Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas Lotus

Be happy at home....decorate your home with stars which brings you joy and confident...This is marghali month, so learn to draw rangoli...get up early and go to temple with your mother.... Atleast light one ghee lamp....Yor home will become glorious... I think you cook well like eating ;-) You are srimadhi radha rani in your home and always keep your home as like vrindhavan garden.... water tulasi plant daily....she is your friend ... Take care of your parents your mother in kitchen work...If you need any help, then call your divine mother 'saraswati' .. she smiles only if you brahma never let you unhappy, bcoz he likes to see happy face of too likes to see happy face of any girl.... I don't know why you born on this earth in kaliyuga...may be for your parents, brothers or for me to get rid from this birth cycle..... I am talking more....have a nice holiday..convey my regards to your brothers... see your elder brother is catching fish and younger brother is collecting honey for you 'Lotus' (Apu chellam)
... brothers..enna seyreenga... Happy Xmas
Apu i am collecting honey for you...ok va
- Mee catching fish for u ammu

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