Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lord saraswati

If i purged lotus jobs, I ask sorry to her... I told her that i don't do this...But i did again... bcoz(paasam) lotus don't go home early(kovam),to check whether lotus is there ?....I told lotus that i purged the job's and asked sorry...surely lotus will be angry on me...Every day when i see saraswati in temple...aval sirika vey maataal.. innaiku dhaan saraswati mughatula sandhosathai paarthen...she smiled like lotus....
If i see white lotus, i become very happy....I ask bairavar to take care of lotus bcoz she is going home late....

Friday, June 08, 2007

This is 150th Message, It will take time to read all 150

See how i have changed, without seeing & talking to you lotus....You might think that i am mad & y he is writing like this ??? I am not mad...it's fate...Not bcoz of you After reading this....You might think y he is talking abt god alway's ??it's bcoz of u...i talk to her to take care of u

If i have been assigned a good proj...I wouldn't be changed like this...My first priority is project only, But my fate, i was not given...I have the capability, but couldn't use that...It's Good that God has given good proj to you...Go home early plz...Daily i am praying to god to give more work to me & give her less work...If i see other girls leaving office early...i am getting tension...yyyy? i don't know even ur parent's mightn't think abt this....God has shown u early....Pona jenmathula enna paavam senjeno... i am suffering, But i am suffering for love only.....i was happy only in the training period....i went home several times(for peace) in these two yr's

If i ask her(parvathi) she will tell "kulandhai pasika aludha illa vayitru valiku aludhaan thaaiku dhaan theriyum"... I think you got meaning for this....She likes u very much...she said that 'you are a diamond'.... I couldn'tbe able to talk to u, so I am talking to her(saraswathi)daily...and seeing u on lotus flower.....u might laugh...but i am seeing u on her face....i was very happy when i write kavidhai, story abt lotus....yes it's abt you.... It's not hard to forget you(neraya tru kaadhalarghal pirinjirukaanga)...But she(paarvathi) has shown u to me... you know while studying in u.g ...i like a girl very much. i didn't talk more than 10 words to her in 3 years...At last sem, she wrote something bad abt me in my slam book..(aval eludhunathe avalidamey
thirupi koduthutten)
I am very possesive on you, poramai padughiren un pol project kidaika villai endru... I felt happy when ur mother talks, bcoz u have a good parent... me too, No one can show 'full love' than a mother...It's more than my love...

I don't want to go down bcoz of u...you are sakthi... I live only with u, Aathmavuku alivey kidayadhu....She(Amma parvadhi devi-full moon, paasak kadal) has shown you to me, So my aathma will ever think u 'lotus'....you are really great....You are always near god... Google abt 'lotus flower' in net & see...how it's spiritual

Wht she told ?
1) I shouldn't talk to u [i can]
nee epaayum poley iru, no need to talk, I am talking to lord saraswathi, seeing ur face in lotus flower
2) I have to concentrate in my career[she is not giving proj]
Once she give's....see how i am...I(not aathma) don't think abt u...I am waiting for that day
3) I have to be like 'gold' for the 'diamond'
4) maram nadum podhu aalama thondi nada vendum, kadinama irukunu konjam thondina adhula bayaney illa
5) avalin anbu, Naan sonna namba maata, aval manam vittu pesum podhu theriyum....wait

You are god's gift to me, I might get disturb sometime's, But I will be O.K...lifela evvalo kastam iruku...this is simple only...plz don't get tension after reading this...you might not heard abt women's life after marriage....Even my self know only 2 to 5%... I disturbed u lot's of time, it's bcoz of love..My mind alway's tell that u should be happy...like to see smiley face... You have read this to know that why i have loved u ?? That's all from this blog.

If god didn't show u ... i would be enjoy my life like others....nee kooda pesiyiruppa.....Ask our batchmates...they will tell abt me how i am...Pray for me to get a project...This might give a t/p in my life.

Kadavuley nerla vandhaa kooda nee pesa matta.... paasam irundha thooki erivaarghal, paasam illeyna enguvaarghal, idhu dhaan ulagham