Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day

Today is last day for lotus ... She is leaving the firm to take care of her mother... Yesterday i went to saibaba temple at at chennai mylapore to pray for lotus mother.. also bought a photo of him to give it to lotus... but she didn't accept to take his photo... sai know the way how to go to his home... I booked train ticket (Jan 22)to shirdi temple near kopergaon... As said i light last 108 / 1000 lamps there for her mother ... Today she came to tidel for exit interview... I wait for her to talk, but she didn't like to talk.... She replied apuram vaaren.... this is to skip me ... I said "All the best" .. I don't know when i will be seeing her again !

Aparna, Wish you a very Happy New Year 2010.. It's a greenish year for you ;)

                       Srimadhi Radha Rani Ki Jai
                             Tulsi Devi Ki Jai
                     Saraswati maatha kaa beti Ki jai

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mobile snaps

Snaps taken by my mobile Nokia 7210

1. My Office at Tidel Park - Shot taken during fire drill

2. Construction work ....

3. Tirupur sellum poludhu naan payanam seydha train....

4. Lotus Tree snap taken at a restaurant in tirupur

5. Tirupur il irundhu chennai thirumbum poludhu payanam seydha perundhu ...

6.ISKON Chennai - Under construction

7. Lord Shiva lingam at Temple wall

Monday, December 28, 2009

Searching .... google

On friday, I talked to the girl aruna at ascendas ... our frequency not mathched ... I am not the right person for her to marry... I don't comment on this  ... I am looking for a homely girl who looks like sita devi .. So still searching ;) .. She born some where in this earth right ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1000's to smile

When life gives u a 100 reasons to cry, give it a 1000's to smile

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1008 Lamps for Lotus Mother

Today morning, I started lighting 1008 lamps at durga feet for lotus mother .. On sunday i asked amma to take care of lotus mother .. She replied that I will take care of lotus mother.. I told her that i am planning to visit shirdi sai baba temple .. .she said that it's good that shirdi is equivalent to kailaasha malai... I am planning to light the last 108 lamps at shirdi temple .. Lotus mother will become healthy soon ... At that time lotus realize about the importance of ligting ghee lamps.. She didn't read the mail which i sent to her about asking her to light lamps ...

This week friday, I am going to meet a girl named 'Aruna Thangam' .. may be she could be my life partner .. god only knows this !.. On saturday, I got her mobile number and stored it in my mobile.... Yesterday when i try to find the name it was not there .. again i asked the number and while storing it's asking to replace with the name "Thangam Aparna"... I mistakenly stored as aparna instead of aruna ...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Train Journey

Last week-end, I went to my sweet home tuticorin ... In train, the next to my compartment... lovers was travelling in the side berth ... avanga romance suku alave illla, next to them married couple with 2 kids... Here the love is on their kids ... and in my compartment old couple... Here I seen 3 different age of people ... Where the love is more ?? Mother's love, Young Couples love, Aged love ... dono ...

I hate going in train rather than bus.. bcoz train journey is good when we go with someone together else terrible.. I prefer bus, but it's give body pain... Hmmm.. lets see the things happened in my return journey ...

Usually, when i travel in train.. I don't see beautiful girls in the same compartment ... It's good only otherwise mind get disturb.. This time a pretty girl was in my compartment and she came with her brothers ... I didn't  look at her and just listening songs ... At some time later, a message came to my mobile "request to accept file from bhanu" since i enabled blue tooth in my mobile.. I don't know what to do, Then i decided to accept .. enna dhaanu parkalaam nu.. she transferred a song from the movie villu ... Second time also she send another request, but on the half way she closed the connection ...  I understood that girl is teasing me ... I just looked at her ..  edhuvum theriyaadhaval pol irundhaal .. Earlier her brother asked me switch the berth in another coach.. So i decided to leave that coach ... I realize that brahma had made guys to be attracted by girls action ... But I believe love is the one which binds a girl and boy together permanently ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sai Please Heal Lotus Mother

Sai Baba, You know well about me and lotus ... Lotus has tremendous love on her mother more than my love on her .. she is quitting the job to take care of her mother ... Please take care of her mother and recover from illness soon ... You have the power, if you want u take my virtue as a collateral to recover her soon... please bless her mother to have a good health .. please give relief from the past birth karma's ...

Saibaba, I will light 1008 lamps at temple near durga feet for lotus mother to become healthy and happy .. Lotus smiles when her mother smiles ;) ... I start this lighting lamps from tomorrow onwards...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

love is pleasant

lotus don't like love, but  i like this very much ... I didn't get in this birth, so in the next birth i do love marriage only ... love is a pleasant sun rise ;).. I born as beautiful boy and marry lotus ... This is my wish and i do lot of good things and get  this wish done in the next birth ...

பூவோட பேசாத காற்றும்  இல்லை ....
When i see kids going to school, I want to be like them.... But i hate doing homework and afraid for teachers while asking questions at class room... I love kids innocent talk ....Last week I saw anjali movie which is really a wonderful one.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thupatta love & Kalyana perumal

On Saturday Evening while i ride on my bike in 100 feet velacherry road.. It was raining... I saw a married couple riding on the same road... The wife who sits behind the guy is holding her thuppatta over her husband head for not to get wet bcoz of rain.. but she is getting wet ... What a lovely couple ? This is really great love ... I want this love ;) ...

On sunday I went to "Nithya Kalyana perumal" temple which is located near Kovalam at ECR road ... 30 kms from velacherry...... I love driving at ECR road in my pulsar bike .... This is the temple where lord vishnu is getting married with lakshmi daily ... people pray to him that "Unaku dhinamum kalayana nadakirathu, engalukum thirumanam seydhu vai" ... I went to this temple bcoz of compulsion of my mother and also ask him  to forgive my past birth sin which would be the reason for suffering in relation ship issue (Love) ... Married couple also came there to say thanks to lord vishnu .... Like me, many people came there.... I bought 2 garland of flowers.. One for perumal and another for me .. they put the garland to kalyana perumal and return back the other garland to me .. I have to put this garland and walk around the temple for 9 times.. Then we have to keep this garland at poojai room .... Once got married bring back this garland to this temple....  Looks nice to see the married couples in the temple who came here to say thanks.... Then i return back... on the way i saw cow and gave them 3 banana to eat ... I like cows ...

Friday, December 11, 2009

doing wrong

i don't like lord brahma and sarasawati ... since lotus is not for me ... why should i love them ? don't even smile at them .. who hear devotional songs at office.. I am hearing this to cool my mind ... Saibaba Please save me ... forgive the past birth karma.. I am doing wrong thing bcoz couldn't tolerate the pain ....take me away from this earth

எத்தனை கேள்விகளை
உன் முன்னே பரப்பியபடி.
அத்தனை கேள்விகளும்
மௌனமாய் நீ
காரணம் என்னவோ?

Monday, December 07, 2009

lotus ..... be here

Soon, I also leave this company ... nalla per eduthu lotus paaratanumnu ninaithen... adhuku vali illai ... I was here till in this company bcoz of lotus ... No one be here after getting bad name, but i was here to get good name  infront of lotus.... lotus is leaving then why should i work here ?.. I didn't had food at breakfast for 1 month for lotus to come back soon ... now she is leaving permanently... I am not god to stop her.... I don't go to goloka vrindhavan in this birth without tulasi lotus ... I didn't complete the java certification yet... didn't write the 8 MBA papers(absent) yet  ... In temple a flower keeper said that you have suffered more ... you will get good life and will be happy a lot ... that day comes and you will tell this to me ... I smiled ... [Love has no meaning, Fate only works in this material world].... CRYING INSIDE

In office, I have lots of work ... 3 projects on hand ... How do i concentrate ? I didn't see lotus, hear voice for 4 years.. have only the presence of  lotus working in office .. That too god is taking from me ..  No name in messenger, Mainframe .. y ?? don't go lotus ... atleast stay here as full moon ... i can see you at long distance .. I will take care your mother .. dont go from here ... Hey lord brahma and saraswati.. Please help lotus and take care her mother, so that she don't leave from office.. If u want take me... she will be happy .. it's waste of me living without lotus.. Take care lotus mother... I do whatever u want .. I want only love of lotus .. I know that i don't get in this birth .. please take care my mother and lotus mother .....

Sunday, December 06, 2009

3 Temples

Today sunday, I visited 3 temples.... Ayyapan, Shiva and Iskon (krishna) ... Lotus Lotus Lotus ... I have written  more poems on lotus .. which couldn't disclose here .... I thought of sharing with lotus after marriage .... but that day doesn't come ... If you loved me, I took you to temple not to beach .. bcoz you will be blessed by gods... it's fate that lotus not for me defined already ...

கவிதைகள் உயிரற்று கிடக்கும் உன் மூச்சு காற்று இல்லாமல் ... கவிதையின் நீர் உன் சுவாசக் காற்று ... உன் நிழல் படத்தை தாமரை மலருடன் செதுக்கியுள்ளேன் ... இவைகளை உன் இதயத்தின் அருங்குகாட்சியில் வைத்து விடு

Today in shiva temple ... ulavarapani nadai petru kondirundathu... wht is that mean ? ...  people clean the temple premises, god clothes, white wash and all ... they have the chance to clean all over the temple which wash away their bad karma.... All looks like middle class people more than 50 people at all ages ... even old people, childrens are cleaning the temple .. also seen girls at lotus age doing spiritual activities... If lotus is with me, i will ask her to clean the lord saraswati temple ... other people might take their girl friends to cinema, beech ... me take her to temple, so that she will get puuniyam ... i also like to clean to the temple .. but my mind is not well to do that .. so i left from there shortly and went to ISKON temple ... I bought rose flowers and Tulsi leaves for krishna and started ECR ride in my pulsar bike iskon listened geetha upadesh and sit there for 2 hrs listening Hare Krishna chanting ... Had prasadhdam and finished my lunch there itself.... I saw a girl who looks beautiful having krishna book at her hand ... naamam at her head .... I like to see lotus in that position of girl.... looks pretty to see krishna devotee .. who looks happy .. also kids wearing krishna t-shirt .. I like to come to ISKON with lotus ... But i am unlucky that fate is not written for me to come with lotus ..

Friday, December 04, 2009

Go Home with smile ;)

26 days left .... lotus is leaving....dono at what stage of life, i will see her again....Hey god give me a chance to talk to lotus before leaving ... 1 chance is there, if engagement is done before that .... else no way ... .very tough .. innoru pen paarthu...ava manasa purunchi... avalum ennai purindhu ... hm.. lets see.. But I am sure that I will talk as like others and lotus will be my best friend in this birth itself... It may happen at the age of 40 or 50 .. appadiyum pesalehnaa .. atleast at the end of my life .. i talk to her .. 1 (good) thing definetly happen in her life...  I don't tell here ... Aparna the name i don't forget this ... thimuraana peyar ...alahaana peyar.. parvatiyin peyar ... adhaan avalo sakthi....You go home lotus with smile ;) a new girl will come in my life who takes care me ....

Thursday, December 03, 2009

what i write without u ?

lotus talked to my mother ... thanks... my mother didn't sleep previous night ... yesterday she would sleep well .. she is talking to my mother but not to me.... aval ennidam pesaasasudhan naan kasta patadhuku kaaranam ... ava pesiyirundhal naan kaadhalil vilaama nanbana irundhiurupen... pesinaaal dhaan misunderstanding get reveal ... aval manasula naan irukiradhaala dhan ava pesa payapaduhiraal ... ippadi ninaithen...why she came in white dress ? .. this is the one which makes me fool all the time ... she is very clear that she didn't love even a single percent ... don't like love ...  she like only her mother .. mother love which is more precious ... my mother told her that she will take care more than 10 times .. lotus rejected that too.. only 30 days, she will be here in chennai... after that, i can't even see the TSOAVIJ on mainframe.... how terrible ? .. no sametime ... this is life ... I think that lotus mother might not feeling well, lotus is going to take care her ....lotus,nee pesiyirundhirukalaam, atleast i would be ur friend and i could help ur family... now i am on the other side.... nothing side ! ... but i pray for u all the time which invisible prayer helps you and take care i need to close this blog ??? wht i write without you ..

I will give engagement card to lotus with my mother before lotus leave from the firm.. It's count down starts for me ... Yesterday after long days, my mother slept well ... netru avanga marumahal kanavula vandhaangalam, sandhosama irukaanga... kaaigarilaam fridgela vaangi vachhaalam..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kaarthigai - Lotus is leaving

Today December 1'st is kaarthigai, the same day i proposed my love to lotus on 2005 December 13th... While i was in coffee break chatting with friends, she came across me with the manager ... suddenly i stopped talking and thinking about her visit ..  friends understood my situation ... After few minutes she went to jbal place and was writing something on a paper ... she crossed my desk with out have a look at me ... edhuvum theriyaadaval pola .. she don't even see the lotus wallpaper at my desk ... i was waiting that she return back in the same path, but she fooled me that she return back through another way ... i was searching for her all places ... i found that she was sitting near dba place ... I came back to my desk, after a while i again search for her .. couldn't find.. went down and search but again not found is the result ....

I asked her team mate and they become silent, if i ask about her ... they might think that bcoz of me lotus will get trouble .... never, she won't be in trouble bcoz of me .. i am the well wisher of lotus next to god ... i am asking for her marriage date.. no one is telling .. why ? am i going to disturb .. never still no one understands me well .. i will be flower for her to wish, if she married with some one .. i have to shed tears of love on that day (tears in my eyes now).. i think that rc is her friend ... he is also silent.. friend na kaadhala sethu vaipaanga ... avangalaam love paaniyirundhaal andha vedhanai puriyum ... still i don't the person who is her friend... i confirmed that she didn't get married after long days .... no one open the mouth if i ask about her ... even too ask why she took 5 days leave, i have struggled to ask her team-mate... no one tell ... fear in mind whether she would complaint to hr ... lotus don't talk with my batch mates ... no one is her friend ... she becomes an island built walls around her ... today a manager praised well jbal and arun about their behavior ... even though they loved, they behaved very decently in office  ...

I sent messages to her to talk and asking a chance to consider me ... no reply ... she put paper and leaving from office on January 1'st week... why she came to this office ? why should i love and suffer for 4 years .. I shouldn't even see her face in these 4 yrs ...  i asked my mother to talk, but lotus didn't attend the phone  ...

1. give me a chance i will ask my mother to talk to your parents .. love is precious than money and caste..
2. you will live like princess in our home..will you come ? your parents will accept if they see my real love on you and my mother kindness .. i will take care of your family till my end of life .. please tell about me to your parents .. alteast discuss with your brother..
3. i am in temple infront of shiva : you both are silent .. what shall i do ?lamps are glowing .. will you be with me to glow like lamp .. will you show kindness ?

Last friday, i went home before attending jbal marriage.. I went to temple and  asked amma about lotus .. she is saying that you are asking for a life with full of love, beautiful and brilliant girl .. but lotus don't have kindness is not good without love.. nowadays people are throwing the life .. they fall behind sexual pleasure and money ... not giving importance to love .... life is very short .. for you job is very important ... you should succeed in life ... I will get you a chance to talk with lotus ... if she is willing to come with you now.. naan ungala serthu vaikiran with parents support, don't see caste and all ..

i went to temple not to wine shop as today is auspicious day ...  even though i am sad, never hesitate to buy flowers for god ... bought bunch of flowers to lord Shiva .. lamps are glowing everywhere inside the temple ... i would like to burn in that fire to become ash ... lighted 2 lamps at durga feet ...i talked to all gods, when i come near saraswati.. don't know what to talk ... Lord Vishnu was decorated with lotus flower which looks fresh smile ...I was sitting opposite to lord Shiva for long time .. i could see many people lighting lamps around him with smile ... I asked him to burn me into ashes as i don't want this life which is terrible..didn't had food till now ... all are blaming me that i disturbed her ...