Thursday, June 05, 2008


I am very very very happppppyyyyyyyyyyyy today

Definitely rain comes some where, to cool the earth....she talked to me like sita devi..... I asked her to promise on lord saraswati devi to say that she didn't come in white for me.. but she cuts the phone...this proves that i am good i didn't do any thing wrong...i am not such a bad guy.....if she talked like this before, then i wouldn't be get complaint and wouldn't went ascendas to talk....Her team mates not even smiling at me, if i look at's my fate...Hen* pushed me out of the office like a hell, used harsh words..But he wished me on my birthday and i replied thanks to him...This is kindness... same time is disabled at all time, if she wants she opens the gate and if she don't want she closes the gate... she played a lot in my life like lord krishna

yesterday, i didn't sleep.... In dream, i am chasing lotus flower in a pond ;-)... Now in the morning, she is sending the 'swear' thru same time... and saying that battery was low... she is promising on her mother...may be she is more than lord saraswati(this shows her love on her mother) but lord saraswati is her divine mother.. i respect her mother and i never ask lotus to do promise on mother and i don't accept that too.

whatever may be whether she loved or not....she should be happy.... how this nature played in my life by making her to come in white and made me fool ... I don't know what i did in my previous birth ? may be cheated a girl
வினை விதைத்தவன் வினை அறுப்பான்

Lord parvati has to talk....she is also playing in my life...lets wait and see her move...but naan bali aada aayiten....Any way she is my mother right ... hmm...let's play ;-)

I am reading the conversation that i made with lotus before i proposed my love.....propose pannaama irundhirukalaam... how pleasant those days ???

Lotus: running sql is dynamic
Lotus: stiil sql is static
Lotus: understood?
Ramesh:... no
Ramesh:... sql stmt change during runtime that is dynamic
Lotus: if something is running or moving u say as dynamic
Ramesh:... not like that
Lotus: simply joked ....
Ramesh:... u r talking ur engineering subject
Ramesh:... its computer
Lotus: how can a sql run ?
Lotus: u r beleiving me?
Ramesh:... sql is run by db2 engine
Ramesh:... oh...
Lotus: ok..tell me
Ramesh:... i believe whatever u say..
Ramesh:... i tellu
Lotus: i joked simply ..gettin bored
Ramesh:... ok...
Ramesh:... same thing for me
Lotus: k
Ramesh:... what u will bring this time from home ?
Lotus: nothin
Ramesh:... why ?bring eat
Lotus: v are always eatin..
Lotus: k.
Ramesh:... that is different, bringing from home is special
Lotus: k.
Ramesh:... what u will bring...
Lotus: dont know ...will bring then u see
Ramesh:... ok i see...

Now she is more expert than me...she is pet of saraswati right

Hare krishna hare Krishna krishna krishna hare hare
Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

pesama kaatuku dhavam panna poyidalam hehehehe ;-).. there is no love, emotion, feelings, sentiment and no material desire ...only attachment to the god.....atleast the soul get librate from this material world


Lord brahma gave himself a fifth head to enhance his gaze upon lord saraswati. shiva opened his eyes, sensed Saraswati’s discomfort and in a fit of rage turned into Bhairava, lord of terror. His eyes were red, his growl menacing. He lunged towards Brahma and with his sharp claws, wretched off Brahma’s fifth head.

Brahma, sobered by his encounter with the Lord of terror sought an escape from the maze of his own desire. Saraswati revealed to him the doctrine for his own liberation.

Brahma sought to conduct a yagna, fire sacrifice, to cleanse himself and start anew. In order to conduct a yagna ritual the assistance of a wife is needed. Brahma chose Saraswati to be his wife and thus they were reconciled.

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