Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swami saranam !!!

Swami saranam !!!

August 13th....Today i put tulasi maalai at ayyapan temple velacherry and started austerity for 36 day's to see lord ayyapan at sabari malai on 19th september... Also I was very happy at office today....This is the first time going to sabarimalai, so people call me as 'kanni saami' mother is going to temple twice per day and doing kumkum archanai to lord parvati...

One has to go to worship god two times per day after bath...only veg food...The mind should be very pure...bcoz ayyapan himself stay within the heart... Every one will call him as swami 'ayyapa'.

Myself see lord ayappan as krishna

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