Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Deepavali lotus

Happy Deepavali lotus

Enjoy the 4 days vacation at home... Yes I got her vacation details from xl sheet ;) .. Hey lotus, I found your name in orkut .. read through ur profile and your friends.... It's good that u like south indian idli with chutney... I missed that idli when u asked me to have during our train journey(while gong home for first  year diwali in pearl city express)... Now i feel that i won't get idli from you in my life time... why i missed that aparna ??

I couldn't request to add me in your friends list as it require to have ur email id.... I am always seeing you at a long distance .. will you add me in your list ?? am i eligible

Have a happy vacation ;)  I could wish only in this lotus space ... I am telling your name as like sri rama jayam more than 20 - 30 times a day ...

அழகிய மலர்களை ரசித்தாள்(ஸைட் அடித்தாள்)
உன் பெயர் சொல்கிறேன்... நீ கண்டிப்பாய் என்று

To share good things, i am calling you.... when i eat fruits, calling you to eat.. I want to give all the best things which i have to give you.... idhu dhaan paasam enbadha... She is kid ... Nee pattasu podum alaghai kaana vendum pola iruku.... Take help from ur younger brother and fire crackers... Be happy at home and bring charm to  ur family ... Your are the gem in ur family..... Take care Apu ;)

I am going home on friday night ... no leave balance for this year... not interested to celebrate diwali.. but going to do paadha poojai & vehlvi in temple on diwali ;) .. punniyam thedughiren unnai pohl irupadharku ;)

Happy Deepavali lotus .... I like to see smile on your face ... tears in my eyes while writing this ... dono ... missing u ;))

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