Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cricofest 2009

Today I played cricket for bad hitters... Oops !! Not even batted / bowled a ball.... just did fielding and that too poor ;) ... will make me better.... I like to be Arjun who is expert in all things.... I like to have all talents....

In sun tv arattai arangam..... Talk was going about marriage life.... A girl talked about her friend love life... "Andha pen avaloh alahaam, paarpavarghal madurai meenakshi nadandhu varuhiraal paar endru solvaarhalam.... She fell in love with a guy and married him without her parents involvement.. After certain years ... payithiyam pidithu pichai kaari pol thaniyaaha rotil nindraalam.. adhai kettu aval thandhaiyum payithiyam pidithu...ippoludhu irandu perum ehvadiyil irukiraahalaam...aruharugha yaarendru theriyaamal" This is kodumai, pengal nallavan endru emaandhu viduhiraarghal.... SETHU kadhai aahnagaluku mattum allah... pengalukumdhan .. Difference is boys suffer before marriage and girls suffer after marriage .. Both things shouldn't happen... I shouldn't talk about girl, since i put maalai and taking vridham.. But this will make ayappa to know about people sufferings ..

Many people are suffering in marriage life.... Marriage is made in heaven according to our goodness in past life.... Even to have a good child, the parents should be thinking good at the time of birth.... if they are good then good aathma will enter into that child body at the time of birth... Studied Some Where... This is why people always tell that we should take care the pregnant women to be happy always.

Today, I kept lord saraswati photo at poojai room near ayappan.....I like her a lot...she is very soft...will take a snap after adorned her with full of flowers(lotus, jasmine, mullai,tulsi, etc...)

I am going to sabarimalai on 17th september... Feel Proud to put maalai(07/08/2009) for ayappan..... Saranam Ayappa.... This 45 days vridham is essential for a human being, since this purifies the mind... It's like "நிலத்தை உழுவது போன்றது"... For women's they do vridham on many days during the year... So ayappan made guys to take vridham for seeing him.. Good Lord Ayappa... I came to know that Ayappan temple is the second temple in the world next to Mecca, more pilgrimages are coming every year... It's great ! Saranam Ayappa

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