Thursday, June 26, 2008

love marriage

Today, my colleague said that he will be going to love a girl ... At first i adviced him not to love..then i said him...At this age it will be like honey to talk with a girl... Even my self liked to talk(with lotus)...if you like her, then don't take first step..let her to take that step...if you take first step and go behind, then that will be fun for her and make you fool.. girls are volatile..Even a good girl has selfishness and wants to be safe at all time...At any instant, they change their's not wrong, bcoz they should be safe(pen allava)..ok, if she loves you..then see whether she is in love only for flittering or just time pass...You take the step, if that girl really loves you...It means

1. one who motivates you for the carrier(this point i like the most, bcoz girl is sakthi who has power to motivate the guy)
2. one who has good understanding
3. one who loves the soul, not the money(temporary)
4. one who ready to comes behind you at all instant (this is difficult to identify, but if they talked more abt the life then they should know this)
5. one who likes you to convert 1 rupee to 100 rupee; not the one who likes you to spend 100 rupee
6. one who likes to come with you through out the life; not the one who likes to come with you in bike for the moment

I have seen lovers who all separated for silly things

I said finally, if you want to just enjoy the life, then talk with girls but don't love bcoz both of you should not be disturbed...

now a days, i am going very late from office....;-) keep it up ramesh ... i am in a small critical project...surely i will get good name from HI* and AF* .... they both still in my project..i will get good name from lotus mother also..if she talks to me, i can work 100 times better..pesu di apu...plzzzzzzzzz

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