Monday, November 23, 2009

Lotus in

Lotus came back today to office... don't know whether she got married or not .... don't have words to write ... but my mind is happy today ;) that she came back to office .. her presence at ascendas gives life to me ... believe she is not given to someone's hand .... don't know how to make sure this statement ...
  1. Peacock is lotus friend
  2. Lord Brahma is lotus father
  3. Lord Saraswati is lotus mother
  4. Lord Vinayagha & murugan are lotus brothers
  5. White Lotus is her nick name
  6. Tulasi is her symbol of purity
  • She is Saraswati when she is in White dress
  • She is Lakshmi When she is in Pink dress
  • She is Teacher When she is in Yellow dress
I could see many people are taking vridham for sabarimalai ayyapan on this kaarthigai month ... Out of 8 poeple(poor - don't have chappels to wear) who are working in our office renovation task, 4 people put maalai ...I like them .. kindness when i see them..  while walking on road, I could see many ayyapa saami ..  thinking that this is really great... Since this vridham for 40 days is making people to be good at mind level... whether god is giving or not, but making people to be good ... But still few people are behaving worst in this world which i read from newspapers ... yesterday I read about a girl life - "Parents are compelling her for 2nd marriage, even though she had a child ...bcoz  she got married(love) with a poor guy"  ... Cinema is nothing but real life things ...
My guru swami is calling us for 2'nd trip to sabarimalai on February 2010 ... I didn' t decide yet .. I have to meet him with happiness ... I asked my mother about a silk saree and she said that it's for her daughter-in-law ... How much love she has on the unknown person ... she told me 2 small story today ... I told her that tell all stories to your grand children's ... It's good for them... Lotus i like to convey the story to u ...

1. Sudhaman 2. Parikshit Maharaja
Sudhaman is krishna's childhood friend .. They both study in gurukulam.. when they went to forest ,maathaji gave food for them to sudhaman and asked him to take care krishna, since krishna is small boy... At forest there was heavy rain and they couldn't return home... fear of aminals they both climbed on separate trees... sudhaman asked krishna to hold the tree branches tightly as his maathaji asked to take care krishna ... Sudhaman got hungry, so he took few food while talking to krishna.. but he couldn't share the food as krishna is in another tree and he has fear of animals so he couldn't get down .... At last he finished all the food and said sorry to krishna that as he didn't give food ... Krishna told what's there between friends...not a problem... Next day they both went gurukulam and sudhaman told the things happened and said sorry to guruji... He said that you had done a mistake by not giving food to krishna .. Only krishna can save you from  this ... Bcoz of this mistake sudhan suffered of poverty in his life.. He is Kuselan ... Krishna's best friend .. It's takes time ..if i write abt kuselan.... lotus you might know about him ... Krishna removed the poverty and gave all wealth for a single rice which he had given to krishna with full of love ;)  Moral : ??? 

How great If we play with krishna....

Tomorrow, I write about parikshit maharaja ...
Yashoda, Krishna & Radharani .. So cute .. Also Nandha Maharaja

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