Friday, June 27, 2008


yesterday night in my dream....i did abishegam for amman stone statue with lemon juice...when i start, water is flowing through the statue...i didn't pour it came ?? ...after the water, I squeezed the lemon and did abishegham with the juice...and it's coming like a water falls(non stop)...Then i waked up and couldn't sleep for 1/2 hr...
One more good news, we(batch mates) are going to yelagiri hills on july 12 by brindhavan express......yeh yeh yeh hoh hoh ;-) ;-) During the last trip to top slip, i got phone from lotus parents.....This time...from whom ??? from lotus .. aasai dhaan..ippadi sandhosamaa irukanum.....sathamaaa "i love you lotus" endru sollanum pola iruku..oru naal sollaporen ... nalla thittu vaanga poren ;-)

I love fruit's very much...i send a mail to eat fruit and she will be healthy ;-)

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