Friday, October 23, 2009


I am deeply involved in java project ... I like to share this happiness with lotus.. I need motivation at this point of learning curve .. i dont know how to express this... I am really missing you lotus... plants need sunlight to grow ... i need ur voice to learn .. you r my teacher... who listen me ? lotus is fully busy in project ..

திரியாக நான் தீபமாய் சுடர் விட்டு எறிய
என்னையாய் அவள்  தூண்டி விட வேண்டும்

அந்த அவள் யார், தாமரை இல்லை அது நிஜம்
இந்த அவள் எங்கோ பிறந்து இருப்பாள் இது மெய்

During school days, if we get first rank... we first tell this to mother... But why this has changed... we are not sharing good things at first to parents .. expecting life partner(lover / wife) to share... is this bcoz of harmone ?? yes my friend is also saying the same thing... How brahma has created this life cycle ??

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