Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sorry Tulsi devi

Yesterday night i vomited at toilet and wash basin because i took beer... couldn't clean at that time. on the next day morning, a friend(room mate) saw that and complaining me to leave the house... giving me 1 month time to vacate.. I said sorry and cleaned the things.. I didn't expect these words from him... other room-mate convinced him...Saravanan, my best friend he got angry after hearing this and told me that don't give up your dignity...never say sorry .. He is my close friend one who wish me to be good always.... why i took beer ?? Earlier during the sufferings i didn't had since that time lotus was with me ... she don't allow me to do that... now she is leaving, so no other way for me to relieve from pain ... I will get mad otherwise ...  Tulsi aparna, I dont drink ... here after ... kindly excuse me .... next week(5 days) lotus is on vacation... is she took leave for marriage ?

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