Thursday, August 27, 2009


25/08...I went for a marriage where lotus comes...... I shouldn't think about her, since i put maalai...but in that place, in my mind she is tulasi devi... so i can talk about her.. Ayappan devotees are requested to have a tulasi leaf always with them to purify the mind and body if theetu (tamil word) happens.. Tulasi is such a great thing....

I am happy to hear that our system will be converted to Java...But i am not involved in developing the prototype code to evaluate the ZAAP machine... More bit sad ;(.. i don't lose my confident... "If something is not given to you, prove them infront of them that you are capable and make them think missed u and get that one" this is my point... I will complete java certifications of SCJA and SCJP in 2 months ... will be thorough in knowlege of java on z/os... For this, i will sacrifice sleep ..... Think Java better ... I am one of the penquin below... Zlinux machine also going to evalaute in pershing... I love linux

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