Wednesday, October 28, 2009

life on earth

what is the life on earth ?? This earth is a central jail ;) to clean the soul ... Based on the past birth karma, people will be put into different cell(Status - rich, poor, moderate).... bcoz of pain some do suicide, this is just like escaping from the arms of police (navagraham) too think of that manyt imes... but didn't try  bcoz i know t hat again we will be put into this earth with additional punishment.... god has given many things to clean the soul ... river ganges, saints, mother, love... Why i am saying love here ? Love can bring a man to good path ... Why saints are coming to earth ?? They are helping us to break the birth life cycle..

GP is not willing to learn ZIIP technology along with me as she is a girl hesitating.. .. girls is like that they talk sometimes and don't many times... No friends is willing to work with me.. I would like to share and learn ... If lotus is with me she would listen me and encourage me to learn as she is saraswati.... I am missing .. krishna atleast give me the lotus to me in goloka vrindhavan.... I don't give her to anyone there... She is for me .... We will live there as like "Ram & Sita", "Krishna & Radha" ...

Today, Ching talked to me ... I was happy to talk with an java SME... But missing lotus to share.... Friends saying that this will get change when some one comes in my life to share and have commitments .... (; I like to see the smile face of lotus ;)

Alaghiya thimurudan pirandhaval lotus
.... ask you father brahma to stop the process of creating human being on earth.... paavum indha boomi annai ... ask you mother saraswati to show courtesy on me... i want knowledge.... Astrologer asked your mother name, but i don't know...I should say that your mother is lord saraswati ;)

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