Thursday, December 03, 2009

what i write without u ?

lotus talked to my mother ... thanks... my mother didn't sleep previous night ... yesterday she would sleep well .. she is talking to my mother but not to me.... aval ennidam pesaasasudhan naan kasta patadhuku kaaranam ... ava pesiyirundhal naan kaadhalil vilaama nanbana irundhiurupen... pesinaaal dhaan misunderstanding get reveal ... aval manasula naan irukiradhaala dhan ava pesa payapaduhiraal ... ippadi ninaithen...why she came in white dress ? .. this is the one which makes me fool all the time ... she is very clear that she didn't love even a single percent ... don't like love ...  she like only her mother .. mother love which is more precious ... my mother told her that she will take care more than 10 times .. lotus rejected that too.. only 30 days, she will be here in chennai... after that, i can't even see the TSOAVIJ on mainframe.... how terrible ? .. no sametime ... this is life ... I think that lotus mother might not feeling well, lotus is going to take care her ....lotus,nee pesiyirundhirukalaam, atleast i would be ur friend and i could help ur family... now i am on the other side.... nothing side ! ... but i pray for u all the time which invisible prayer helps you and take care i need to close this blog ??? wht i write without you ..

I will give engagement card to lotus with my mother before lotus leave from the firm.. It's count down starts for me ... Yesterday after long days, my mother slept well ... netru avanga marumahal kanavula vandhaangalam, sandhosama irukaanga... kaaigarilaam fridgela vaangi vachhaalam..

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