Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Now a day's, i am coming to office by 8.30 a.m and leaving by 11.00 p.m...but i am doing the work for 8 hrs...able to start the work properly at the time she comes to office...i am seeing her face at the tso id ...why i have so much affection on her ? Thinking more than 100 times per day....Everything is bcoz of parvati...(Ramesh, This is kali yuga, god dont' come for you immediately as like krita yuga.. .This is material world and everything is maayaa)...I asked parvati many times to talk for me....but no result.... I am loving her soul and will be with her always in all the world...we both go together to the spiritual world to see lotus face of srimadhi radha rani and with her grace we will get opportunity to serve lord krishna

Brahma, I can't be like you to make 4 face and gaze at lotus ..I have tso-id alone, no same-time, phone, email...... help me... she is saraswati for me...she is sakthi...she is knowledge

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