Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Plants and Trees

Trees and plants looks beautiful after the rain... I would like to be the green leaves... In office, some times I go to cafeteria and look at the fishes which looks beautiful and their movements bring calm to mind... I talk to them as a friend.. Today I feel like lonely... dono the reason ;)

Web Album - Photos of Mayavaram Trip
Mayavram Trip

I am playing Java with Data studio, Eclipse to explore the zAAP engine in mainframe[hehehe ... in laptop only ;) I am not Billgates to buy mainframe]. Even though i am not involved in the project, I am working to get involve with the new trends in mainframe.... sometimes lonely feeling kills me ... why this mind requires a support ??

கடல் தாண்டும் பறவைக் கெல்லாம் இளைப்பாற இடமே இல்லை சளைக்காமலே கண்டம் தாண்டுமே ...

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