Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yesterday when i left from office, I thought of seeing i was waiting for her at the entrance..she came out with her friends and waits for the cab...she didn't see me bcoz i was wearing helmet.. little bit possessiveness was there, bcoz i couldn't talk to her for the past 3 years

The song plays from the behind shop
மண்ணில் இந்த காதல் அன்றி யாரும் வாழ்தல் கூடுமோ...எண்ணம் தன்னில் பாவை இன்றி ஏழு ஸ்வரம் தான் பாடுமோ...

"Feeling possessiveness toward another is based on feelings of scarcity and insecurity" from google

she gets into the cab and comes out...I think, she likes to sit at the window side..finally the cab starts...I didn't follow the cab bcoz lotus told me that don't follow me(en pinnala suthaadha)...I overtake the cab and drives my bike fastly (with uncontrol mind and scarcity) towards my home...When you love some one, you definitely like to see him/her, It's human nature...even brahma took 4 faces to look saraswati ... Parvati took severe austerity to get attention of lord shiva....lord krishna(venkatachalapathy) get stone beat from padmaavathi, when he tries to talk with i know these god stories ? my mother said..also i read from google ...without dinner, i slept silently

Lotus, நீ என்னடா னா பார்க்கவும் விடாத பேசவும் விடாத

Last two day's she is coming by noon to office...who said ? tso id told me this ..what she is doing till noon ? is she is sleeping ... dono .. baby only sleeps at morning ..then what she do ? is she is Eating ... dono .. squirrel only eats all the time...does her parents comes ? ... dono ..

Real happiness is not there in my life...project is going fine....going for tour by this week end..... but still i am missing some thing (i.e) lotus voice..likes to work in a project with lotus, so that i can hear her voice all time and can do the project well...if lord parvati didn't tell about lotus, then i would be happy like others...secret is secret... we should n't try to analyse gods secret... They are beyond our intellectual power

From August 4th, I will be taking austerities(vritham)....on these days I will be happy... it seems

Congrats to lotus
that she had moved the spread sheet project to XAT ;-))) too will move the project 'atoms decompress file' to prod by sept/oct

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