Thursday, October 08, 2009

கவிதை மனதிற்கு இதம்

At small age, I pray to god that "To punish udal kastam kodukaathey... manak kastam kodu".
I think, i shouldn't ask this..... manak kastam is terrible than the other ... to relief to the mind, i am writing the below poet...eventhough it's not a good one it brings peace when i write abt lotus...
From LordKrishna
[ என்ன அதிசயம்... ]
தாமரை நீரில் மிதந்து குளக்கரை செல்ல
ஆல விழுதினை பற்றி மெல்ல தவழ்கிறது

யார் உதவி செய்வார்கள் ??

தாமரை இடை கொடியில் தவள ...
முல்லை கொடி வேரில் படர்ந்தது.

கோவிலின் உள்ளெ செல்ல நடக்க வெண்டுமே ??

தாமரை பாதம் மண்ணில் நடக்க ...
மல்லிகை மலர் கம்பளம் விரித்தது

White Lotus & Pink Lotus
When i gave saree to dhandeeswaram temple, I bought 1 white lotus & 1 pink lotus ... First i gave the white lotus to ayyar (small boy) for lord parvati... He kept the white lotus at her feet... Then i thought of having the pink lotus to lord brahma, but i couldn't keep since the iyaar was near durga statue ... After completing the first round(Garpagragam sutri), I gave this pink lotus to the ayyar for lord parvati(karunaambughai)... He kept the pink lotus at her hand... My mind was thinking that he kept the white lotus(aparna) at her feet and pink lotus at her hand... Within a second, he toook the white lotus from her feet and kept at her another hand... I was happy... I said this god is understanding my love...what is the use ? lotus appa amma purindhu kolla vendumeyyy.. ??? Then i looked at lord shiva suddenly a flower fell down from his body.... naan ninaithadhu avar kadhil vilundhu vittadhu pola... I was happy at this incidence....

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