Tuesday, June 10, 2008

always saraswati

Today, we went for team lunch, lotus also came there...I was trying(acting) to be happy by talking with my team-mates...But my hands are shivering, heart beats risen like fountain..in the middle, friends asked me...what happened ? where are you ... i couldn't say the things in my mind to others..this situation shouldn't come to anyone ...I said 'saraswati mandhir' indisde my mind to save from this critical situation... she looks very happy, but she felt discomfort bcoz of me...she didn't come in white, but she is always saraswati for me and her face is bright like millions of moon... (hey lotus, teach me good english...i like to talk like you more fluent)...who will believe, if i say that she is my would be ...no one believe, but it's a fact said by lord parvati.. After engagement, He/she talk with his/her life partner..but for me, even it's said by parvati... i couldn't talk ;-)

உன் அன்பை தெரிவிக்க,
வெண்ணிற ஆடை வேண்டுமா என்ன
பால் போன்ற உன் நிலவு முகம் போதுமே

I like to see her in white dress....and this is moon godess

while returning, we came across a honda activa...my colleague asked me to follow that honda activa(for fun only), so i ride fast at 85 km/hr...but still couldn't catch that girl and my bike got reserve(fuel)...we stopped for a while and started back and when we came across the signal, i forget to see the signal and the PC caught us. what to do ? ...we paid 200 rs fine to that pc ;-( This is the first time, i was caught by a pc ...Experience makes life better ;-)

This is not punishment of lord for following, since I followed the honda activa, bcoz i was in craze of riding my bike fast ;-) ...but girls are more fast than guys

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