Thursday, November 20, 2008


Bcoz of the project work, i couldn't light lamps for 5 day's so i will be lighting 5 lamps with 5 lotus flowers today ;-) My mother has completed 200 rounds of walking around lord vishnu temple ... she took nearly 3 hrs to complete per 100 round ... It's good for her health too ..but she is doing for much she had love on me !!

Yesterday we(TPS & other teams- who helped to resolve the issues on financial crisis) had a lunch with suresh kumar(SK) .. Ashok said to SK some good words about me... it's bcoz of the project that i am working now.. few people things that talking with him(SK) is an achievement...but for me we should take him as a model and try to reach his position... At that time, if we had a lunch with him

How will it be ? nice na ..romba karpanai dhaan ... If time and hard work helps.. we can reach the goal.

Communication is a barrier for me. .... I have to improve this

I have some more point on different subject, so will post in next message.... i am tagging this posting as 'FAte' since good things also happen bcoz of fate ... fate do good things also...

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