Friday, June 27, 2008


yesterday night in my dream....i did abishegam for amman stone statue with lemon juice...when i start, water is flowing through the statue...i didn't pour it came ?? ...after the water, I squeezed the lemon and did abishegham with the juice...and it's coming like a water falls(non stop)...Then i waked up and couldn't sleep for 1/2 hr...
One more good news, we(batch mates) are going to yelagiri hills on july 12 by brindhavan express......yeh yeh yeh hoh hoh ;-) ;-) During the last trip to top slip, i got phone from lotus parents.....This time...from whom ??? from lotus .. aasai dhaan..ippadi sandhosamaa irukanum.....sathamaaa "i love you lotus" endru sollanum pola iruku..oru naal sollaporen ... nalla thittu vaanga poren ;-)

I love fruit's very much...i send a mail to eat fruit and she will be healthy ;-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

love marriage

Today, my colleague said that he will be going to love a girl ... At first i adviced him not to love..then i said him...At this age it will be like honey to talk with a girl... Even my self liked to talk(with lotus)...if you like her, then don't take first step..let her to take that step...if you take first step and go behind, then that will be fun for her and make you fool.. girls are volatile..Even a good girl has selfishness and wants to be safe at all time...At any instant, they change their's not wrong, bcoz they should be safe(pen allava)..ok, if she loves you..then see whether she is in love only for flittering or just time pass...You take the step, if that girl really loves you...It means

1. one who motivates you for the carrier(this point i like the most, bcoz girl is sakthi who has power to motivate the guy)
2. one who has good understanding
3. one who loves the soul, not the money(temporary)
4. one who ready to comes behind you at all instant (this is difficult to identify, but if they talked more abt the life then they should know this)
5. one who likes you to convert 1 rupee to 100 rupee; not the one who likes you to spend 100 rupee
6. one who likes to come with you through out the life; not the one who likes to come with you in bike for the moment

I have seen lovers who all separated for silly things

I said finally, if you want to just enjoy the life, then talk with girls but don't love bcoz both of you should not be disturbed...

now a days, i am going very late from office....;-) keep it up ramesh ... i am in a small critical project...surely i will get good name from HI* and AF* .... they both still in my project..i will get good name from lotus mother also..if she talks to me, i can work 100 times better..pesu di apu...plzzzzzzzzz

Monday, June 23, 2008

Unable to help

If i was there in her team, i would have helped her and ask her to go home early..this shouldn't come to anyone ;-(((

Year 2007 is unbelievable..more than 356 times went to temple and did archanai on lotus name in 365 days..god had made this bcoz i shouldn't go in wrong she made me to give attendance on each day ;-)

Year 2008... till now lighted more than 2016 lamps at godess feet...i did the things what my mind said ... No one asked me to light lamps..Each lamp and lotus flower which i offered to god tells my love on lotus(ap*).. bcoz of lotus, i have the affection with gods...i am not so bakthi like other devotees...

we always had fight when we both met or talked thru phone or sms...why the things are different in background and foreground ?? How can i express my love ?? what she knows abt me ? what i know about her ? No answer for all these questions....But we will be united ! ...She don't know anything abt the things happening around me...but she knows only that i am disturbing.....

Life adhu paatuku poitu iruku....eppadi sera porom nu theriyala....but days are moving forward to face the good things... marriage is made in heaven...sometimes i think, if there is no life would be ? God brahma has defined the marriage rule to do his duty well

God has done good thing for her ..given project and make her busy all time....;-) Lord saraswati is great...takes care her child very well is going little bit good for me

I sing the song / poem "Johny Johny", when i am in good mood...

"Johny johny yes papa eating sugar no papa
telling lie no papa, open your mouth ha ha ha"

(lotus) பால் கொழுக்கட்டை முகம் கொண்டு
ரவை கொழுக்கட்டை இதழ்களில் சுவைத்து
உளுந்து கொழுக்கட்டை பார்வை வீசி
எள்ளு கொழுக்கட்டை சொற்களை பேசி
கருப்பட்டி கொழுக்கட்டை(me) தனை நேசிக்கிறாய்

வாயில் என்ன கொழுக்கட்டை யா வைத்திருக்கிறாய் .. பேசினாள் என்ன அப்பு ? ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Godess Saraswati

Saraswati is associated to

I will be going to Sabarimalai Ayyapan temple on september 18th with my best friend saravanan.....He is my school mate(studied only 1 yr with me) and family friend...the one who knows everything about me...My long day wish is coming true....I will be taking austerities (vruthams) for 41 day's(from aug 4th)..on these day's, i will think only abt Ayappan(Kaliyugavaradhan) thoughts abt lotus ;-(;-)

Today is full moon day..lighted ghee lamp

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yasodha's love and krishna's mercy

Yasodha's love for Krishna was a unique, incomparable exception. Her heart simply welled up with mother's love every time, every moment she set eyes upon her beloved Krishna. She breathed Krishna, she dreamed Krishna, she lived Krishna.... Mother Yaśodā Binds Lord Lord Kṛṣṇa with a rope

Me Yashoda and Apu is krishna (chellam)

Like this, lotus should be bind like krishna, appa dhaan sonna badi ketpaal ;-) In future, we all(includes lotus family) become the devotee of krishna

The below picture is my favorite one...I have this picture in my home(hall), bike and at my office desk... i love this picture very much

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

always saraswati

Today, we went for team lunch, lotus also came there...I was trying(acting) to be happy by talking with my team-mates...But my hands are shivering, heart beats risen like the middle, friends asked me...what happened ? where are you ... i couldn't say the things in my mind to others..this situation shouldn't come to anyone ...I said 'saraswati mandhir' indisde my mind to save from this critical situation... she looks very happy, but she felt discomfort bcoz of me...she didn't come in white, but she is always saraswati for me and her face is bright like millions of moon... (hey lotus, teach me good english...i like to talk like you more fluent)...who will believe, if i say that she is my would be one believe, but it's a fact said by lord parvati.. After engagement, He/she talk with his/her life partner..but for me, even it's said by parvati... i couldn't talk ;-)

உன் அன்பை தெரிவிக்க,
வெண்ணிற ஆடை வேண்டுமா என்ன
பால் போன்ற உன் நிலவு முகம் போதுமே

I like to see her in white dress....and this is moon godess

while returning, we came across a honda colleague asked me to follow that honda activa(for fun only), so i ride fast at 85 km/hr...but still couldn't catch that girl and my bike got reserve(fuel)...we stopped for a while and started back and when we came across the signal, i forget to see the signal and the PC caught us. what to do ? ...we paid 200 rs fine to that pc ;-( This is the first time, i was caught by a pc ...Experience makes life better ;-)

This is not punishment of lord for following, since I followed the honda activa, bcoz i was in craze of riding my bike fast ;-) ...but girls are more fast than guys

Monday, June 09, 2008

102 speed

on sunday, we had a get together at dhaba express for 3rd anniversary....It's really good and nothing to say more than this.....while going there, i was riding in my pulsar(definetly male) at a maximum of 102 km/hr on tidel road..great achievement...i felt happy to ride at this high padikum podhu, ippadi ellam vehama ottiyirukanum...appa vandi vaangaama computer vaangiten...t00 Late ;-) .... nowadays weekends are going fast time to attend bhagavat gita class...

The max 220cc goes is 130(reported) while 200cc is reported to be at 125 max. I like to drive at 120 km, but i think my bike (150 cc) doesn't supports this

Friday, June 06, 2008


she didn't come to office today...might be she went home....Take care lotus.... naan kovama pesitenonu thonudhu, soft aah dhaan are a diamond...paasam dhaan adhiham aahudhu.. why ma ?? she is kid ... aval evalo kopamaa pesinaalum paasam dhaan varughiradhu ... why i have so much affection on's more than the affection between lord krishna and yasodha...she is sakthi, wisdom and her presence makes my life pleasant... her mother is really obesiances to her...hey lotus ...veeetuku poi nallah saapidu ...don't think abt anything ....lord parvati will take care everything...Hey peacock, convey this message to my lotus.... ask her to bring puliyodharai from home ;-) Today is 06/06/2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I am very very very happppppyyyyyyyyyyyy today

Definitely rain comes some where, to cool the earth....she talked to me like sita devi..... I asked her to promise on lord saraswati devi to say that she didn't come in white for me.. but she cuts the phone...this proves that i am good i didn't do any thing wrong...i am not such a bad guy.....if she talked like this before, then i wouldn't be get complaint and wouldn't went ascendas to talk....Her team mates not even smiling at me, if i look at's my fate...Hen* pushed me out of the office like a hell, used harsh words..But he wished me on my birthday and i replied thanks to him...This is kindness... same time is disabled at all time, if she wants she opens the gate and if she don't want she closes the gate... she played a lot in my life like lord krishna

yesterday, i didn't sleep.... In dream, i am chasing lotus flower in a pond ;-)... Now in the morning, she is sending the 'swear' thru same time... and saying that battery was low... she is promising on her mother...may be she is more than lord saraswati(this shows her love on her mother) but lord saraswati is her divine mother.. i respect her mother and i never ask lotus to do promise on mother and i don't accept that too.

whatever may be whether she loved or not....she should be happy.... how this nature played in my life by making her to come in white and made me fool ... I don't know what i did in my previous birth ? may be cheated a girl
வினை விதைத்தவன் வினை அறுப்பான்

Lord parvati has to talk....she is also playing in my life...lets wait and see her move...but naan bali aada aayiten....Any way she is my mother right ... hmm...let's play ;-)

I am reading the conversation that i made with lotus before i proposed my love.....propose pannaama irundhirukalaam... how pleasant those days ???

Lotus: running sql is dynamic
Lotus: stiil sql is static
Lotus: understood?
Ramesh:... no
Ramesh:... sql stmt change during runtime that is dynamic
Lotus: if something is running or moving u say as dynamic
Ramesh:... not like that
Lotus: simply joked ....
Ramesh:... u r talking ur engineering subject
Ramesh:... its computer
Lotus: how can a sql run ?
Lotus: u r beleiving me?
Ramesh:... sql is run by db2 engine
Ramesh:... oh...
Lotus: ok..tell me
Ramesh:... i believe whatever u say..
Ramesh:... i tellu
Lotus: i joked simply ..gettin bored
Ramesh:... ok...
Ramesh:... same thing for me
Lotus: k
Ramesh:... what u will bring this time from home ?
Lotus: nothin
Ramesh:... why ?bring eat
Lotus: v are always eatin..
Lotus: k.
Ramesh:... that is different, bringing from home is special
Lotus: k.
Ramesh:... what u will bring...
Lotus: dont know ...will bring then u see
Ramesh:... ok i see...

Now she is more expert than me...she is pet of saraswati right

Hare krishna hare Krishna krishna krishna hare hare
Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

pesama kaatuku dhavam panna poyidalam hehehehe ;-).. there is no love, emotion, feelings, sentiment and no material desire ...only attachment to the god.....atleast the soul get librate from this material world


Lord brahma gave himself a fifth head to enhance his gaze upon lord saraswati. shiva opened his eyes, sensed Saraswati’s discomfort and in a fit of rage turned into Bhairava, lord of terror. His eyes were red, his growl menacing. He lunged towards Brahma and with his sharp claws, wretched off Brahma’s fifth head.

Brahma, sobered by his encounter with the Lord of terror sought an escape from the maze of his own desire. Saraswati revealed to him the doctrine for his own liberation.

Brahma sought to conduct a yagna, fire sacrifice, to cleanse himself and start anew. In order to conduct a yagna ritual the assistance of a wife is needed. Brahma chose Saraswati to be his wife and thus they were reconciled.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Completed 1008 lamps at lakshmi temple

Completed 1008 lamps at lakshmi temple
On friday, It's my birthday...early morning, i went to shiva temple and offered lotus flowers to lord shiva, parvati, lakshmi and saraswati...Then i went to ashta lakshmi temple to worship lakshmi narayanan...I gave the red color saree to the temple priest...they said that for the main deity, you need to take 9 'ghajam' saree..this is 6 only and we will keep this to other lakshmi devi... lord lakshmi and narayanan deities are more than my 7 feet height...Then i got the two lotus garlands(300 flowers) which is made of 150 flowers each.

I took snap of that and gave that flowers to priest..they told that we will decorate this garland after the abishegam(nearly 11.00 clock), so i went to light the 108 ghee lamps and It tooks nearly 1 hr to light all the lamps

நெய் தீபத்தின் ஒளியில், உன் மஞ்சள் முகம் தங்கமாய் மிளிரட்டும்
மல்லிகை அவள் மங்களமுடன் திகழ்வாள்
செந்தாமரை புஷ்பங்கள், உன்
மலர் பாதத்தை அலங்கரிகட்டும்
சீதை அவள் சிறப்புடன் வாழ்வாள்
i am throwing flowers of wishes, but she is throwing words

At 11.20 clock, i went to see the main deities who are decorated with the lotus garlands
They both looks so pretty in lotus garlands, then i went to see the 8 lakshmi devi's one by one.. first is sandhana lakshmi then vidhya lakshmi, vijaya lakshmi and ghaja lakshmi
These 4 devi's are in first floor. Then i went up to the next floor(2'nd) to see dhana lakshmi...Then i get down to see other lakshmi devi at another place...there i saw aadhi lakshmi, dhaanya lakshmi and dhairiya laskhmi....At dhairiya lakshmi i did archanai for myself, mother and lotus(ap*)

Then i came back to office at 12.30 ;-) Every one wished me to be happy always...nithya jayaprakasam, my friend wishes me to be happy always... she is more than a friend... she is my sister... she scold me, if i become sad bcoz of lotus...she tells me that you talk to girls infront of her....see girls, put kadalai...But, I don't talk more with her too...I think girls like the person who puts kadalai....i don't know that art ;-(...I like to talk with my lotus only ;-) and i see girls if she looks like lotus

Parvati devi..
why did you showed me ?
why did you said that she is my life partner ? I want answer
why she is coming in white ? lotus never reply
why she is throwing words ?
why did she called herself as 'lotus' ?
why i become possessive ? bcoz of love and this is killing more

my mother always ask me ...eyn andha kaalathu paiyan maadhiri iruka, indha kaalathu pasanga maadhiri jaaliyaa iren ...podhum nee kovil suthinadhu..because of lotus and to cool my mind, i am going to temple daily... I can be like the other guys too...I have joined inaut* cricket team, roaming everywhere in my pulsar...

i will be happy like others, only if i get answer for the above questions