Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today morning, when i was lighting ghee lamp near Lord sundareswarar and meenakshi..  A little girl is listening story of lord shiva from her grand father....It looks very nice to see that... That cute girl is asking about Nandhi , naaradhar .... I said this to my mother...My mother knows many stories, bcoz she always read mahabharadham, ramayanam and bhagvatgita.. It's good to read stories like this so that at old age people can teach good thoughts, habits to their granddaughters ... amma nalla marumagahal kidaika vendum endru vishnu kovilai 1008 dhatavai sutri varughiraal... I said 'dont take severe vendudhal' like this..but she likes to settle her kadamai soon...

I am working 12 hrs daily in office...No week ends...Yes i am in office on saturday and sunday too.... Thanks to lord saraswati......I can't forget those days that i left early from office......bcoz of unsatisfied work

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