Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Wings

I am here talking as Yashodha.. Today, i saw the xl sheet of contributions given for project wings... lotus has given 100 rs as contribution for project wings... many people from ascendas given little amount.... lotus u are spending 50 rs daily for auto.... why can't u spend for poor children's education ?? Help others, god will take care of your family... Don't expect that too soon.. He will help u at the right time... few months back, I took class(Excel) for avvai home students at ascendas ... That time I was not well at mind level, but i make myself happy and took class for them... We can't help others at all time..This is kaliyug.. Even to help others, Punniyam seya vendum ;)
  1. Light lamps
  2. Help Poor children for education
  3. Give food for oldage people

I am really impress of seeing girls lighting lamps at temple

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