Friday, September 26, 2008


18th and 19th september - Sabarimalai
It was a pleasant day in my life....Once my mother said that "varam vehndi munivarghal dhavam pannuvadharku boomiku dhaan varuvaarghalaam....avvalo punidhamaana boomi - mother earth...Also if devarghal got cursed by some one, they also comes here to clean those saabhaam by doing severe austerity" what i am referring from the above point is "we the soul comes to mother earth to clean our past birth karma" Places like sabarimala helps us to clean our bad karma's

So I was lucky to visit sabarimala shrine to see lord ayyapan... I was very happy to see small kids holding "irumudi kattu" (bag contains ghee for abishegham to lord ayyapan, etc ...) and chanting "saami saranam ayyapa saranam" I was so exited to see kids at small age with great devotion to god...really great....

I said lord ayyapan that i like to marry lotus...and you please help us .. She will be great support for me and she is saraswati ...No time to write more in detail about the sabarimala visit.. since i have lots of work in office ;-) Thanks a lot to lord ayyapan...good time comes infront of me right now, This what geetha said... All the managers faces are looking at us for our project delivery bcoz of the crisis happened in finance industry.

As per the proverb said by lord parvati devi, i got good project and hope soon will marry lotus 

"odu meen ohda uru meen varum varai kaathirukumaam koku"

Yesterday lotus came here...she looks pretty... i guess seeing her after 2 months...thoorathu pachai alaghu..she(the soul) always pretty white. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lord Ayyappa

Lord Ayyappa or Dharma Shastha represents a combination of spiritual powers symbolized by the forms of Lord Vishnu, the Power that maintains the universe and Lord Shiva, the Power that periodically re-absorbs the manifestations into Reality.

People, even his parents, no more call him by his name, but reverentially address him as Swamy or Ayyappa. He addresses others also as Swamy and he is supposed to consider not only man, but also beasts, trees and everything else as essentially Divine. When he visits any temple or any place of worship he chants ‘Swamiye saranam Ayyappa’. He considers the Deity in any temple as a different form of Lord Ayyappa. He is supposed to look at everything, whether living or non-living as the manifestation of the one Truth Lord Ayyappa. The donkeys that carry the goods up the mountains to Sabarimala temple are Kazhutha Swamy-s for him. (Kazhutha means donkey). Even the human excreta are referred to as Bhu-Swami. The Advaitic vision that there is nothing other than the manifestations of the one transcendental Reality is to be observed to the maximum extent possible during this period to recondition consciousness from its various limitations.