Wednesday, October 29, 2008

long vacation

lotus took 3 months long vacation....i don't know the exact reason, but the reason is some family problem.....i will be lighting a lamp at lord meenakshi feet, keeping lotus flower at ganesh feet and reciting saraswati mandhir daily... so that the problem will be solved soon and lotus comes to office within two weeks....

1) Lord meenakshi is staying near to her home in madurai (light lamp)
2) Lord ganesh stays more closer to her home (keep lotus flower)
3) Lord saraswati is her mother (recite saraswati mandhir)

Value of lighting lamp -

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Diwali

Hi Lotus,

I Wish you and your family a prosperous diwali

Today i was caught with fever and cough..... I am going home tomorrow by special train and i take complete rest and be ready for the warrior to retire the file interface(decomp project) ... I took  ticket for her too... but couldn't hand it over to her....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

rain comes

Time is going very fast....leaving office at 12.00 p.m and coming back at 8.00 a.m...Not able to sleep, waking early at 6.00 a.m ... fully committed to work ...don't know the way to talk with my parents also waiting for lotus words....hey bird will you talk ?

My mother is saying that you(swan) are standing on a water less pond for a fish .. my belief is rain comes and the pond fillsup with water for the fish to come for me .. Hey lotus i pray to god for rain

Why this age is expecting love(paasam) or kind words or caring by some one ?? I think this motivates a person and give confidence to face the life in this material world

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


last week, I told about lotus to my parents...At fist my mother felt sad and now she comes down 1 step for my life... They are asking to get confirmation from her...You can wait for another 1 year itslef, if she accepts the one will be like you waiting for more than 3 years...i don't know how i am going to talk with lotus

Astrology also says that i am in love with a mother didn't believe when one of the astrologer says this...

Yesterday, i told this to my friend nj...she said like this ... "3 ways of matches are there"
You are having so much love, but she is not even ...

1. husband takes care her wife very well  - 40 %
2. wife takes care her husband very well  - 40 %
3. Both of them cares well each other (Made for each other) - 10 %
4. No one cares each other - 10%

Why god mismatches the 1'st and second category ? This is life

Nalla paasama irukira husband ku anbaan manaivi kidaikaadhu
nalla anbaana manaiviku paasamaan husband kidaikaadhu

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy birthday Lotus

Hi Lotus,

Many more happy returns of the day ... I could see some of your friends wished you in ergo magazine.... It's true that

"All your dreams come true and Every star of every night , bring love and joy to you"  it's good to see that you have well wishers......Best wishes ;-)

I am so busy in the project and happy to say here that our 3 day project(PNBR J3 migration) went live to prod today ;-) on lotus birthday...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

சரஸ்வதி பூஜை

Nowaday's i am so busy in project.... leaving 12.00 p.m and coming 8.00 a.m back to office ..... Thanks to saraswati.... Today is saraswati poojai, so i wake early from bed and went to  temple to see the abishegam...last year i went all 9 days to temple on navratri....This year i couldn't go bcoz of work

Hey lotus...did you come in white dress today ??

I gave the saree to the priest as like other devotees and eagerly waiting to see lord saraswati adorned with white dress and flowers.... Abishegam was excellent to see lord saraswati with honey, ilaneer, milk, paneer, rose water, palam, etc.....I did archani for me, lotus and my mother.... Then i came back to office with prasadam(pongal and abishega prasadam - panjamirdham).... It's good to give the prasadam to people near by... it's the way of taking/sharing god's blessing to friends.

All of my friends come's to my desk to get prasadam as soon as i sent mail to them...i felt happy to share the prasadam.... geetha is very good girl ... she asked for thiruneer and kumkum, but i kept it(sandhanam) in my bike itself... Her father only pickups her from office daily.... how nice her father is ? I prayed to lord ayyapan(@sabarimalai) that she should be happy always like today... i thought of saying her to do ' annadhanam or give books to poor childrens' as per the proverb 'dharmam thalai kaakum' since this material world is terrible...before she said that her mother usually do annadhanam and all.... That'why she got a good daughter ;-)

why i am saying hear about her here, bcoz i didn't see girls who looks happy always and motivate others as like her in my life before.... Even i might see, but didn't had chance to talk with of the girl i known is vidhya dharani....ussually i don't talk with girls... may be due to inferiority cmplx bcoz girls like hand some boy or those who flirts well or those who have money.... I am seeing now that there are girls who respect guys with good talents...not seeing the other stupid things

Now good times comes to me for my career....but i have pressure from my parent for the marriage....i will be talking to lotus by this week and tells abt her to my parent

Monday, October 06, 2008

aparna silk

Same Like previous year.... On sunday I went to pothy's to buy 'aparna silk' for  lord  saraswati at dhandeeswaram temple... This time with orange color border.... don't know much about saree selection, but my selection will be always good.... wednesday is saraswati poojai.... hmm...that day lotus will be happy ;-)

Will lotus comes in white dress on this day ?? dono .... Hey lotus, when will you talk ...i am waiting for you tomatooooo.. my mother is asking there anything in my mind ?? ... nee edhum ponnu paarthirundhaal solllu ?? what shall i said...

தாமரை உங்கள் மருமகள் என்று சொல்லவா.... சீதை குணம் உள்ளவள் ... காளியின் கோபம் கொண்டவள்.. சரஸ்வதி உள்ளம் பெற்றவள்.... என் பாவை அவள்