Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lotus feet

Lotus foot of Srimati Radharani which is decorated with the following auspicious markings:

Below the toe of the left foot is a barleycorn and a disc. Starting from mid point between the main toe and the second toe, continuing for half the length of the foot, is a shining upward-line. Below the middle toe are a lotus, flag, flower and a twig. Below the little toe is an elephant goad. Below the disc is an umbrella, and below that is a bracelet. On the heel is a beautiful looking half-moon.

Right lotus foot of Srimati Radhika

On the heel of the right foot is a fish. Above that is a chariot. Above the chariot is a mountain. On one side of the chariot is a sakti weapon, and on the other side is a club. Above the club is the conchshell, which is at the root of the toe. Below the little toe is a sacrificial altar, and below the sacrificial altar is an earring.

Hey Lotus(apu),

Your foot also will be decorate with the above auspicious markings and my mind will meditate on your lotus feet. Your feet brings peace and calm to my mind ;-)
You see a lotus flower also there ;-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ashta Lakshmi Temple

Lighted 85*/1008 ghee lamps....Hope I will be lighting the last 108 lamps @ Ashta Lakshmi Temple (Besant Nagar) on my birthday May 30th friday... I talked to my friend's sister to know about girl's mind.. It's hard or no way to read girl's mind ;-(

அவள் குரலை கேட்காமல் இருக்க முடியவில்லை கிருஷ்ணா.. I am playing cricket on week ends and will be going to watch IPL cricket match on 26th.. deviating the mind with other activities... But still it requires to hear her voice

why saraswati has given power to her voice ? she is the daughter of saraswati

ஸ்ரீமதி ராதா ராணி போல், நீல வண்ண தாவணி உடுத்தி, மலரால் அலங்காரம் செய்ய வேண்டும்... சரஸ்வதி தேவி போல், வெண் பட்டு உடுத்தி, தாமரையில் அமர்ந்து, வீணை வாசிக்க வேண்டும்

avalai varnika vaarthaighhal kidaika maataikidhu olungaaha tamil padithirukalaam ..unnai virumbuven endru therindhirundhaal saraswati deviyidam tamil katrirupen

அவள் குரல், தேன் இசை என்பதால் கவிதைகள் வாசிக்கிறேன்
அவள் பாதம், வெண் தாமரை என்பதால் தேவியை(சரஸ்வதி) வணங்குகிறேன்
அவள் முகம், பௌர்ணமி என்பதால் நிலவை வர்ணிக்கிறேன்

i was searching her name in the "summer singer lists", but it's not there

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kind word

66*/1008 Lamps lighted

All attempts failed, I couldn't talk to her to cool my mind. Temple is the only option which will bring calm to my mind.. I asked anu* to talk for me, but she knew this before..I think, lotus told abt me to everyone in her team.. I just want her(lotus) to say kind words. No need to talk anything... but she don't even say this word too... i am cooling my mind with the below manthra's .. This will be equal to a single kind word from her... Krishna !!!!!!!!!

I sent her a story about kindness and starsai, but still she didn't understand the meaning of kindness....

I won't try to talk with lotus... I do lighting lamps, reciting manthra's, writing kavidhai to calm my mind.... One day she will realize me and comes to talk ...I don't talk at that moment and she will realize the pain for that moment... Then only she know what is kindness, love and life ?? Till that day, i do continously lighting lamps at god's feet with lotus flower... i don't leave god's feet

what is Karma ? Answer in below link

1) "Law of nature ticks perfectly like a clock without missing a second."
2) Even Lord Rama had to suffer pains when he took that avatar and was controlled by laws of nature.
3) when we suffer, we must realize that we had planted a sinful seed which is reaping a painful fruit today.
suffering is bad karma will be washed away... Thanks to lotus

ஸரஸ்வதி நமஸ்துப்யம்
வரதே காமரூபினி
வித்யாரம்பம் கரிஷ்யாமி
ஸித்திர் பவதுமே ஸதா

Hare krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hara rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

குருப் பிரம்மா குரு விஷ்ணு குருதேவோ மஹேஸ்வரா...
குரு சாக்ஷாத் பரப்ரும்மா...தஸ்மை ஸ்ரீ குருவே நமஹ

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lotus Thoughts

Always thinking abt her krishna .. save me krishna...i want to hear her voice krishna...i am not able to be concentrate in my work, without hearing her voice...why did u show her in my life ?? No many lunches that i skipped ??... Even if i go to temple, manam saandham aaha maataikudhu...Asking for two year to talk..but she is killing me.... I don't know her friends also, otherwise i could talk to them to know about her....she wants me to suffer, otherwise she would talked to me... I want to live...plz save me... At any point of time, they will terminate my job...end my life too

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oraayiram kelvighal

she came back today.... Little bit happy krishna,but she took leave for more day's.... what's happening ??

kelvighaluku padhil theriyaavillai !

Oraayiram kelvighal, Mounamey... ore padhil

எது நடந்ததோ அது நன்றாகவே நடந்தது
எது நடக்கிறதோ அது நன்றாகவே நடக்கிறது
எது நடக்க இருக்கிறதோ அதுவும் நன்றாகவே நடக்கும்

56*/1008 Lamps lighted

Friday, April 11, 2008


She didn't come to office in this week, might be she went home.....I like madurai very much.. people say
"மதுரை பெண்ணை கல்யாணம் செய்தால் வீட்டில் அவள் ஆட்சி தானம்... ஏன் என்றாள் மதுரையை அன்னை மீனாக்ஷி அல்லவா ஆட்சி செய்கிறாள"...Her parent's and brothers are lucky .. குழந்தை அவள் குரலை எப்பொழுதும் கேட்கிறார்கள் அல்லவா
...அவள் குரலை திருவள்ளுவர் கேட்டிருந்தால் ஆயிரத்தி முப்பத்தி ஒன்றாவது குறளாக அவள் குரலை சேர்திருப்பார்

தாமரையின் ...

இனிய குரல், தேநீக்களை சுற்ற வைக்கும்
அதட்டும் குரல் அசுரர்களை நடுங்கச் செய்யும்
மெல்லிய குரல் அழுகின்ற குழந்தையை சிரிக்க வைக்கும்

She is saraswati

41*/1008 Lamps lighted

I am doing good in my project ;-) ;-)
Parvati said...
who(AF, HI) pulled you outside the office, get good name infront of them ... Love the one who hates you

Monday, April 07, 2008


On 5th, I went to sri kaalahasti temple(andhra) with my mother.... This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (as Sri Kalahastheeswarar) and his consort Parvathi (as Gnanaprasunnambika). This is one of the Panchabootha Sthalams

Sri(spider), Kala(snake), hasti(elephant)
It's is an important day in my life.

what is love ?
According to Kambar(kavi chakravarty), love refers to deep devotion or faith with perfect fusion of the minds. If this love is directed towards the Divine
(பக்தி, தூயஅன்பு) , it becomes extremely unselfish and absolute. Love towards other human beings is mixed with varying degrees of selfishness. Love which comes close to divine love is that of the mother to the child (தாய் அன்பு); love between man and woman is (காதல்); love between brothers or family members is pAsam (பாசம்); love between friends is natpu (நட்பு).

My next visit is garbarakshambigai temple near thanjavur... parvati devi decide's the date to see her kind face.... week-ends, i will be going to iskon temple to see srimadhi radha rani cute face by my new Pulsar 150 dtsi.

On 9th, lakshmi devi and saraswathi looks very happy.... I didn't see both of them happy together before..I told them that i should always see the smiley face.. On 6th morning, I showed saraswati to my mother, when she came here.

31*/1008 Lamps

Thursday, April 03, 2008

தாமரை மலர்

குழந்தை முகம் தனை பார்க்க வேண்டும்
மழலை குரல் தனை கேட்க வேண்டும்..

மறக்க இயலவில்லை கிருஷ்ணா தாமரை மலரை !!

i have asked the gardener to have lotus plant's in my house... Within two weeks we will have lotus plants in our house.. lotus flower's are for god only ;-)

its really worth to get blessings from women.