Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Instant Message and Java

[1 good news and 1 bad news]

Today i went to office by 2'o clock afternoon... On the way vinayagha temple is there.... riding at bike, i asked him that why lotus still disabled my name in same-time ?? and answered him that she never enable that.....kehtall enaku theriyaadhunu solvall... When i reach office, i saw a mail from lotus for solving an issue... after a while a message is coming from same time to trace the module. [we would say that she is selfish, doing this only to solve her project issue, But i don't think like that .. she is a good girl and it's my fate that i have to suffer till this time..] I am not even able to type selfish word against her... bcoz she is diamond !!
(; Today I thought that she will again disable, but didn't do that .. good ;) Jannal valiyeh Thendraluku thadai illai .... Lyrics eludhalaam ;) .... No only Ayappan !
1 week back lotus came in my dream [dream: lotus kaal en mel patadhu, ayaapan midhikaadhe endru sonnen, udaney kopithu kondu poi vitaal] People call a person who put maalai for sabarimalai temple as 'ayappan'.... Bcoz those are all think, sing song and do all activities for ayappan only... and hence don't have material thoughts in their mind... It is difficult to control the mind... some times deviate from spiritual to material...Hence we pray daily to forgive the things which we did eventually or mistakenly....

Lord ganesh at last listened my words with his huge Ear...i am keeeping him(clay ganesh) still in my poojai room...have to put in sea...i don't talk to him as much as to other gods.. Thanks ganesh... Even this happiness didn't satisfy my mind today...bcoz of another news..

Yes I am not involved in the java project...I thought that they will include me as a devloper while coding... They have taken 1 from my team TPS and another resource from other's confirmed and I was totally upset today...very much sad.. I am not happy even lotus talked in IM after long days(Yr's)...

Today, I was in the conference call as a passive listener... Ching Yaang is a Java SME who is guiding the team ... I like to talk with her regarding the Java Implementation, but i am inactive...

Don't know whether they will install java in my system to acess zaap machine in mainframe.... But i installed all the applications(websphere app server, data studio, eclipse, db2 v9) in my home laptop ... the thing is that my java code is running only in windows macine ;( .. when it will run in mainframe ?? I prove

I am studying Java at night and sleeping only for 6 hrs....I will show them that how i am capable....complete the certification soon and update knowledge on all technologies related to Java on z/os...No one can realize my feelings... I said this to GP...she told that they are giving opportunity to others... Technology dhaahaam... In college my nick name is Dennis Ritchie...who know this ??

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