Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spiritual world - Goloka Vrndavana

The original spiritual planet, which resembles the whorl of a huge lotus flower, is called Goloka Vrndavana

More information abt the spiritual planet - Link

It's a place where all desires are fulfilled. The supreme abode of Lord Krsna known as Goloka Vrndavana is full of palaces made of touchstone. There are also trees which are called "desire trees," that supply any type of eatable upon demand, and there are cows known as surabhi cows which supply a limitless supply of milk.

Vedic literature states that there is nothing superior to the abode of the Supreme Godhead, and that abode is the ultimate destination. When one attains to it, he never returns to the material world.

Apu, we will be going together there....ok va ? yes sollu's very difficult to release from the birth cycle .... lotus, you have the sakthi, take me with you to the spiritual world...parvati said that you are the diamond....You are saraswati, lakshmi, parvati and krishna...

when you play like are krishna (dynamic sql)
when you hold cash in your are laskshmi (your college photo)
when you comes in white dress .... you are saraswati (tidel)
when you scolds me..... you are parvati (ascendas)

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