Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Full moon

How are you lotus ??? .... I am lighting ghee lamp for you ... My Mother is also lighting lamp for you... will you come back like a full moon lotus ?? 

[chat with my mother]

I am searching for a home in chennai to stay with mother...I am looking for good home, bcoz i need a  poojai room for lord saraswati....My mother said that you ask lord krishna who helps you to get home...I said my mother that lord brahma will help me to get a good house, so that saraswati will get a good place to reside..which will be lotus home ;-) 

I told my mother that ... Lord brahma is lotus father and saraswati is her mother .... Lord shiva is my father and parvati is my mother.... my mother smiled after saying this.. 

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