Wednesday, October 15, 2008


last week, I told about lotus to my parents...At fist my mother felt sad and now she comes down 1 step for my life... They are asking to get confirmation from her...You can wait for another 1 year itslef, if she accepts the one will be like you waiting for more than 3 years...i don't know how i am going to talk with lotus

Astrology also says that i am in love with a mother didn't believe when one of the astrologer says this...

Yesterday, i told this to my friend nj...she said like this ... "3 ways of matches are there"
You are having so much love, but she is not even ...

1. husband takes care her wife very well  - 40 %
2. wife takes care her husband very well  - 40 %
3. Both of them cares well each other (Made for each other) - 10 %
4. No one cares each other - 10%

Why god mismatches the 1'st and second category ? This is life

Nalla paasama irukira husband ku anbaan manaivi kidaikaadhu
nalla anbaana manaiviku paasamaan husband kidaikaadhu

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