Friday, September 29, 2006

shall i give rose ?

Hey lotus ....
will u talk if i give rose ?

I can be without seeing u, But i can't be without talking to u, ur voice is oxygen for me to breathe.
Today is ur day, yes... u r saraswathi for me... bcoz ur words r energy for me..... u r my sakthi ... even if i see ur name in the same-time, i feel very happy ....... i am seeing u by ur name in same-time,tso-id,email(u r not sending mails why ??)
i am seeing ur job status in ISPF spool than my job status... ????
Nee antha white dress la evalo alaha iruppa theriyuma.. ? when will i see u in that dress??

U know.... Daily i buy only lotus flower to god saraswathi.... my mind don't allow me to buy other flowers... Today is saraswathi pooja, so i bought "mullai malar" and two lotus flowers.
if my eyes attracted towards beautiful roses, immediately my mind warn me..bcoz u r in my mind and u don't allow me to see rose. One day a lotus flower was lost, i think lord krishna has taken that.... Hey krishna give me my lotus.

krishna nee vilayandathu pothum.. I am always thinking abt her !

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

imela 2006

Hey Lotus ....
உன் திருப்பெயரில் முப்பெரும் தேவியை காண்கிறேன்
[பார்வதி(ur name) – அன்பின் சொரூபம் அன்னை பார்வதி தேவி
வெண்தாமரை – அறிவின் ஆலயம் சக்தி சரஸ்வதி தேவி
செந்தாமரை – செல்வத்தின் களஞசியம் லஷ்மி தேவி]
உன் திருமுகத்தில் பௌர்ணமி நலவை காண்கிறேன்

First i saw her near the beach with her brother.. she is busy in flying kite. i was very happy to see her... After that i ask my parents to sit in a place and just walk around the place with my sister(searching her(me alone) + events). The program was going to start, so i return back to my place.. i just looked at right, there lotus sits with her brother... i become very happy.

The program starts with a nice song(partha mudhal naal). She also sings that song... i just see and couldn't hear her cuckoo voice bcoz she was sitting after 6 persons right from me....

I went to have water, from there i looked at her... unfortuntely our eyes met each other.
எனது விழிகள், நிலவின் குழுமையை பெற்றது.

I introduce my friends,"tsunami"(a girl) to my parents, But i couldn't introduce my lotus
to mom. lotus know this "who is tsunami ?" bcoz we only assign that name to that girl.
How can i introduce ??? i promised her na ...
Dinner time comes....
At 7.45, i thought she don't go out thru the same row where we sit. But she is going infront of me.... i don't know what to do..... I could atleast smile at her... how can i smile ?? girls first...

After dinner i am searching her like this...
select * from flowers where flower-name ="lotus" and color = "dark red"

But i couldn't be able to find her... i think she might leave early to home. when crackers fired
i was thinking abt the last imela fucntion. she likes fire crackers very much....
whenever she smiles it looks like "flower blossoms". Lots of things to write .... but words r not coming to write.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Seeing her after 16 days in FYI meeting..
She is brilliant, set the same-time as active and came...

தேவதை போல் வானில் இருந்து இறங்கி வந்தால் என் தாமரை
அலை கரையை வந்து தொட்டு சென்றது போல் இருந்தது
பகலில் நட்சத்திரம் தோன்றி மறைந்தது
Tidel park பிரகாசம் ஆனது
எல்லா ரோஜா பூக்களின் கர்வமும் அடங்கியது

what i did ??
[i am searching entire audi, but she was sitting at last... i just crossed her
and took my seat on the other side.. After the meeting gets over...i just followed her.
she went to ATM, i just stood near book shop, hide myself and looking at her..
She came out and stand near the steps... ennal nilavai parka dhaan mudinthathe thavira
pesa mudiyavillai... She is going out from tidel with her's like "Alai karayai thottu chendarathu pol irundhathu"... i am watching till she disappears from me... it's like
sunset... it's beautiful.]

Innum ethanai nal kaathirupen intha pournami nilavai kaana.?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Madhya kailas bus stop

whenever i cross madhya kailas signal, my eyes are looking towards the bus stop, bcoz my lotus comes to that stop for the cab. Nowadays she is not coming to that stop, She came there only for a week. I know she don't come to that stop, But my eyes are searching for her in that stop.

Here in my office, one girl looks like her... but she is not my lotus.

I like to talk than to see her. if i think abt her, kavidhai elutha thonuthu... Aana ennoda kavithai alaha irukathu.
Enakkum avala pola pada aasai, but it's a god's gift only for u. unaku ethulam pidikumo athellam enakum pidikum.

Now, She might think that i forgot her... But she don't know that i am writing blog for her.
khadhal, it's not easy to express the feelings, so i writing everthing in this bog.
Love Increases if i am not seeing her.. This only we say "Thoorathu pachai Alaghu"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey Peacock

On saturday i went to Guindy park, there i saw a peacock. I was amazed by seeing the dance of peacock. I told peacock to take care of her, since daily she is going home late from office.

Krishna is also there... He is having lotus in his flute. But still my mind thinks abt her....

Hey Krishna Take care my lotus.
Who is pretty ? you or lotus... hmmm... you both looks pretty

Monday, September 18, 2006

You Must Decide to be Happy.

You can't blame it on anyone else, and no one else can do a thing for you. You've just got to decide to be happy, whether or not your logical mind thinks it is rational to be happy and whether or not your moral sense thinks you deserve to be happy. You absolutely will not be happy for any length of time until you decide to, and if you decide to, you can be happy in the face of the most miserable circumstances.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

me & manasatchi...

Me:She is coming by 8.30 and leaving by 9.00 and working for nearly 13 hours...
PL mandaya odaikanum.... he is allowing her to work till 9.00...
En manasatchi: ava work panna unaku enn...un velaya paru.
Me: neeyum enna avala madhiri thittura..
Enaku kovam varudhu antha PL mela ... he is coming late & leaving early.
En manasatchi:Nothing to say...... neeaachu..un lotus aachu...
Me: don't escape telll me why i am thinking like this ????.
Nothing is great infront of "paasam" my mother always
says that "I am happy when i hear ur voice", then i say her that "romba pasam vaikathinga"
This is the true love i think...... No one can separate child & mother bcoz it's bind by "pasam", "anbu", "love". intha paasathai thaan naan lotus mela vechiruken... Athaan i am thinking abt lotus always
En manasatchi: hmmm....appadiya
Me: One think i keep the promise... that i don't talk until she talks to me...
She should be happpy, i like to see her smiley face & hear her sweet voice...that's it
En manasatchi: okay... don't disturb her
Me: hmmm, okay...

Happy - which shop i will get ??

I promise her.... that i don't feel sad... But i am feeling so. Small happiness is that she will be happy always.......bcoz i don't talk to her. hmmmm...she also don't likes to see me, that's why god separated us. God is doing favor for her... Thanks.

I am acting infront of others that i am happy... But my mind is still suffering from the pain,
My heart never be happy unless she talk as usual, But sure i dont talk her until she talks.
I don't know when i will be happy ??

see.... plants,trees all r happy... But me couldn't be happy like birds,animals etc....

hey god... atleast give me a good project !. I learnt nothing for the past 1 yr. plz..... i know
u still want to play with me. Ellam un Seyal, bcoz of u