Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Completed 1008 lamps at lakshmi temple

Completed 1008 lamps at lakshmi temple
On friday, It's my birthday...early morning, i went to shiva temple and offered lotus flowers to lord shiva, parvati, lakshmi and saraswati...Then i went to ashta lakshmi temple to worship lakshmi narayanan...I gave the red color saree to the temple priest...they said that for the main deity, you need to take 9 'ghajam' saree..this is 6 only and we will keep this to other lakshmi devi... lord lakshmi and narayanan deities are more than my 7 feet height...Then i got the two lotus garlands(300 flowers) which is made of 150 flowers each.

I took snap of that and gave that flowers to priest..they told that we will decorate this garland after the abishegam(nearly 11.00 clock), so i went to light the 108 ghee lamps and It tooks nearly 1 hr to light all the lamps

நெய் தீபத்தின் ஒளியில், உன் மஞ்சள் முகம் தங்கமாய் மிளிரட்டும்
மல்லிகை அவள் மங்களமுடன் திகழ்வாள்
செந்தாமரை புஷ்பங்கள், உன்
மலர் பாதத்தை அலங்கரிகட்டும்
சீதை அவள் சிறப்புடன் வாழ்வாள்
i am throwing flowers of wishes, but she is throwing words

At 11.20 clock, i went to see the main deities who are decorated with the lotus garlands
They both looks so pretty in lotus garlands, then i went to see the 8 lakshmi devi's one by one.. first is sandhana lakshmi then vidhya lakshmi, vijaya lakshmi and ghaja lakshmi
These 4 devi's are in first floor. Then i went up to the next floor(2'nd) to see dhana lakshmi...Then i get down to see other lakshmi devi at another place...there i saw aadhi lakshmi, dhaanya lakshmi and dhairiya laskhmi....At dhairiya lakshmi i did archanai for myself, mother and lotus(ap*)

Then i came back to office at 12.30 ;-) Every one wished me to be happy always...nithya jayaprakasam, my friend wishes me to be happy always... she is more than a friend... she is my sister... she scold me, if i become sad bcoz of lotus...she tells me that you talk to girls infront of her....see girls, put kadalai...But, I don't talk more with her too...I think girls like the person who puts kadalai....i don't know that art ;-(...I like to talk with my lotus only ;-) and i see girls if she looks like lotus

Parvati devi..
why did you showed me ?
why did you said that she is my life partner ? I want answer
why she is coming in white ? lotus never reply
why she is throwing words ?
why did she called herself as 'lotus' ?
why i become possessive ? bcoz of love and this is killing more

my mother always ask me ...eyn andha kaalathu paiyan maadhiri iruka, indha kaalathu pasanga maadhiri jaaliyaa iren ...podhum nee kovil suthinadhu..because of lotus and to cool my mind, i am going to temple daily... I can be like the other guys too...I have joined inaut* cricket team, roaming everywhere in my pulsar...

i will be happy like others, only if i get answer for the above questions

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