till she comes back to office ..... why lotus, i have so much affection on you ? come back soon lotus...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Project Success

Our project went live on 12/16 with great effort.....We are implementing the processing capacity of the new interface on an incremental basis...On first day it processed 22,000 trades...We will try to replace the old process completely in 3 months and the new process can handle volume of more than 10 lakh trades...

from richard brueckner,suresh kumar,Ali,srini and more...
1. Excellence is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration
Thank you for your relentless focus, creative approach and sheer hardwork.
2. Ramesh and GP have done a wonderful job with a little direction from all of us. It is their perseverance that made this project possible.
3. From my friend: You tried very hard for the past three years to get the work that will challenge your wisdom, courageousness and dedication. Finally this year, you have shown to everyone what you are and how you will work and what depth of knowledge you have..

Hey lotus....see this your ramesh has lot of talents, he used only 10% of his capability...he needs your voice to become 100% effective.....You are the energy for him....

Apu, I need your commanding voice..... Nee thituvadhu kooda pidikum
Yellow lotus aparna, your voice is the energy of sun...Is sun is your brother ?

I like to talk to you apu ......

Friday, December 12, 2008


Today, our project was backed out due to a silly mistake in a program code.....All got upset...Yes its my mistake, i would test the code well...12/12 is not a good day for me... we will be moving on monday or tuesday.... Hey lotus, If you were here, this wouldn't happen...I need your commanding voice to make me concentrate in work.....gundu malli.. i love you da...come and save me......You are my saraswati....If you near me i don't need god.....I pray to god only for you and my mother.......

I heard that some one is not well in lotus home, so i am lighting ghee lamp at vaideeshwarar(lord shiva - Vaideeswaran literally meaning the divine provider of cures.) for her family member on behalf of lotus... I didn't even light any lamp for my mother, but i am lighting for her family...because she loves her family so much...my mother has completed 1008 times walking around temple..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tulsi Aparna

Come back soon lotus ..... I am busy in the project and it's going to prod on 12/12.

துளசி தேவி
நீ இல்லாமல் மனம் தடுமாறுகிறது
உன் பொற் பாத நீரால்
என் மனதை தூய்மை செய்
இவ்வுலகில் அழகிய மலர்களை ரசிக்கிறேன்
மனம் அலை பாய்கிறது
உன் குரலில் மெல்லிய சொற்களை ரசிக்கிறேன்
மனம் அமைதி கொள்கிறது

உன் மனம் துளசியை போல் புனிதமானது
உன் குணம் நிலவை போல் வெண்மையானது

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Bcoz of the project work, i couldn't light lamps for 5 day's so i will be lighting 5 lamps with 5 lotus flowers today ;-) My mother has completed 200 rounds of walking around lord vishnu temple ... she took nearly 3 hrs to complete per 100 round ... It's good for her health too ..but she is doing for me...how much she had love on me !!

Yesterday we(TPS & other teams- who helped to resolve the issues on financial crisis) had a lunch with suresh kumar(SK) .. Ashok said to SK some good words about me... it's bcoz of the project that i am working now.. few people things that talking with him(SK) is an achievement...but for me we should take him as a model and try to reach his position... At that time, if we had a lunch with him

How will it be ? nice na ..romba karpanai dhaan ... If time and hard work helps.. we can reach the goal.

Communication is a barrier for me. .... I have to improve this

I have some more point on different subject, so will post in next message.... i am tagging this posting as 'FAte' since good things also happen bcoz of fate ... fate do good things also...

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today morning, when i was lighting ghee lamp near Lord sundareswarar and meenakshi..  A little girl is listening story of lord shiva from her grand father....It looks very nice to see that... That cute girl is asking about Nandhi , naaradhar .... I said this to my mother...My mother knows many stories, bcoz she always read mahabharadham, ramayanam and bhagvatgita.. It's good to read stories like this so that at old age people can teach good thoughts, habits to their granddaughters ... amma nalla marumagahal kidaika vendum endru vishnu kovilai 1008 dhatavai sutri varughiraal... I said 'dont take severe vendudhal' like this..but she likes to settle her kadamai soon...

I am working 12 hrs daily in office...No week ends...Yes i am in office on saturday and sunday too.... Thanks to lord saraswati......I can't forget those days that i left early from office......bcoz of unsatisfied work

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Full moon

How are you lotus ??? .... I am lighting ghee lamp for you ... My Mother is also lighting lamp for you... will you come back like a full moon lotus ?? 

[chat with my mother]

I am searching for a home in chennai to stay with mother...I am looking for good home, bcoz i need a  poojai room for lord saraswati....My mother said that you ask lord krishna who helps you to get home...I said my mother that lord brahma will help me to get a good house, so that saraswati will get a good place to reside..which will be lotus home ;-) 

I told my mother that ... Lord brahma is lotus father and saraswati is her mother .... Lord shiva is my father and parvati is my mother.... my mother smiled after saying this.. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

long vacation

lotus took 3 months long vacation....i don't know the exact reason, but the reason is some family problem.....i will be lighting a lamp at lord meenakshi feet, keeping lotus flower at ganesh feet and reciting saraswati mandhir daily... so that the problem will be solved soon and lotus comes to office within two weeks....

1) Lord meenakshi is staying near to her home in madurai (light lamp)
2) Lord ganesh stays more closer to her home (keep lotus flower)
3) Lord saraswati is her mother (recite saraswati mandhir)

Value of lighting lamp - http://www.starsai.com/ways-to-solve-problems-in-life.html

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Diwali

Hi Lotus,

I Wish you and your family a prosperous diwali

Today i was caught with fever and cough..... I am going home tomorrow by special train and i take complete rest and be ready for the warrior to retire the file interface(decomp project) ... I took  ticket for her too... but couldn't hand it over to her....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

rain comes

Time is going very fast....leaving office at 12.00 p.m and coming back at 8.00 a.m...Not able to sleep, waking early at 6.00 a.m ... fully committed to work ...don't know the way to talk with lotus...now my parents also waiting for lotus words....hey bird will you talk ?

My mother is saying that you(swan) are standing on a water less pond for a fish .. my belief is rain comes and the pond fillsup with water for the fish to come for me .. Hey lotus i pray to god for rain

Why this age is expecting love(paasam) or kind words or caring by some one ?? I think this motivates a person and give confidence to face the life in this material world

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


last week, I told about lotus to my parents...At fist my mother felt sad and now she comes down 1 step for my life... They are asking to get confirmation from her...You can wait for another 1 year itslef, if she accepts the love...no one will be like you waiting for more than 3 years...i don't know how i am going to talk with lotus

Astrology also says that i am in love with a girl...my mother didn't believe when one of the astrologer says this...

Yesterday, i told this to my friend nj...she said like this ... "3 ways of matches are there"
You are having so much love, but she is not even ...

1. husband takes care her wife very well  - 40 %
2. wife takes care her husband very well  - 40 %
3. Both of them cares well each other (Made for each other) - 10 %
4. No one cares each other - 10%

Why god mismatches the 1'st and second category ? This is life

Nalla paasama irukira husband ku anbaan manaivi kidaikaadhu
nalla anbaana manaiviku paasamaan husband kidaikaadhu

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy birthday Lotus

Hi Lotus,

Many more happy returns of the day ... I could see some of your friends wished you in ergo magazine.... It's true that

"All your dreams come true and Every star of every night , bring love and joy to you"  it's good to see that you have well wishers......Best wishes ;-)

I am so busy in the project and happy to say here that our 3 day project(PNBR J3 migration) went live to prod today ;-) on lotus birthday...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

சரஸ்வதி பூஜை

Nowaday's i am so busy in project.... leaving 12.00 p.m and coming 8.00 a.m back to office ..... Thanks to saraswati.... Today is saraswati poojai, so i wake early from bed and went to  temple to see the abishegam...last year i went all 9 days to temple on navratri....This year i couldn't go bcoz of work

Hey lotus...did you come in white dress today ??

I gave the saree to the priest as like other devotees and eagerly waiting to see lord saraswati adorned with white dress and flowers.... Abishegam was excellent to see lord saraswati with honey, ilaneer, milk, paneer, rose water, palam, etc.....I did archani for me, lotus and my mother.... Then i came back to office with prasadam(pongal and abishega prasadam - panjamirdham).... It's good to give the prasadam to people near by... it's the way of taking/sharing god's blessing to friends.

All of my friends come's to my desk to get prasadam as soon as i sent mail to them...i felt happy to share the prasadam.... geetha is very good girl ... she asked for thiruneer and kumkum, but i kept it(sandhanam) in my bike itself... Her father only pickups her from office daily.... how nice her father is ? I prayed to lord ayyapan(@sabarimalai) that she should be happy always like today... i thought of saying her to do ' annadhanam or give books to poor childrens' as per the proverb 'dharmam thalai kaakum' since this material world is terrible...before she said that her mother usually do annadhanam and all.... That'why she got a good daughter ;-)

why i am saying hear about her here, bcoz i didn't see girls who looks happy always and motivate others as like her in my life before.... Even i might see, but didn't had chance to talk with them....one of the girl i known is vidhya dharani....ussually i don't talk with girls... may be due to inferiority cmplx bcoz girls like hand some boy or those who flirts well or those who have money.... I am seeing now that there are girls who respect guys with good talents...not seeing the other stupid things

Now good times comes to me for my career....but i have pressure from my parent for the marriage....i will be talking to lotus by this week and tells abt her to my parent

Monday, October 06, 2008

aparna silk

Same Like previous year.... On sunday I went to pothy's to buy 'aparna silk' for  lord  saraswati at dhandeeswaram temple... This time with orange color border.... don't know much about saree selection, but my selection will be always good.... wednesday is saraswati poojai.... hmm...that day lotus will be happy ;-)

Will lotus comes in white dress on this day ?? dono .... Hey lotus, when will you talk ...i am waiting for you tomatooooo.. my mother is asking ...is there anything in my mind ?? ... nee edhum ponnu paarthirundhaal solllu ?? what shall i said...

தாமரை உங்கள் மருமகள் என்று சொல்லவா.... சீதை குணம் உள்ளவள் ... காளியின் கோபம் கொண்டவள்.. சரஸ்வதி உள்ளம் பெற்றவள்.... என் பாவை அவள்

Friday, September 26, 2008


18th and 19th september - Sabarimalai
It was a pleasant day in my life....Once my mother said that "varam vehndi munivarghal dhavam pannuvadharku boomiku dhaan varuvaarghalaam....avvalo punidhamaana boomi - mother earth...Also if devarghal got cursed by some one, they also comes here to clean those saabhaam by doing severe austerity" what i am referring from the above point is "we the soul comes to mother earth to clean our past birth karma" Places like sabarimala helps us to clean our bad karma's

So I was lucky to visit sabarimala shrine to see lord ayyapan... I was very happy to see small kids holding "irumudi kattu" (bag contains ghee for abishegham to lord ayyapan, etc ...) and chanting "saami saranam ayyapa saranam" I was so exited to see kids at small age with great devotion to god...really great....

I said lord ayyapan that i like to marry lotus...and you please help us .. She will be great support for me and she is saraswati ...No time to write more in detail about the sabarimala visit.. since i have lots of work in office ;-) Thanks a lot to lord ayyapan...good time comes infront of me right now, This what geetha said... All the managers faces are looking at us for our project delivery bcoz of the crisis happened in finance industry.

As per the proverb said by lord parvati devi, i got good project and hope soon will marry lotus 

"odu meen ohda uru meen varum varai kaathirukumaam koku"

Yesterday lotus came here...she looks pretty... i guess seeing her after 2 months...thoorathu pachai alaghu..she(the soul) always pretty white. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lord Ayyappa

Lord Ayyappa or Dharma Shastha represents a combination of spiritual powers symbolized by the forms of Lord Vishnu, the Power that maintains the universe and Lord Shiva, the Power that periodically re-absorbs the manifestations into Reality.

People, even his parents, no more call him by his name, but reverentially address him as Swamy or Ayyappa. He addresses others also as Swamy and he is supposed to consider not only man, but also beasts, trees and everything else as essentially Divine. When he visits any temple or any place of worship he chants ‘Swamiye saranam Ayyappa’. He considers the Deity in any temple as a different form of Lord Ayyappa. He is supposed to look at everything, whether living or non-living as the manifestation of the one Truth Lord Ayyappa. The donkeys that carry the goods up the mountains to Sabarimala temple are Kazhutha Swamy-s for him. (Kazhutha means donkey). Even the human excreta are referred to as Bhu-Swami. The Advaitic vision that there is nothing other than the manifestations of the one transcendental Reality is to be observed to the maximum extent possible during this period to recondition consciousness from its various limitations.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Two weeks went fine...Project is going fine....i have clocked nearly 57 hrs during last week...I should work like this.....Thanks to lord ayappan...still mind needs more control...Hope he gives me
sakthi to control all the senses from this material world...This will be a good experience for me..
I like to go to sabarimalai during january to see mahara jodhi ...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swami saranam !!!

Swami saranam !!!

August 13th....Today i put tulasi maalai at ayyapan temple velacherry and started austerity for 36 day's to see lord ayyapan at sabari malai on 19th september... Also I was very happy at office today....This is the first time going to sabarimalai, so people call me as 'kanni saami'...my mother is going to temple twice per day and doing kumkum archanai to lord parvati...

One has to go to worship god two times per day after bath...only veg food...The mind should be very pure...bcoz ayyapan himself stay within the heart... Every one will call him as swami 'ayyapa'.

Myself see lord ayappan as krishna

Sunday, August 10, 2008

idhe paasam eppavum iruka vendum

பாலைவனம் ஆன என் வாழ்கையை சோலைவனம் ஆக்குவேன்

I will become rich... money is everything in this world. Lotus is radha rani, so she should be live with luxory

Friday i talked to her.... she is still in the same position thinking that i was disturbing her ...Mother's postition is difficult than the child position .. i am in mother's position ... paasam vaithu vitten ... kulandhai avaluku puriya villai...
"idhe paasam eppavum iruka vendum"

I can't forget the above word said by parvati devi... ... Then how can i be able to forget her ?? idha sodhika dhaan parvati aval ennai sodhikiraal... ... i can't love anyother person in this world or external world ... I am keep stressing this bcoz of lord parvati

nAAN Thaamaraiyai devadhai maadhiri paarthukolven...bcoz i know the suffering of women and also keep my mother word...she is like a kid

will tell my love to my mother after 18th sept.... . During these days, i hope she understands me and accepts the love.. Then i show my kavidhai and writings of lotus in this blog to lotus ....Hope she knows tamil to read.

After a month, i went to dhandeeswaram temple to see lord saraswati, karunaambigai with lotus flowers ...

I am going to put maalai for sabari malai ayyapan temple on this week 13th august and go to temple on 18th september..These days the mind should be very pure, no thoughts about desires, love etc ... These days the mind will be very happy, it's like meditating the mind...giving rest to uncontrol mind...free from material world...This is the first time that i am going to put maalai for ayyapan temple...usually people take vridham for 41 days...I am taking for 35 days...it's ok


i like my name bcoz
Ram + esh - ramesh
Ram -> Lord Rama
Esh -> Lord Easwaran (shiva)

I like brahma tooo.....so he also in my name Brahma
Lord ayyapan was born with the power of lord krishna and shiva ...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hash is for lotus


This hash symbol looks beautiful....No time to write kavidhai....so this hash symbols
represent my love to lotus....Even though tons of work on my shoulder...my heart always thinks about lotus .... why ? If she didn't come to office for a day, then that day is terrible for me to work.........love is pain but it's beautiful

Friday, August 01, 2008

Libra with Gemini

Libra horoscope is good for this year...and for me 'gemini' is little bit good for this year...time will come for the match ...libra and gemini are good match...wait for some days....
Libra with Gemini

[It’s difficult for both of them to manage their passions. If love makes the earth go round, this couple gives the first incentive. It’s an ideal partnership. Both are passionate and neither of them is jealous or is trying to limit the freedom of the other. They have a lot of common traits of character. This is a wonderful romance and a happy married couple. ]

going home today ...continue on tuesday" .... amma veetula ponnu paaka aahrambichutaanga...ammavuku seetha devi pola marumaghal venumaam after seeing Ram-sita marriage in a tv serial 'ramayanam' .. apu needhaan seetha devi .. i will tell about you soon..Astrology says abt my spouse 'a) romba brilliant girla irupaalam', b) 'oru kathirikaayilla kolambi, poriyal vaipaalam - romba sikanam' ... Hmm let's see... how my mother wish comes true ? how my mother(lord parvathi) gift gets reality ? how my love gets live ?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apu's day in

Last week, I was so busy in project... so i couldn't write anything about my lotus...Even though i have lots of work(11 hrs clocking in office)... i will be going to write "APu's day in".. Have a great fun this week...project work also goes well........i will get good ipep score.... i don't want her voice...

"lotus, you keep ur voice with ur self"... i am very soft in character.....can't digest your scolding words as of now....nearly 10 day's only remaining to start 45 days virdham(austerity - sabarimala temple) Before that i finish this "Apu's day in" article

always happy happy happy, when lotus at home .......... As per my knowledge, she don't have interest or attachment on god but she likes her family very much...so lets see....How lotus spends time with her family in a sweet home ?

Baby's(apu) day in Home

Time 6:00 A.M at lotus home..... Apu is sleeping like a dove on peacock feather

mother: apu elundhiru maa... chellam la elundhiru daa

apu: amma naan innum konja neram thoonganum ... please maa

mother: illa da apu, paaru thambi kooda elundhutaan

apu: sari naan elundhirukiren, enaku brush panni viduviyaa .. anaku matum dhaan thambiku kidaiyaadhu

mother: sarida ammu...inge vaa...naama brush pannalaam.

Apu: amma yaana laam pallaah vilakudhu.... naa mattum ehmaa vilakanum...
mother: yaanaiku periya pallu adhanaala adhaala vilaka mudiyaadhu... un pallu kutti pallu
Apu: amma podhum brush panninadhu.... naan vilayaada pohren.

mother: sari indha paala mattum kudi
Apu: No mummy No !!!!
mother: yes apu yes !!

[Posted on July 31'st 12:10 p.m]
I am writing this at 12.00 clock night...good time na ? ..always good, if i think,
write or speak about lotus

Apu: amma, unaku enna evalo pidikum
mother: kadal alavu pidikum ....

..... giggling ....

mother: vaa kulikalaam, annana paaru alaagha kulichitu washing machine la
shirt ta thuvaikiraan ... nee yum samathaa kulichitu pudhu shirt podalaam sariya

Apu: amma naaney kulipen...sariya...nee varaadhe

mother: thannila vilaiyaadaama kulikaanum...appadhaan chocoloate vaangi tharuven

(Her face is bright like millions of mooon...and her mother is very happy)

mother: apu amma unaku pudhu dress vaangiyiruken...

Apu: amma enaku pure white dress dhaaan venum ...

mother: aaama la en nilavuku white dress dhaan pidikum

Apu: amma naaa alagha irukenlaa...
mother: nee thanka katti, vaira katti ... apu chellam da ...
Apu: amma thambi enga ?
mother: avan saaptutu irukaan

brother: apu unakukidaiyaadhu, naan ellathaiyum saawpitu viduven ... eh eh ...

Apu: amma enaku ??

brother: summa sonnen apu, vaa saapidalam ...

Apu: illa da, enaku amma ooti viduvaanga...naan kutti ponnu la ;-)

Mother: neeya saapidu apu...ammaku niraiya vela iruku sariya....
Apu: sarima naan alaahma saapiduven

Apu: amma naan saaptan ....

brother: amma apu dressla sindhitaa ... giggling

Apu: illlama, nee enna adika dha sariyaa....naan kutti pilla dhaan

mother: sari da chellam ... I love you da apu ... vaa naam maadiku poi padikalaam

Apu: enaku yaana kadhai sollikodumaa ... giggling

Mother: oru oorla oru yaana irundhu dhaan... andha yaanaiku appu na romba pidukumaam...

Apu: amma enna pidikumaa ??

Mother: aahma da chellam..

Apu: amma thambi....


[Apu kadha ketutu thoongitaaal...she sleeps like angel ;-) How cute to see ?]

Apu thoongum poludhu, aval ammavin ninaivu ....aval thoongum alaghai paarthu rasika aasai

விரல் குளிர மருதாணி வைத்து விட வேண்டும்
இதயம் நனைய பாச மழை பொழிந்திட வேண்டும்
வயிறு நிறைய சாதம் ஊட்டி விட வேண்டும்
கூந்தல் மணம் கமல மல்லிகை பூ சூடிட வேண்டும்

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back to form

Ramesh is back to form !!!!!! with the help of saraswati(my lotus) .... Yes, seeing her face
She is my knowledge....I will write the NCFM exam by next week... Project is doing good !!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Boo Boo

Today, i went to ascendas for a meeting...when i was waiting for other colleagues, i saw her from a long distance... I think she also looked at me... "This is love" couldn't see couldn't talk... I love her a lot.. can't explain in words ... Her voice only attracts me more.... including thittuvadhu

She is a kid like 'boo boo' which is a child character comes in baby's day out movie.... Boo Boo i love you da....In that movie that child tells 'boo boo' for a book

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


she is doing MBA at anna university...i think, she is preparing for II sem exam... that's why coming late to office...best wishes lotus !... I hear songs for peace of mind...lyrics is so cute, when the word krishna comes.... I love you krishna...In future, my daughter will sing krishna songs and i hear that nectar

முகுந்தா முகுந்தா - கிருஷ்ணா முகுந்தா முகுந்தா
வரம் தா வரம் தா - பிருந்தாவனந்தா அனந்தா

(முகுந்தா முகுந்தா)
வெண்ணை உண்ட வாயால் மண்ணை உண்டவா
பெண்ணை உண்ட காதல் நோய்க்கு மருந்தாக வா

(முகுந்தா முகுந்தா)
என்ன செய்ய நானோ தோல் பாவை தான்
உந்தன் கைகள் ஆட்டி வைக்கும் நூல் பாவை தான்

(முகுந்தா முகுந்தா)

ஜெய ஜெய ராம், ஜெய ஜெய ராம், சீதா
ராம், ஜெய ஜெய ராம்
அசுரர் வந்தால் புன்னகைத்து பார்ப்பாய்...கொஞ்ச நேரம் ஆட விட்டு அவர் கணக்கைத் தீர்ப்பாய்

Phase of moon when lotus born in earth ..it's the 3rd day of full moon

Phase of moon when i was born ...its the next day of full moon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I never go to ascendas .... it's a terrible day.... i felt the worst pain there... this is the maximum that love can give. i.e possessiveness.... on thursday, i went to melmaruvathur temple by noon... this is the first time i was going there...when i was entering the temple, i hear the word lotus from a devotional song which plays there("thaamarai kaighalil endhiyaval")... lighted two lemon lamps.. one for lotus and another for me.. it's an excellent temple... friday also took leave.. even though lots of work in office.. Here after me too be like lotus don't bring personal things to office... she switched off the mobile and keep concentration on her work whatever goes.. This what krishna said "do your duty" to arjuna when arjuna is on the battle field to fight against his relatives .. when you love some one... it's difficult to tolerate the pain.. I missed the tour to yelagiri ;-(

On these two days, i didn't talk to anyone .. also didn't attend the call from my mother... she got very upset.. i said her that please leave me for two days.. couldn't tell the problem.. she is loving me a lot.. this is mother's love which gives more pain than the other love(husband - wife, lovers, friendship).. so don't be without talking if you are in "love" relationship.. why brahma bind evryone with love rope ?? .. I think, this is to control the human's uncontrol mind(paasathirku kattupadudhal) ... But this may also makes one self to become mad.. The love which towards god is 'no harm' ... that is divine love .. no material contamination

podhum ramesh.... don't go to ascendas .. when she comes to tidel... she will be sita devi ... that time you see her.. but don't talk .. From monday onwards, I just meditate on lotus face(apu) and start my office work... she is saraswati who gives me the concentration to work... i should complete my project successfully

Lots of work for me
MBA exam(clear 8 papers - next dec)
NCFM certification
ATOM's Project
Update mainframe knowledge - As of now, i am clean slate
Driving ...

Future dream : start a bus company like Parveen Travels .... I love to see driving while i travel to chennai in my child hood...one day while returning from chennai, i sat in conductor's seat and watches the driving for the whole night... Those days thiruvallvar buses goes very fast

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please save me krishna

Yesterday also i went there to see her...but am not able to talk...i sent mail regarding an element, but no reply from her and tl...no respect for that mail ... why krishna what i did ?

I am begging at your lotus feet Krishna, Please save me.... I don't give my lotus to any one...
she is for me alone...Me and lotus...why parvati told me that she is loving me ?...if she is not for me, then i will die at your feet by hearing the lotus voice,,,this voice will cool my soul at my death
...i can't tolerate more from this material world....save me krishna

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yesterday when i left from office, I thought of seeing her...so i was waiting for her at the entrance..she came out with her friends and waits for the cab...she didn't see me bcoz i was wearing helmet.. little bit possessiveness was there, bcoz i couldn't talk to her for the past 3 years

The song plays from the behind shop
மண்ணில் இந்த காதல் அன்றி யாரும் வாழ்தல் கூடுமோ...எண்ணம் தன்னில் பாவை இன்றி ஏழு ஸ்வரம் தான் பாடுமோ...

"Feeling possessiveness toward another is based on feelings of scarcity and insecurity" from google

she gets into the cab and comes out...I think, she likes to sit at the window side..finally the cab starts...I didn't follow the cab bcoz lotus told me that don't follow me(en pinnala suthaadha)...I overtake the cab and drives my bike fastly (with uncontrol mind and scarcity) towards my home...When you love some one, you definitely like to see him/her, It's human nature...even brahma took 4 faces to look saraswati ... Parvati took severe austerity to get attention of lord shiva....lord krishna(venkatachalapathy) get stone beat from padmaavathi, when he tries to talk with her..how i know these god stories ? my mother said..also i read from google ...without dinner, i slept silently

Lotus, நீ என்னடா னா பார்க்கவும் விடாத பேசவும் விடாத

Last two day's she is coming by noon to office...who said ? tso id told me this ..what she is doing till noon ? is she is sleeping ... dono .. baby only sleeps at morning ..then what she do ? is she is Eating ... dono .. squirrel only eats all the time...does her parents comes ? ... dono ..

Real happiness is not there in my life...project is going fine....going for tour by this week end..... but still i am missing some thing (i.e) lotus voice..likes to work in a project with lotus, so that i can hear her voice all time and can do the project well...if lord parvati didn't tell about lotus, then i would be happy like others...secret is secret... we should n't try to analyse gods secret... They are beyond our intellectual power

From August 4th, I will be taking austerities(vritham)....on these days I will be happy... it seems

Congrats to lotus
that she had moved the spread sheet project to XAT ;-)))..me too will move the project 'atoms decompress file' to prod by sept/oct

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spiritual world - Goloka Vrndavana


The original spiritual planet, which resembles the whorl of a huge lotus flower, is called Goloka Vrndavana

More information abt the spiritual planet - Link

It's a place where all desires are fulfilled. The supreme abode of Lord Krsna known as Goloka Vrndavana is full of palaces made of touchstone. There are also trees which are called "desire trees," that supply any type of eatable upon demand, and there are cows known as surabhi cows which supply a limitless supply of milk.

Vedic literature states that there is nothing superior to the abode of the Supreme Godhead, and that abode is the ultimate destination. When one attains to it, he never returns to the material world.

Apu, we will be going together there....ok va ? yes sollu ...it's very difficult to release from the birth cycle .... lotus, you have the sakthi, take me with you to the spiritual world...parvati said that you are the diamond....You are saraswati, lakshmi, parvati and krishna...

when you play like kid...you are krishna (dynamic sql)
when you hold cash in your hand...you are laskshmi (your college photo)
when you comes in white dress .... you are saraswati (tidel)
when you scolds me..... you are parvati (ascendas)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Now a day's, i am coming to office by 8.30 a.m and leaving by 11.00 p.m...but i am doing the work for 8 hrs...able to start the work properly at the time she comes to office...i am seeing her face at the tso id ...why i have so much affection on her ? Thinking more than 100 times per day....Everything is bcoz of parvati...(Ramesh, This is kali yuga, god dont' come for you immediately as like krita yuga.. .This is material world and everything is maayaa)...I asked parvati many times to talk for me....but no result.... I am loving her soul and will be with her always in all the world...we both go together to the spiritual world to see lotus face of srimadhi radha rani and with her grace we will get opportunity to serve lord krishna

Brahma, I can't be like you to make 4 face and gaze at lotus ..I have tso-id alone, no same-time, phone, email...... help me... she is saraswati for me...she is sakthi...she is knowledge

Friday, June 27, 2008


yesterday night in my dream....i did abishegam for amman stone statue with lemon juice...when i start, water is flowing through the statue...i didn't pour water...how it came ?? ...after the water, I squeezed the lemon and did abishegham with the juice...and it's coming like a water falls(non stop)...Then i waked up and couldn't sleep for 1/2 hr...

One more good news, we(batch mates) are going to yelagiri hills on july 12 by brindhavan express......yeh yeh yeh hoh hoh ;-) ;-) During the last trip to top slip, i got phone from lotus parents.....This time...from whom ??? from lotus .. aasai dhaan..ippadi sandhosamaa irukanum.....sathamaaa "i love you lotus" endru sollanum pola iruku..oru naal sollaporen ... nalla thittu vaanga poren ;-)

I love fruit's very much...i send a mail to eat fruit and she will be healthy ;-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

love marriage

Today, my colleague said that he will be going to love a girl ... At first i adviced him not to love..then i said him...At this age it will be like honey to talk with a girl... Even my self liked to talk(with lotus)...if you like her, then don't take first step..let her to take that step...if you take first step and go behind, then that will be fun for her and make you fool.. girls are volatile..Even a good girl has selfishness and wants to be safe at all time...At any instant, they change their mind..it's not wrong, bcoz they should be safe(pen allava)..ok, if she loves you..then see whether she is in love only for flittering or just time pass...You take the step, if that girl really loves you...It means

1. one who motivates you for the carrier(this point i like the most, bcoz girl is sakthi who has power to motivate the guy)
2. one who has good understanding
3. one who loves the soul, not the money(temporary)
4. one who ready to comes behind you at all instant (this is difficult to identify, but if they talked more abt the life then they should know this)
5. one who likes you to convert 1 rupee to 100 rupee; not the one who likes you to spend 100 rupee
6. one who likes to come with you through out the life; not the one who likes to come with you in bike for the moment

I have seen lovers who all separated for silly things

I said finally, if you want to just enjoy the life, then talk with girls but don't love bcoz both of you should not be disturbed...

now a days, i am going very late from office....;-) keep it up ramesh ... i am in a small critical project...surely i will get good name from HI* and AF* .... they both still in my project..i will get good name from lotus mother also..if she talks to me, i can work 100 times better..pesu di apu...plzzzzzzzzz

Monday, June 23, 2008

Unable to help

If i was there in her team, i would have helped her and ask her to go home early..this shouldn't come to anyone ;-(((

Year 2007 is unbelievable..more than 356 times went to temple and did archanai on lotus name in 365 days..god had made this bcoz i shouldn't go in wrong path...so she made me to give attendance on each day ;-)

Year 2008... till now lighted more than 2016 lamps at godess feet...i did the things what my mind said ... No one asked me to light lamps..Each lamp and lotus flower which i offered to god tells my love on lotus(ap*).. bcoz of lotus, i have the affection with gods...i am not so bakthi like other devotees...

we always had fight when we both met or talked thru phone or sms...why the things are different in background and foreground ?? How can i express my love ?? what she knows abt me ? what i know about her ? No answer for all these questions....But we will be united ! ...She don't know anything abt the things happening around me...but she knows only that i am disturbing.....

Life adhu paatuku poitu iruku....eppadi sera porom nu theriyala....but days are moving forward to face the good things... marriage is made in heaven...sometimes i think, if there is no marriage..how life would be ? God brahma has defined the marriage rule to do his duty well

God has done good thing for her ..given project and make her busy all time....;-) Lord saraswati is great...takes care her child very well ...life is going little bit good for me

I sing the song / poem "Johny Johny", when i am in good mood...

"Johny johny yes papa eating sugar no papa
telling lie no papa, open your mouth ha ha ha"

(lotus) பால் கொழுக்கட்டை முகம் கொண்டு
ரவை கொழுக்கட்டை இதழ்களில் சுவைத்து
உளுந்து கொழுக்கட்டை பார்வை வீசி
எள்ளு கொழுக்கட்டை சொற்களை பேசி
கருப்பட்டி கொழுக்கட்டை(me) தனை நேசிக்கிறாய்

வாயில் என்ன கொழுக்கட்டை யா வைத்திருக்கிறாய் .. பேசினாள் என்ன அப்பு ? ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Godess Saraswati

Saraswati is associated to


I will be going to Sabarimalai Ayyapan temple on september 18th with my best friend saravanan.....He is my school mate(studied only 1 yr with me) and family friend...the one who knows everything about me...My long day wish is coming true....I will be taking austerities (vruthams) for 41 day's(from aug 4th)..on these day's, i will think only abt Ayappan(Kaliyugavaradhan)...no thoughts abt lotus ;-(;-)

Today is full moon day..lighted ghee lamp

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yasodha's love and krishna's mercy

Yasodha's love for Krishna was a unique, incomparable exception. Her heart simply welled up with mother's love every time, every moment she set eyes upon her beloved Krishna. She breathed Krishna, she dreamed Krishna, she lived Krishna.... Mother Yaśodā Binds Lord Lord Kṛṣṇa with a rope


Me Yashoda and Apu is krishna (chellam)

Like this, lotus should be bind like krishna, appa dhaan sonna badi ketpaal ;-) In future, we all(includes lotus family) become the devotee of krishna

The below picture is my favorite one...I have this picture in my home(hall), bike and at my office desk... i love this picture very much

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

always saraswati

Today, we went for team lunch, lotus also came there...I was trying(acting) to be happy by talking with my team-mates...But my hands are shivering, heart beats risen like fountain..in the middle, friends asked me...what happened ? where are you ... i couldn't say the things in my mind to others..this situation shouldn't come to anyone ...I said 'saraswati mandhir' indisde my mind to save from this critical situation... she looks very happy, but she felt discomfort bcoz of me...she didn't come in white, but she is always saraswati for me and her face is bright like millions of moon... (hey lotus, teach me good english...i like to talk like you more fluent)...who will believe, if i say that she is my would be ...no one believe, but it's a fact said by lord parvati.. After engagement, He/she talk with his/her life partner..but for me, even it's said by parvati... i couldn't talk ;-)

உன் அன்பை தெரிவிக்க,
வெண்ணிற ஆடை வேண்டுமா என்ன
பால் போன்ற உன் நிலவு முகம் போதுமே

I like to see her in white dress....and this is moon godess

while returning, we came across a honda activa...my colleague asked me to follow that honda activa(for fun only), so i ride fast at 85 km/hr...but still couldn't catch that girl and my bike got reserve(fuel)...we stopped for a while and started back and when we came across the signal, i forget to see the signal and the PC caught us. what to do ? ...we paid 200 rs fine to that pc ;-( This is the first time, i was caught by a pc ...Experience makes life better ;-)

This is not punishment of lord for following, since I followed the honda activa, bcoz i was in craze of riding my bike fast ;-) ...but girls are more fast than guys

Monday, June 09, 2008

102 speed

on sunday, we had a get together at dhaba express for 3rd anniversary....It's really good and nothing to say more than this.....while going there, i was riding in my pulsar(definetly male) at a maximum of 102 km/hr on tidel road..great achievement...i felt happy to ride at this high speed...college padikum podhu, ippadi ellam vehama ottiyirukanum...appa vandi vaangaama computer vaangiten...t00 Late ;-) .... nowadays weekends are going fast ...no time to attend bhagavat gita class...

The max 220cc goes is 130(reported) while 200cc is reported to be at 125 max. I like to drive at 120 km, but i think my bike (150 cc) doesn't supports this

Friday, June 06, 2008


she didn't come to office today...might be she went home....Take care lotus.... naan kovama pesitenonu thonudhu, soft aah dhaan pesinen...you are a diamond...paasam dhaan adhiham aahudhu.. why ma ?? she is kid ... aval evalo kopamaa pesinaalum paasam dhaan varughiradhu ... why i have so much affection on her....it's more than the affection between lord krishna and yasodha...she is sakthi, wisdom and her presence makes my life pleasant... her mother is really great...my obesiances to her...hey lotus ...veeetuku poi nallah saapidu ...don't think abt anything ....lord parvati will take care everything...Hey peacock, convey this message to my lotus.... ask her to bring puliyodharai from home ;-) Today is 06/06/2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I am very very very happppppyyyyyyyyyyyy today

Definitely rain comes some where, to cool the earth....she talked to me like sita devi..... I asked her to promise on lord saraswati devi to say that she didn't come in white for me.. but she cuts the phone...this proves that i am good only...so i didn't do any thing wrong...i am not such a bad guy.....if she talked like this before, then i wouldn't be get complaint and wouldn't went ascendas to talk....Her team mates not even smiling at me, if i look at them...it's my fate...Hen* pushed me out of the office like a hell, used harsh words..But he wished me on my birthday and i replied thanks to him...This is kindness... same time is disabled at all time, if she wants she opens the gate and if she don't want she closes the gate... she played a lot in my life like lord krishna

yesterday, i didn't sleep.... In dream, i am chasing lotus flower in a pond ;-)... Now in the morning, she is sending the 'swear' thru same time... and saying that battery was low... she is promising on her mother...may be she is more than lord saraswati(this shows her love on her mother) but lord saraswati is her divine mother.. i respect her mother and i never ask lotus to do promise on mother and i don't accept that too.

whatever may be whether she loved or not....she should be happy.... how this nature played in my life by making her to come in white and made me fool ... I don't know what i did in my previous birth ? may be cheated a girl
வினை விதைத்தவன் வினை அறுப்பான்

Lord parvati has to talk....she is also playing in my life...lets wait and see her move...but naan bali aada aayiten....Any way she is my mother right ... hmm...let's play ;-)

I am reading the conversation that i made with lotus before i proposed my love.....propose pannaama irundhirukalaam... how pleasant those days ???

Lotus: running sql is dynamic
Lotus: stiil sql is static
Lotus: understood?
Ramesh:... no
Ramesh:... sql stmt change during runtime that is dynamic
Lotus: if something is running or moving u say as dynamic
Ramesh:... not like that
Lotus: simply joked ....
Ramesh:... u r talking ur engineering subject
Ramesh:... its computer
Lotus: how can a sql run ?
Lotus: u r beleiving me?
Ramesh:... sql is run by db2 engine
Ramesh:... oh...
Lotus: ok..tell me
Ramesh:... i believe whatever u say..
Ramesh:... i tellu
Lotus: i joked simply ..gettin bored
Ramesh:... ok...
Ramesh:... same thing for me
Lotus: k
Ramesh:... what u will bring this time from home ?
Lotus: nothin
Ramesh:... why ?bring something...to eat
Lotus: v are always eatin..
Lotus: k.
Ramesh:... that is different, bringing from home is special
Lotus: k.
Ramesh:... what u will bring...
Lotus: dont know ...will bring then u see
Ramesh:... ok i see...

Now she is more expert than me...she is pet of saraswati right

Hare krishna hare Krishna krishna krishna hare hare
Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

pesama kaatuku dhavam panna poyidalam hehehehe ;-).. there is no love, emotion, feelings, sentiment and no material desire ...only attachment to the god.....atleast the soul get librate from this material world


Lord brahma gave himself a fifth head to enhance his gaze upon lord saraswati. shiva opened his eyes, sensed Saraswati’s discomfort and in a fit of rage turned into Bhairava, lord of terror. His eyes were red, his growl menacing. He lunged towards Brahma and with his sharp claws, wretched off Brahma’s fifth head.

Brahma, sobered by his encounter with the Lord of terror sought an escape from the maze of his own desire. Saraswati revealed to him the doctrine for his own liberation.

Brahma sought to conduct a yagna, fire sacrifice, to cleanse himself and start anew. In order to conduct a yagna ritual the assistance of a wife is needed. Brahma chose Saraswati to be his wife and thus they were reconciled.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Completed 1008 lamps at lakshmi temple

Completed 1008 lamps at lakshmi temple
On friday, It's my birthday...early morning, i went to shiva temple and offered lotus flowers to lord shiva, parvati, lakshmi and saraswati...Then i went to ashta lakshmi temple to worship lakshmi narayanan...I gave the red color saree to the temple priest...they said that for the main deity, you need to take 9 'ghajam' saree..this is 6 only and we will keep this to other lakshmi devi... lord lakshmi and narayanan deities are more than my 7 feet height...Then i got the two lotus garlands(300 flowers) which is made of 150 flowers each.

I took snap of that and gave that flowers to priest..they told that we will decorate this garland after the abishegam(nearly 11.00 clock), so i went to light the 108 ghee lamps and It tooks nearly 1 hr to light all the lamps

நெய் தீபத்தின் ஒளியில், உன் மஞ்சள் முகம் தங்கமாய் மிளிரட்டும்
மல்லிகை அவள் மங்களமுடன் திகழ்வாள்
செந்தாமரை புஷ்பங்கள், உன்
மலர் பாதத்தை அலங்கரிகட்டும்
சீதை அவள் சிறப்புடன் வாழ்வாள்
i am throwing flowers of wishes, but she is throwing words

At 11.20 clock, i went to see the main deities who are decorated with the lotus garlands
They both looks so pretty in lotus garlands, then i went to see the 8 lakshmi devi's one by one.. first is sandhana lakshmi then vidhya lakshmi, vijaya lakshmi and ghaja lakshmi
These 4 devi's are in first floor. Then i went up to the next floor(2'nd) to see dhana lakshmi...Then i get down to see other lakshmi devi at another place...there i saw aadhi lakshmi, dhaanya lakshmi and dhairiya laskhmi....At dhairiya lakshmi i did archanai for myself, mother and lotus(ap*)

Then i came back to office at 12.30 ;-) Every one wished me to be happy always...nithya jayaprakasam, my friend wishes me to be happy always... she is more than a friend... she is my sister... she scold me, if i become sad bcoz of lotus...she tells me that you talk to girls infront of her....see girls, put kadalai...But, I don't talk more with her too...I think girls like the person who puts kadalai....i don't know that art ;-(...I like to talk with my lotus only ;-) and i see girls if she looks like lotus

Parvati devi..
why did you showed me ?
why did you said that she is my life partner ? I want answer
why she is coming in white ? lotus never reply
why she is throwing words ?
why did she called herself as 'lotus' ?
why i become possessive ? bcoz of love and this is killing more

my mother always ask me ...eyn andha kaalathu paiyan maadhiri iruka, indha kaalathu pasanga maadhiri jaaliyaa iren ...podhum nee kovil suthinadhu..because of lotus and to cool my mind, i am going to temple daily... I can be like the other guys too...I have joined inaut* cricket team, roaming everywhere in my pulsar...

i will be happy like others, only if i get answer for the above questions

Thursday, May 29, 2008

ghee lamps

Lighted 900*/1008 ghee lamps @ Mahalakshmi's lotus feet....remaining 108 lamps @ ashtalakshmi temple on tomorrow...Happy to Light lamps @ lotus feet

Ritual of lighting ghee lamps
One should light a lamp using ghee (clarified butter) because when burned, frequencies emanating from it are more subtle than those emitted by burning oil or wax. Ghee can attract sattvik (pure) frequencies from as far as heaven while oil can attract frequencies from a distance of only one-meter.
The ghee lamp symbolizes the spiritual emotion, ‘I will be (spiritually) enlightened and (spiritually) enlighten others as well’. The ghee lamp burns to spread light. One can pray for kindling the light (spiritual yearning) within us and for the ability to spread the light (Spirituality) to others.

What is the significance of offering lotus flowers, tulsi leaves, and sheera or kheer as prasad (holy sacrament) ?

Flowers have different colors. Those colors are able to attract Pavitrakas (subtle particles) of different deities. In this case, Lord Krishna being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is attracted most by white lotuses and Tulsi (holy basil, occimum sanctum) leaves.
Prasad (holy sacrament) contains the pure particles (pavitrakas) of a particular deity. In the case of Lord Krishna, Kheer (a sweet dish made from milk, sugar and rice/vermicelli) or sheera (a sweet dish made from semolina, ghee and sugar) are offered.

compilation success

She is very lucky....always busy in the project...I like to work like her, but didn't get a chance...while studying college, i was happy when i got "compilation success" at first attempt of compiling a 'C' program in a practical exam... That hapiness itself I didn't get in inautix project.....carreer also bad....life also bad...bad name....... why ???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ashta lakshmi temple

On friday, i will be going to light 108 ghee lamps at ashtalakshmi temple, adyar, chennai.. Today my office work didn't go fine, so i went to see this temple...It's really a wonderful temple...deities looks so pretty...we can call this temple as "lotus temple", because only lotus flowers takes place in decorating godess lakshmi devi... i felt happy to see the lotus flowers every where.. flower vendors are giving 8 lotus flowers and tulsi leaves to devotes for 8 lakshmi devi
1. ஆதி லக்ஷ்மி
2. கஜ லக்ஷ்மி
3. தன லக்ஷ்மி
4. தானிய லக்ஷ்மி
5. சந்தான லக்ஷ்மி
6. விஜய லக்ஷ்மி
7. வித்
யா லக்ஷ்மி
8. வீர லக்ஷ்மி
Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus every where... It looks like that all devi's are sitting inside lotus garden .. why all they like lotus very much ? is it bcoz of prettiness or fragrance or gundu malli apu ;-)
why till this day i didn't went to this temple ?
I just kept lotus flowers at lakshmi devi's feet..Then i came back to the shop to give order for two lotus garland, 108 ghee lamps...I don't have money for garland and lamps..borrowing money from friends to light lamps....lotus don't like borrowing money..but what can i do ??
I am very very happpyyyyyyyyy today ;-))))))))))))))))

Sunday, May 25, 2008

சரஸ்வதி நதி

Lighted 800*/1008 ghee lamps @ Mahalakshmi's lotus feet

On saturday, i went to pothys to buy red color saree for lakshmi devi...I asked the shop keeper to show red color saree for amman... he told me that, you go to another section there u could ask for aparna saree..that will be looks good for amman...Yes, i forgot to ask this, but she reminds me... There i found a red color saree with mango color border..It will look pretty for lakshmi devi

Birth of saraswati

In the beginning there was chaos. Everything existed in a formless, fluid state. “How do I bring order to this disorder?” wondered Brahma, the creator. “With Knowledge”, said Devi. Heralded by a peacock, sacred books in one hand and a veena in the other dressed in white Devi emerged from Brahma’s mouth riding a swan as the goddess Saraswati.
Read more - Link

Below video shows the holy saraswati river in mana village 12000 ft (length of this river is 200 metre)

Friday, May 23, 2008

சிரித்த முகம்

Lighted 500*/1008 lamps @ lakshmi feet
வெகு நாட்கள் களித்து நேற்று மாலை சரஸ்வதியும் லக்ஷ்மியும் சிரித்த முகத்துடன் காட்சி கொடுத்தனர் ...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


yesterday, I was sooooooooooooooooo Haaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyyy..

I was waiting at the entrance to just see her....I was looking at all roses, whether it's my lotus face...she didn't come for long time...I thought of leaving...when i turn back, she is standing near a cab and i was surprised... when she leave, I followed her without following traffic rules...The cab driver is going fast without knowing that sita devi is inside the cab.. she is tulasi devi...she is srimadhi radha rani...she is saraswati...Thank god, She is residing in a lovely place, lots of trees are there....It's a residential place...It's vrindhaavan...Nice wind blows to cool her always

I don't know, whether she noticed me..But i am so happy to see her.....while returning to my home....I am riding at high speed, with full of joy.... ready to die at that moment, but last voice that i hear should be her voice... I drive directly to shiva temple(closed) and said thanks to lord karunambighai and shiva.....If she really loves me, I will take her to meet lord saraswati devi otherwise my love doesn't make sense.. Also we will try to become tulasi leaves at lord krishna's feet and serve krishna and srimadhi radha rani with lotus flowers.

I believe lord parvati helps us to fulfill the wishes... Today morning, got up early and went to see father and mother...Yes lord shiva is my father and Lord parvati is my mother..... Lord saraswati is lotus mother and lord brahma is her father..At 7.00 a.m when i enter the temple, abishegham was going on...i gave the lotus flowers and saamandhi malar...I am happy to see the flowers... priest did archanai with jasmine flowers to lord shiva, while doing, it's falling on lotus flower and lord shiva as well....hmmm lotus flower you are lucky that you also getting archanai ;-)

மல்லிகை நீ .... தாமரையின் பாத மலர்களை
துளசி இலையால் அர்ச்சனை செய்
தென்றல் நீ..... தாமரையின் நிலவு முகம் தனை
சந்தனக் காற்றால் அபிஷேகம் செய்

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yes, I heard the voice ;-)... But she is working till late night... I asked her to go home early she don't listen my words... I should ask her mother to tell 'go home early' this ;-)

I like to hear your voice 'avij'

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was happy on saturday and sunday..yes i went to little flowers school to do service... we had successfully setup 53 pc's in two days...only 8 childrens are there in each classroom, bcoz these kids are deaf...The teachers are really very kind...their service is spiritual..my manager also came there to do service(taking monitor to 2'nd floor), he is really a simple and nice gentle man. But i got bad name bcoz of lotus..despite of these things he talked to me.....but still i am not able to face him...it's my fate

On sunday evening, as per the schedule i went to iskon with my pulsar at a maximum speed of 85 km/hr ;-) ... Tears are coming from eyes, when i go above 80 km/hr... ISKON temple is different from other temples...Here devotees are calling gents as 'prabhu ji' and ladies as 'maataaji'....I feel really proud, when some one calls me 'prabhu ji'

They are calling kids as 'hare krishna' ... really cute to see the kids with krishna t-shirt... for me lotus is kid

when i enter the temple, abishegam was going on for lord narashima...I gave the lotus flowers...They have separated the lotus petals and did archanai with that after the abishegam... After this, a small drama about lord lakshmi narashima appearance was shown....... Then the saints ask for the volunteers to distribute prasaadham for the krishna devotees.... I got the opportunity to give 'kesari' to the devotees... In this kaliyug, getting opportunity to do service is very rare... i got the chance to serve for krishna devotees...

while distributing prasadham, a grand ma (maataaji) asked some devotees to help her to drop at her home.. I told her that i can help you ... she is too old and taking fast for the whole day and came here to see lord krishna.... she told that krishna never leaves his devotees at any time...hmmm...let's see in my life

while returning, i was riding at low speed of 40 km/hr. ;-(...bcoz maataji(krishna devotee) is behind me.. i should take care of her till home...right

Lighted 320*/1008 lamps @ Lakshmi lotus feet.. I should complete 1008 on my birthday at ashtalakshmi temple

Krishna, I want to hear lotus voice...aval hello sonna enna, atleast i hear the voice ;-(

Friday, May 16, 2008

fight with bucket

Today morning, while bathing i had a fight with bucket and mug....pesa mudiyavillai endru.
This saturday and sunday i will be happy at the most...On saturday i will be going to do service for the little flowers...On sunday i will be going to celebrate the appearance of lord lakshmi narashima at ISKON(International society for krishna's consciousness) temple Enjambakkam, chennai

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

அன்னப் பறவை

may 13th, I heard the voice of lotus(Ha Ha - laughs) thru video conference ;-)... I was sitting at last row....couldn't be able to see her in tv...అపర్ణ came like அன்னப் பறவை

Monday, May 12, 2008


Lighted 250*/1008 lamps @ Lakshmi lotus feet

Hey lakshmi

நெய் தீபத்தின் ஒளியில், உன் மஞ்சள் முகம் தங்கமாய் மிளிரட்டும்
மல்லிகை அவள் மங்களமுடன் திகழ்வாள்
செந்தாமரை புஷ்பங்கள், உன் மலர் பாதத்தை அலங்கரிகட்டும்
சீதை அவள் சிறப்புடன் வாழ்வாள்

when i was lighting lamps at lakshmi feet by chanting krishna's name(don't know ;-) any manthra for lakshmi devi, so reciting 'Hare krishna'), a little girl is telling sarawathi mandhir...so i stopped for a while and listening that cute voice...How great that small kid ?? we can hear that voice for a whole day...

Every sunday, I am going to ISKON(favorite temple) to see srimadhi radha rani and krishna and decorate their feets with lotus flowers...my wish come's live...Yes, Now i have bike(pulsar) and i can go at any time...i drive the bike at a maximum of 75 km/hr in ECR road ..this is less speed as compare to experts driving...It's happy to take bhagavat gita book(slowly started reading) with me...The temple construction is half-way and it will take nearly two years to complete... it looks like vrindhavan garden, bcoz kind hearted people's are there...people's heart should be like vrindavan garden, where lord krishna and srimadhi radha rani resides there....saints are giving lectures on bhagavat-gita ...I saw a girl there who is working in our office...

Two types of desire: Material desire and spiritual desire(love,bhakthi)

it's like divine nectar(amirdham) to read lord krishna's story and it's same like hearing lotus voice....If i hear the story of lord krishna from lotus(Ap*)...i am the luckiest person in the world.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Symbol of vishnu

Lighted 97*/1008 lamps

Kind words have power to heal

In chapter 3 of krishna's story: Mother devaki says to lord krishna

"My only cause of fear from my brother Kamsa is due to Your appearance. My Lord Madhusudana, Kamsa may know that You are already born.
I request you to conceal this four-armed form of Your Lordship which holds the four symbols of Visnu--namely the conchshell, the disc, the club and the lotus flower".

lotus is spiritual

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hey lotus

Hey lotus, how long i shall wait for you to talk ?
what are you trying to say with your action ? If i ask, u don't say anything

Parvati, plz help me..... Lord shiva came for tharumi, plz come for me... aval seyalghal puriyavillai... didn't eat food from yesterday onwards....doing mistakes....help me... she is giving complaint and she is coming in colours ..what she is trying to say ???
Lord saraswati, Plz give me knowledge to understand lotus mind.... Apu i love you da... gundu malli... You are the luckiest person... maa saraswati is always with u and u always busy in ur project..

parvati, why our love is like this ??? what she is thinking....If she read this blog atleast once then she could understand me.. how myself understand her... did she write diary anywhere ??? plz help me

அலை கரையை தொட்டுச் செல்வது போல் ..
மனதை தொட்டுச் செல்கிறாய்
மாலை வேலை மஞ்சள் நிற சூரியக் கதிராக
மனதை சுட்டு விட்டு செல்கிறாய்
சரஸ்வதி வீற்றிருக்கும் வெள்ளை நிற தாமரையாக
மனதை சாந்த படுத்தி செல்கிறாய்
நான் என்னவென்று அர்த்தம் கொள்வது

Lighted 89*/1008 lamps

sita devi

April 24th... She came for a meeting, i was very happy on this day after seeing her.. she looks very beautiful like a Nelumbo lutea (american yellow lotus)
Lots of Lotus flowers are available in the flower shops, bcoz lotus blooms well during summer... This is the season for lotus ;-) ... So
all god's will be decorate with lotus ;-)

How about my lotus .. did she smile always like lotus blossoms ? Yes
Hey lotus... You will be happy always.. i love you a lot da ;-)

Lotus say "ivan thirundhave maataan"

Lighted 87*/1008 lamps

when she comes to tidal, she looks like sita devi(very calm &
soft)...Not able to understand the things happened on this day...
when i think about sita devi, Lord Hanuman comes into mind... when he comes, lotus comes in mind, bcoz parvati said that ***

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lotus feet

Lotus foot of Srimati Radharani which is decorated with the following auspicious markings:

Below the toe of the left foot is a barleycorn and a disc. Starting from mid point between the main toe and the second toe, continuing for half the length of the foot, is a shining upward-line. Below the middle toe are a lotus, flag, flower and a twig. Below the little toe is an elephant goad. Below the disc is an umbrella, and below that is a bracelet. On the heel is a beautiful looking half-moon.

Right lotus foot of Srimati Radhika

On the heel of the right foot is a fish. Above that is a chariot. Above the chariot is a mountain. On one side of the chariot is a sakti weapon, and on the other side is a club. Above the club is the conchshell, which is at the root of the toe. Below the little toe is a sacrificial altar, and below the sacrificial altar is an earring.

Hey Lotus(apu),

Your foot also will be decorate with the above auspicious markings and my mind will meditate on your lotus feet. Your feet brings peace and calm to my mind ;-)
You see a lotus flower also there ;-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ashta Lakshmi Temple

Lighted 85*/1008 ghee lamps....Hope I will be lighting the last 108 lamps @ Ashta Lakshmi Temple (Besant Nagar) on my birthday May 30th friday... I talked to my friend's sister to know about girl's mind.. It's hard or no way to read girl's mind ;-(

அவள் குரலை கேட்காமல் இருக்க முடியவில்லை கிருஷ்ணா.. I am playing cricket on week ends and will be going to watch IPL cricket match on 26th.. deviating the mind with other activities... But still it requires to hear her voice

why saraswati has given power to her voice ? she is the daughter of saraswati

ஸ்ரீமதி ராதா ராணி போல், நீல வண்ண தாவணி உடுத்தி, மலரால் அலங்காரம் செய்ய வேண்டும்... சரஸ்வதி தேவி போல், வெண் பட்டு உடுத்தி, தாமரையில் அமர்ந்து, வீணை வாசிக்க வேண்டும்

avalai varnika vaarthaighhal kidaika maataikidhu olungaaha tamil padithirukalaam ..unnai virumbuven endru therindhirundhaal saraswati deviyidam tamil katrirupen

அவள் குரல், தேன் இசை என்பதால் கவிதைகள் வாசிக்கிறேன்
அவள் பாதம், வெண் தாமரை என்பதால் தேவியை(சரஸ்வதி) வணங்குகிறேன்
அவள் முகம், பௌர்ணமி என்பதால் நிலவை வர்ணிக்கிறேன்

i was searching her name in the "summer singer lists", but it's not there

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kind word

66*/1008 Lamps lighted

All attempts failed, I couldn't talk to her to cool my mind. Temple is the only option which will bring calm to my mind.. I asked anu* to talk for me, but she knew this before..I think, lotus told abt me to everyone in her team.. I just want her(lotus) to say kind words. No need to talk anything... but she don't even say this word too... i am cooling my mind with the below manthra's .. This will be equal to a single kind word from her... Krishna !!!!!!!!!

I sent her a story about kindness and starsai, but still she didn't understand the meaning of kindness....

I won't try to talk with lotus... I do lighting lamps, reciting manthra's, writing kavidhai to calm my mind.... One day she will realize me and comes to talk ...I don't talk at that moment and she will realize the pain for that moment... Then only she know what is kindness, love and life ?? Till that day, i do continously lighting lamps at god's feet with lotus flower... i don't leave god's feet

what is Karma ? Answer in below link


1) "Law of nature ticks perfectly like a clock without missing a second."
2) Even Lord Rama had to suffer pains when he took that avatar and was controlled by laws of nature.
3) when we suffer, we must realize that we had planted a sinful seed which is reaping a painful fruit today.
suffering is good...my bad karma will be washed away... Thanks to lotus

ஸரஸ்வதி நமஸ்துப்யம்
வரதே காமரூபினி
வித்யாரம்பம் கரிஷ்யாமி
ஸித்திர் பவதுமே ஸதா

Hare krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hara rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

குருப் பிரம்மா குரு விஷ்ணு குருதேவோ மஹேஸ்வரா...
குரு சாக்ஷாத் பரப்ரும்மா...தஸ்மை ஸ்ரீ குருவே நமஹ

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lotus Thoughts

Always thinking abt her krishna .. save me krishna...i want to hear her voice krishna...i am not able to be concentrate in my work, without hearing her voice...why did u show her in my life ?? No lunch...how many lunches that i skipped ??... Even if i go to temple, manam saandham aaha maataikudhu...Asking for two year to talk..but she is killing me.... I don't know her friends also, otherwise i could talk to them to know about her....she wants me to suffer, otherwise she would talked to me... I want to live...plz save me... At any point of time, they will terminate my job...end my life too

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oraayiram kelvighal

she came back today.... Little bit happy krishna,but she took leave for more day's.... what's happening ??

kelvighaluku padhil theriyaavillai !

Oraayiram kelvighal, Mounamey... ore padhil

எது நடந்ததோ அது நன்றாகவே நடந்தது
எது நடக்கிறதோ அது நன்றாகவே நடக்கிறது
எது நடக்க இருக்கிறதோ அதுவும் நன்றாகவே நடக்கும்

56*/1008 Lamps lighted

Friday, April 11, 2008


She didn't come to office in this week, might be she went home.....I like madurai very much.. people say
"மதுரை பெண்ணை கல்யாணம் செய்தால் வீட்டில் அவள் ஆட்சி தானம்... ஏன் என்றாள் மதுரையை அன்னை மீனாக்ஷி அல்லவா ஆட்சி செய்கிறாள"...Her parent's and brothers are lucky .. குழந்தை அவள் குரலை எப்பொழுதும் கேட்கிறார்கள் அல்லவா
...அவள் குரலை திருவள்ளுவர் கேட்டிருந்தால் ஆயிரத்தி முப்பத்தி ஒன்றாவது குறளாக அவள் குரலை சேர்திருப்பார்

தாமரையின் ...

இனிய குரல், தேநீக்களை சுற்ற வைக்கும்
அதட்டும் குரல் அசுரர்களை நடுங்கச் செய்யும்
மெல்லிய குரல் அழுகின்ற குழந்தையை சிரிக்க வைக்கும்

She is saraswati

41*/1008 Lamps lighted

I am doing good in my project ;-) ;-)
Parvati said...
who(AF, HI) pulled you outside the office, get good name infront of them ... Love the one who hates you