Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sabarimalai yaatra

Sabarimalai yaatra...

On friday, we departed to sabarimalai from mahalingapuram ayyapan temple... At this temple more than 500 devotees took irumudi on their head which contains coconuts filled with ghee, abhishegam, rice and avul.... we are one among them.... I had 2 coconuts with ghee .... "Nei abishegam swamiku, karpoora deepam swamiku" ... It was excellent to hear ayyapan saranam all over the temple.... without devotion and love, Life is nothing ... Small Kids also wearing maalai and taking irumudi.... Last time, Unnikrishnan came in our train to sabarimalai next to our coach.... Most of the passengers are devotees.... Train flagged to start at 3:45 with decorating flowers at windows...

Train reached kottayam at early morning 4.10 and we took cab and reached bambai river (foot of sabarimalai).... There we took bath and started climbing the hill with irumudi on head.... I and another devotee took forest path which is quite easy to reach 'saram kothi'.... This is the place where kanni swami(first year ayyapan devotee) fire crackers to inform ayyapan that he touched sabarimalai for the first time...there is a story behind this.... Then we walked another 3 k.m and reached sabarimalai at 11:40 a.m.... directly went to the abode of lord ayyapan without taking rest and had excellent dharsan.....

My first prayer to him is that "Engala serthu vai with the permission of lord parvathi, lotus is sakthi for me...."

1. Engala serthu vai (Lotus & Ramesh) - With the aashirvadam of lord parvati
2. GP to have a good life partner
3. Financial support to my sister and forgive her for my mother
4. Good Health for a girl family
5. To be always happy as like GP
6. Be devotional to god and reach spiritual world with lotus
7. Clear bad Karma which is the reason for suffering in material world

Heavy rain after the dharsan.... we didn't get room to stay till 5.00 p.m and atlast got a devasthanam room to refresh .... then we took the ghee from all coconuts and put it in a container for ayyapan abhishegam... by this time padi poojai was happening that we couldn't see as we were busy with poojai and bajanai at room.... Then we came back to temple for .... Again had dharsan and i prayed for lotus and my sister.... next day morning took the ghee and gave to temple for abhishegam.... it was excellent to see the ghee abhishegam as he likes very much.... I explained him everything that how much i love lotus .... He knows well about me and lotus ... "Swami saranam" ... Only lotus can bring devotional spirit to me.... Her voice has the power of lord saraswati.... I will take her to lord brahma and saraswati after this material world.....

While returning, I took photos of 18 holy steps....

On the way, It looks nice to see the small kids saying sarana ghosam along with her father.... I missed these things, since i am the first coming to sabarimalai in my family... Aged people are coming in dholi... Dholi its a human carrier to take the person to top of the hill .. 4 people carry them on their shoulder .... return back to chennai on sunday morning with prasadham ... I gave prasadham to all my friends except lotus ... but she talked to me in same-time regarding an issue... couldn't send prasadam thru same-time window ;-) ... while taking prasadam GP said that my desk is neat and looks nice seeing srimadhi radha rani wallpaper @ desk .... Its all in gods hand to marry you ... yesterday RAD was installed in my system, but dont have time to work as i am working in other projects.... At this time, I need lotus support but unlucky to hear her voice .... i will concentrate in work having lotus in mind ... i could only speak to fish & god..

Monday, I went to dhandeeswaram temple and i could see smile on saraswati face... 1 more think i noticed that her eyes looked like lotus eyes...(mehl imai moodikondu siraiyadhai vilighalai thirapadhu)

Coming sunday is saraswati poojai, i am going home and couldn't see lord saraswati here.. Tomorrow, i will go to pothys and take "aparna silk saree" for her .. I  will give this saree to temple and go home... It's a special day for lotus ... Hey lotus...Ask your mother to celebrate this day well and tell her that 'lord saraswati is your divine mother'

Lotus will you wear white dress on this day ???

ஆடும் வேலை உன் வேலையே ஆடிட வைப்பது உன் வீணையே, ஆடும் பாதம் உன் பாதமே அபிநயம் யாவும் உனதுபயம் ...

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