Monday, May 29, 2006

mobile recharge...

Today 28/05/06, i went to a shop to recharge my mobile... The shop keeper asked
me to give the mobile number. i wrote the mobile no in a paper and give it to him. i paid 100 rs and get the balance... After getting the balance amt, i am thinking which no i gave ?.??.

I realized that i gave ur number(lotus)... Oh.. my goodness i didnt give some-one else number.
i was happy bcoz u also might be happy to recharge ur mobile.. u might also laugh some one did mistake while recharging :-)))

hmm... i shouldn't write ur name in my exam paper.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Krishna comes into play

Hey lotus,
you didnt understand me, but god understands my love... that's enough. one day u realize me.
The day will come soon.... Even u hurt a lot, love increases only.. i dont know why ?
Hey lord krishna with vajra kavacha is with me... u wait and see... he will play the remaining part....

Still i love u a lot chellam...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sonnalum ketpathillai kanni manathu

Sonnalum ketpathillai kanni manathu
, , , , ,
ondrai maraithu vaithen, solla thadai vidhten, nenhai nambi irunthen
adhu vanjam seithathu........

Oh... Kanni manam pavum enna seya koodum...
unnai pola alla unmai sonnathuu..


ellam therindirunthum ennai purinthirunthum
summa irukumbadi sonnaen nooru murai.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

who r u for me to understand?

Day: MAY 9th 2006
lotus:who r u for me to understand?
lotus:u r nothing to me y should i understand u?
lotus:......................, i dont want your carrer to get affected bcoz of me

These r the painful words, she said.
how she can able to say this word in just a minute ?.. how much i struggled to enter into my career..
i got shock and nothing said as reply....

ethuku still porumai ya thangittu iruken ellam antha kadavul sonnatha nambi... still believing god !!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

i love you

I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Monday, May 01, 2006


On Saturday, A lecturer, while taking class on "Management process & behaviour", he talks about motivation.

What he says ?...
In a company, 1000 people's are working... out of which two groups of people are selected.
Random pick !

25 people(group A)

They have recognized as a separate group,best employers,awards....

100 people(group B)

Here they have been given free medical policy, free transport(pickup & drop facility),
free lunch

Unfortunately production goes up for both the group... even the people in group A didnt give such fancy facilities, bcoz they have been motivated by giving honors.

At this time what's going in my mind ! %^&**!@!@~!

I want to be as group A people.. (i.e) I want to work, achieve more.. bcoz of you(lotus)
when i talk to lotus it's a motivation for me...... Even if she say 'Hi' that itself gives energy to me..

I dont know how this ?.... if she didn't reply.... it's completely reverse... killing me.
Yeah lotus u talk atleast like parrot

I dont want to be like other's(group B).... #!$!$%!!

According to me, love is the thing which brings a man to do his best !

It has the power to make all thing's good. . Even it can make all people as good. every human being can be control by love, But the thing is "most true love not getting succed !".

I dont know, why god is not uisng this love as a weapon to change all the people as good !
He himself knows the power of love !.... ????????????????????.

He will definetly make our love success !. He said that u do ur job, everyone's life is in my hand i'll take care.

Check Points to achieve

Today May 1'st

The following targets have to acheive before the thresold date.... Also have to prepare for MBA exam's on june 1'st week.

mile stones
  • Db2 703 exam - June 30
  • Complete JCL - May 20
  • Sort Techniques - May 30

Hey Ramesh concentrate and achieve this... :-), Hope lotus will talk, by which u definetly achiive a lot....