Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pink Lotus Returns

Today, she came back to office as pink lotus which brings smile to my heart....Thanks to brahma..she got leave extension for one more month as per her wish... i will be going to continue lighting lamps till she returns back to work....Also don't take food(vridham) for breakfast till she godess aparna who don't even eat leaf to get attention of lord shiva....I couldn't see her to ask about her mother "amma appadi irukaanga ?"'s ok, lotus will take care....she is bold enough to face any problem....Arakarghal aval adhatum kuralai kettaal bayandhu oduvaarhal...Apu Take care and be happy as like saraswati devi.....

In the story of சிவகாமியின் சபதம், மகேந்திர பல்லவர் மாமல்லரிடம் கூறியது

இந்தத் தமிழகத்தில் பரவியுள்ள நாலு பெரிய சமயங்களுக்கும் நாலு கோயில்களை அர்ப்பணம் செய்யப்போகிறேன். ஒரு கோயிலில் சிவபெருமானும் பார்வதி தேவியும் வீற்றிருப்பார்கள். இரண்டாவது கோயிலில் திருமாலும் திருமகளும் குடிகொள்ளுவார்கள். மூன்றாவது கோயிலைப் புத்தர் பெருமானின் பெரிய விக்கிரகம் அலங்கரிக்கும். நாலாவது கோயிலில் சமண சமயத்தை ஸ்தாபித்த வர்த்தமான மகாவீரர் எழுந்தருளுவார்...!" "ஹா!" என்று பெருவியப்புடனும் பெருமிதத்துடனும் மாமல்லர் கூறினார்.

மாமல்லர் சற்று மௌனமாயிருந்துவிட்டு, "ஐந்தாவது கோயில் எந்தத் தெய்வத்துக்கு அர்ப்பணம் செய்ய எண்ணியிருந்தீர்கள், அப்பா?" என்று கேட்டார். "மேலை நாடுகளில் சிலகாலமாகப் புதிதாக ஒரு மதம் ஸ்தாபனமாகியிருக்கிறதாம். அதை ஸ்தாபித்த அவதார புருஷரின் பெயர் ஏசுகிறிஸ்து என்று சொல்கிறார்கள். அந்தப் புதிய மதத்தைப்பற்றிய விவரங்கள் இன்னும் எனக்குத் தெரியவில்லை. தெரிந்தவுடனே அந்தப் புதிய மதத்தின் தெய்வம் எதுவோ அதை அந்த ஐந்தாவது கோயிலில் எழுந்தருளச் செய்ய எண்ணியிருந்தேன்.

If i was there, I would built a temple for lord saraswati and brahma

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Help Lotus

Does she comes back to office tomorrow ?No hint for me.....I couldn't understand the severity of the problem that she this time, it's very difficult to get job in IT firms, then why she is not coming back...I can't pray more than this for her mother...Why gods are silent ?? I should see her face....please show kindness upon me....I don't know the things happening on her side....Atleast i could help her ...

Gods Please help my lotus...
  1. Lakshmi - help her for finance
  2. Lord Vishnu(Dhanvantri) - Help her for medicine
  3. Lord brahma - (guide her to solve all the problems and bring her back to office)... Only you can give life to me know how it will be without seeing saraswati face,bcoz you had the experience.
  4. Lord saraswati - show kindness as a mother
  5. Lord shiva(marundheeswarar) - Cure illness as a doctor
  6. Lord Parvati - give courage to face problems

Friday, January 23, 2009

Coffee break

Today at cofee break, we talked about the memorable events that happened during the training..friends said that lotus switched off the monitor when the staff asked all of us to reset the system....;-)

I was not there to see that funny event .... lotus why did you switch off the monitor ?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Waiting 4 lotus return

Tulsi apu, i am waiting for the day 28th feb to come soon...Yes srimadhi aparna will be coming back to office on this day... Yesterday, i saw a mother who is saying her daughter "This is saraswathi and who looks pretty in white attire, pray to her for good knowledge." she said in sweet tamil words and i couldn't remember those words....That small child said sarawati mandhir beautifully infront of kalaivaani saraswati devi.... lotus will you be like this ?? I love you lotus.......I am lighting lamps for your mother, bcoz you love her very much.....Today one girl took the lotus flowers which i ordered for lord vinayagha....

I bought a lamp for lord sun on pongal, since the lamp at him is zero watts bulb which glows in yellow color. I thought that he is giving light to the whole earth, why can't we replace the bulb ... ;-) Thirunelvelikeh alva va !

I am reading the novel "சிவகாமியின் சபதம்" written by kalki...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Pongal

Wish you a Happy Pongal Lotus

I am not going home for this pongal holiday.....

So far, I have lighted 72 lamps....Tomorrow on pongal, i will adorn lord ganesh with lotus garland(30 lotus flowers)... Also i prayed vaideeshwarar for lotus mother to get well completely on "thai 1" (tamil month)... I will light 108 lamps at vaidheeswarar place, If lotus mother get well soon by his grace ....Lord parvati will always be there at lotus home and takes care of her family...Lotus please light ghee lamp at home....Also pray to god lord vasudeva dhanvantri to remove all fears and takes care of your dhaanam, when you see old people at streets...It will be better to get a food for them, whenever we are happy...we will get blessings from those souls.. I like to see happy face on you lotus

Monday, January 12, 2009


My prayers to Lord Dhanvantari to bless lotus mother with good health...Danvantri is the 11 avathar of Lord Vishnu and is considered as 'God of Medicine'.

"Om Namo Bhagavate
Maha Sudharshana
Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye;
Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya
Sarva Bhaya Vinasaya
Sarva Roka Nivaranaya
Thri Lokya Pathaye
Thri Lokya Nithaye
Sri Maha Vishnu Swarupa
Sri Dhanvantri Swarupa
Sri Sri Sri
Aoushata Chakra Narayana Swaha"

[Meaning: We pray to the God, who is known as Sudarshana Vasudev Dhanvantari. He holds the Kalasha full of nectar of immortality. Lord Dhanvantri removes all fears and removes all diseases. He is the well wisher and the preserver of the three worlds. Dhanvantari is like Lord Vishnu, empowered to heal the Jiva souls. We bow to the Lord of Ayurveda.]

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lotus rangoli

Lotus, i am always thinking of you..... You know, people near by residents are always drawing lotus rangoli...what shall i think apu ?

அதிகாலை வேளையில்
மார்கழி பனித்துளி முற்றம் நனைக்க ...
மாந்தர் சிலர் தாமரைக் கோலம் இடும்போது
உன் முகம் தெரிகிறது பெண்ணே ..

கோலமயில் நீ வரைகின்ற கோலம் காண, காத்திருப்பேன் பெண்ணே
Temple is very near to my home, so when i come outside... i could see kids and girls walking around the temple...
தாவணி பெண்கள் கோவில் சுற்ற, நீயாக கற்பனை செய்கிறேன் பெண்ணே

Lord Brahma within the material creation and above him is Radha and Krishna in Goloka Vrndavana.
Saraswati is helping him by providing knowledge for creation...

Aparna, i like to you see as like saraswati sitting on lotus flower.. One day I will adorne you as like godess saraswati...attire in white saree with gold color border, having lotus flower in one hand and book on another hand...where do you keep holy pot water and tulsi apu you do have only two hands ;-)... Then you will be seated on bunch of lotus flowers, since in this material world we don't get Huge lotus ;-) ... And wear a lotus garland which is made of small flowers ... Then a gold or gold plated "greedam" (tamil) makes you a princess...

I will worship you on this day..since the soul is a part of lord krishna, so i can worship you aparna... will you grant wish apu ? I will ask 1 wish that you should always talk to me are my srimadhi radha rani

By seeing this, demi gods comes to earth and worshipping apu... thinking that saraswati has comes down to earth...