Sunday, December 06, 2009

3 Temples

Today sunday, I visited 3 temples.... Ayyapan, Shiva and Iskon (krishna) ... Lotus Lotus Lotus ... I have written  more poems on lotus .. which couldn't disclose here .... I thought of sharing with lotus after marriage .... but that day doesn't come ... If you loved me, I took you to temple not to beach .. bcoz you will be blessed by gods... it's fate that lotus not for me defined already ...

கவிதைகள் உயிரற்று கிடக்கும் உன் மூச்சு காற்று இல்லாமல் ... கவிதையின் நீர் உன் சுவாசக் காற்று ... உன் நிழல் படத்தை தாமரை மலருடன் செதுக்கியுள்ளேன் ... இவைகளை உன் இதயத்தின் அருங்குகாட்சியில் வைத்து விடு

Today in shiva temple ... ulavarapani nadai petru kondirundathu... wht is that mean ? ...  people clean the temple premises, god clothes, white wash and all ... they have the chance to clean all over the temple which wash away their bad karma.... All looks like middle class people more than 50 people at all ages ... even old people, childrens are cleaning the temple .. also seen girls at lotus age doing spiritual activities... If lotus is with me, i will ask her to clean the lord saraswati temple ... other people might take their girl friends to cinema, beech ... me take her to temple, so that she will get puuniyam ... i also like to clean to the temple .. but my mind is not well to do that .. so i left from there shortly and went to ISKON temple ... I bought rose flowers and Tulsi leaves for krishna and started ECR ride in my pulsar bike iskon listened geetha upadesh and sit there for 2 hrs listening Hare Krishna chanting ... Had prasadhdam and finished my lunch there itself.... I saw a girl who looks beautiful having krishna book at her hand ... naamam at her head .... I like to see lotus in that position of girl.... looks pretty to see krishna devotee .. who looks happy .. also kids wearing krishna t-shirt .. I like to come to ISKON with lotus ... But i am unlucky that fate is not written for me to come with lotus ..

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