Friday, August 01, 2008

Libra with Gemini

Libra horoscope is good for this year...and for me 'gemini' is little bit good for this year...time will come for the match ...libra and gemini are good match...wait for some days....
Libra with Gemini

[It’s difficult for both of them to manage their passions. If love makes the earth go round, this couple gives the first incentive. It’s an ideal partnership. Both are passionate and neither of them is jealous or is trying to limit the freedom of the other. They have a lot of common traits of character. This is a wonderful romance and a happy married couple. ]

going home today ...continue on tuesday" .... amma veetula ponnu paaka aahrambichutaanga...ammavuku seetha devi pola marumaghal venumaam after seeing Ram-sita marriage in a tv serial 'ramayanam' .. apu needhaan seetha devi .. i will tell about you soon..Astrology says abt my spouse 'a) romba brilliant girla irupaalam', b) 'oru kathirikaayilla kolambi, poriyal vaipaalam - romba sikanam' ... Hmm let's see... how my mother wish comes true ? how my mother(lord parvathi) gift gets reality ? how my love gets live ?

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