Friday, February 26, 2010

How are you lotus ?

Hi Aparna, How are you.. ? I believe that u are happy in home with your parents... Here I feel lonely without u.. I have yashoda and krishna at my desk... Here krishna is eating BUTTER .. No change in my life... I got offer(visa processing only) to go United states for a short term... This is not bringing smile or happy ... I am thinking daily about you ... I am praying to god to show my life partner soon, so that i forget u ... I am not be good without u lotus ... I love u gundu malli, appu kutty ... kadaisiya nee kilambum podhu kooda ehn pesavillai... apuram pesurennu solli escape aayita ... Tomorrow i am going to thiruvanna malai to walk around the hill which is called Lord Shiva ... You are not willing to marry me bcoz i am black ... In the next birth I marry you lotus and don't give u to anyone... Also I take you to goloka vrindhavan .. 

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