Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lotus Voice

Yes.... She came back to office .... I dont know the things happening on her side.... Good days ahead for Lotus ... All the lamps lighted on behalf of lotus will bring light in her life.... My mother is also supporting her for not talking to me... How long will they wait ? No one is behind me...
என் சந்தோசம் தனை அவள் மனதில் பூட்டி வைத்து விட்டாள் ;-)
.... Even a star award & appreciations couldn't bring happy in my life... Love what is this ? I need this to win more awards ... I love Linux, Windows, db2, Tamil vedas, family, life, to be happy, knowledge, English, God, devotion .... But all these things gets deviating from me bcoz of not hearing lotus voice(love) ... The things which i hate is attracting me ... Lord Vishnu Please Save ME

Still my name is in same-time exclude list ! ;-)

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