Sunday, August 10, 2008

idhe paasam eppavum iruka vendum

பாலைவனம் ஆன என் வாழ்கையை சோலைவனம் ஆக்குவேன்

I will become rich... money is everything in this world. Lotus is radha rani, so she should be live with luxory

Friday i talked to her.... she is still in the same position thinking that i was disturbing her ...Mother's postition is difficult than the child position .. i am in mother's position ... paasam vaithu vitten ... kulandhai avaluku puriya villai...
"idhe paasam eppavum iruka vendum"

I can't forget the above word said by parvati devi... ... Then how can i be able to forget her ?? idha sodhika dhaan parvati aval ennai sodhikiraal... ... i can't love anyother person in this world or external world ... I am keep stressing this bcoz of lord parvati

nAAN Thaamaraiyai devadhai maadhiri paarthukolven...bcoz i know the suffering of women and also keep my mother word...she is like a kid

will tell my love to my mother after 18th sept.... . During these days, i hope she understands me and accepts the love.. Then i show my kavidhai and writings of lotus in this blog to lotus ....Hope she knows tamil to read.

After a month, i went to dhandeeswaram temple to see lord saraswati, karunaambigai with lotus flowers ...

I am going to put maalai for sabari malai ayyapan temple on this week 13th august and go to temple on 18th september..These days the mind should be very pure, no thoughts about desires, love etc ... These days the mind will be very happy, it's like meditating the rest to uncontrol from material world...This is the first time that i am going to put maalai for ayyapan temple...usually people take vridham for 41 days...I am taking for 35's ok

i like my name bcoz
Ram + esh - ramesh
Ram -> Lord Rama
Esh -> Lord Easwaran (shiva)

I like brahma he also in my name Brahma
Lord ayyapan was born with the power of lord krishna and shiva ...

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