Monday, December 07, 2009

lotus ..... be here

Soon, I also leave this company ... nalla per eduthu lotus paaratanumnu ninaithen... adhuku vali illai ... I was here till in this company bcoz of lotus ... No one be here after getting bad name, but i was here to get good name  infront of lotus.... lotus is leaving then why should i work here ?.. I didn't had food at breakfast for 1 month for lotus to come back soon ... now she is leaving permanently... I am not god to stop her.... I don't go to goloka vrindhavan in this birth without tulasi lotus ... I didn't complete the java certification yet... didn't write the 8 MBA papers(absent) yet  ... In temple a flower keeper said that you have suffered more ... you will get good life and will be happy a lot ... that day comes and you will tell this to me ... I smiled ... [Love has no meaning, Fate only works in this material world].... CRYING INSIDE

In office, I have lots of work ... 3 projects on hand ... How do i concentrate ? I didn't see lotus, hear voice for 4 years.. have only the presence of  lotus working in office .. That too god is taking from me ..  No name in messenger, Mainframe .. y ?? don't go lotus ... atleast stay here as full moon ... i can see you at long distance .. I will take care your mother .. dont go from here ... Hey lord brahma and saraswati.. Please help lotus and take care her mother, so that she don't leave from office.. If u want take me... she will be happy .. it's waste of me living without lotus.. Take care lotus mother... I do whatever u want .. I want only love of lotus .. I know that i don't get in this birth .. please take care my mother and lotus mother .....

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