Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Help Lotus

Does she comes back to office tomorrow ?No hint for me.....I couldn't understand the severity of the problem that she had....at this time, it's very difficult to get job in IT firms, then why she is not coming back...I can't pray more than this for her mother...Why gods are silent ?? I should see her face....please show kindness upon me....I don't know the things happening on her side....Atleast i could help her ...

Gods Please help my lotus...
  1. Lakshmi - help her for finance
  2. Lord Vishnu(Dhanvantri) - Help her for medicine
  3. Lord brahma - (guide her to solve all the problems and bring her back to office)... Only you can give life to me ...you know how it will be without seeing saraswati face,bcoz you had the experience.
  4. Lord saraswati - show kindness as a mother
  5. Lord shiva(marundheeswarar) - Cure illness as a doctor
  6. Lord Parvati - give courage to face problems

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