Thursday, October 22, 2009

River ganges

I don't know what to write... But lotus brings me here to write... Today morning when i think about her ... she is flowing inside the mind as ganges river because when she comes in my mind, lotus is purifying the thoughts .. i went to north india after completing 11th standard at that time i took bath in river ganga and i felt that my  mind got purified....  what a sacred lotus is ?? i missed the ganges river aparna... She has many names as like radharani...

The Ganga is considered the most holiest and sacred of rivers by the Hindus and called Mother that cares protects gives life and washes away all sins... I will take my mother to this place ....

Young river ganga - பெண்ணின் இடை போல் வளைந்து செல்கிறாள்

Yesterday i saw a girl who wears gold kolusu ... It looks pretty, but i say that we shouldn't wear gold on feet... have to give respect to the gold.... I break this rule for lotus, she is more precious than gold, equal to river ganges and hence she can wear gold kolusu on her feet ... I give respect to lotus feet also... I don't know why ??

On deepavali, I did paatha poojai with flowers, sandhanam, kumkum, paneer and  thiruneer... at last placed 'thaali with manja kairu' on amma feet and kept it in our poojai room... Then i did vehlvi with others... on vehvi kundam, i put nava dhaaniyam and at last amma asked me to put another set 'thaali with manja kairu, vethalai and paaku' on to the vehlvi ... within a second it burns into ashes ... i sit very close to that fire...  Then i lighted 21 ghee lamps around our mango tree in home.... where parvathi devi resides and saving us ... i don't know how lotus celebrates the diwali in her home ... it's ok ..

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