Sunday, July 13, 2008


I never go to ascendas .... it's a terrible day.... i felt the worst pain there... this is the maximum that love can give. i.e possessiveness.... on thursday, i went to melmaruvathur temple by noon... this is the first time i was going there...when i was entering the temple, i hear the word lotus from a devotional song which plays there("thaamarai kaighalil endhiyaval")... lighted two lemon lamps.. one for lotus and another for me.. it's an excellent temple... friday also took leave.. even though lots of work in office.. Here after me too be like lotus don't bring personal things to office... she switched off the mobile and keep concentration on her work whatever goes.. This what krishna said "do your duty" to arjuna when arjuna is on the battle field to fight against his relatives .. when you love some one... it's difficult to tolerate the pain.. I missed the tour to yelagiri ;-(

On these two days, i didn't talk to anyone .. also didn't attend the call from my mother... she got very upset.. i said her that please leave me for two days.. couldn't tell the problem.. she is loving me a lot.. this is mother's love which gives more pain than the other love(husband - wife, lovers, friendship).. so don't be without talking if you are in "love" relationship.. why brahma bind evryone with love rope ?? .. I think, this is to control the human's uncontrol mind(paasathirku kattupadudhal) ... But this may also makes one self to become mad.. The love which towards god is 'no harm' ... that is divine love .. no material contamination

podhum ramesh.... don't go to ascendas .. when she comes to tidel... she will be sita devi ... that time you see her.. but don't talk .. From monday onwards, I just meditate on lotus face(apu) and start my office work... she is saraswati who gives me the concentration to work... i should complete my project successfully

Lots of work for me
MBA exam(clear 8 papers - next dec)
NCFM certification
ATOM's Project
Update mainframe knowledge - As of now, i am clean slate
Driving ...

Future dream : start a bus company like Parveen Travels .... I love to see driving while i travel to chennai in my child day while returning from chennai, i sat in conductor's seat and watches the driving for the whole night... Those days thiruvallvar buses goes very fast

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