Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Deployed EJB in websphere appln server

On sunday evening, we did padi poojai for ayappan at home.... It was excellent to see the ghee lamps at 18 holy foot steps... "Swami saranam Ayappa saranam" .. did archanai with bunch of flowers ... poojai like this at home is good ... Next year definetly we will have this poojai at my home... coming week end we are having the same poojai at tuticorin(friend home).... I will be taking incharge to decorate the footsteps with flowers.... this brings spiritual to the home.... Daily when i see lord saraswati photo, i pray her to give me knowledge as well as to take care of her child lotus... Her smile face looks pretty ... She is the mother of lotus who exactly looks like her... lotus has sound knowledge as well as singing talent.... Hey lotus sing a song "Sri Saraswati namastubyam...." for lord saraswati

Lyrics, i like in this song ...
எழுதும் வேலை என் வேலை என்றது உந்தன் கை வீணை அகிலம் போற்றும் கலைவாணி அபயம் என்றால் துணை வா நீ

பாடும் வேளை என் வேலையே பகன்றது உந்தன் பொன் வீணையே நாவில் சரஸ்வதி புகுந்தாயே நமஸ்கரிப்பேனே என் தாயே

Today, I have successfully deployed EJB in webshpere...It's the mile stone 1 k.m ;).. I didn't get time to study during this week-end due to prod issue on friday night....virus also impacted my system...of these struggles, finally deployed java in websphere.....Java applications are somewhat complication than microsoft .net technologies...


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